View Full Version : Tomb Kings can't march, but can charge?

18-02-2007, 20:50
Just a few things I would like to clear up:

Can tomb Kings charge double their move?

If so, can they every move phase just declair a charge, fail to charge because the opponent is a long way away, and move 8" for missing the charge?

It seams strange, but I can't see anything that says no. Maybe I'm blind though

18-02-2007, 20:58
yes they do double their move when charging, however if they cannot reack their target they only move 4". this is true for all races, you dont move your full distance if you fail ur charge

18-02-2007, 20:59

Failed charge does not gain double move. Therefore 4".

BRB p.21

18-02-2007, 21:36
The Tomb Kings army list contains a wide variety of Movement values, and the original poster was somewhat unclear on what type of unit he referred to.

To sum up the rules for failed charges:

You make a normal move towards the target unit. For regular troops such as infantry, cavalry or chariots you effectively move a number of inches equal to your Movement value. In the case of fliers you move the full 20" because that is both the normal move and the charge move of fliers.