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06-04-2005, 00:04
Draleth, Dark Elf Noble – 132 Points
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, seal of ghrond, blade of spite.

This is the general, normally he sits back in either of the main infanry units and advances alongside them. The seal is for additional dispel abilities and the blade of spite is there because i've found it useful to be able to not have to roll to wound on occasion (3 attacks normally gets me one or two auto wounds)

Korjan, Dark Elf Noble – 191 Points
Heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield, lance, dark pegasus, death mask.

If all goes to plan this noble will accompany the chariots and dark riders on a flank and then get behind the enemy. the idea is to use the pegasus to make full use of the terror that the death mask gives

Kardan, Dark Elf Sorcerer – 180 Points
Hand weapon, 2 dispel scrolls, 2nd level.

Generally this guy uses death magic, scrolls as standard for a caddy. Normally sits alone so as to make full use of his spells

Dark Elf Sorceress – 170 Points
Hand weapon, tome of furion, dispel scroll, 2nd level.

Bought along for some more magical ability. The tome is used to hope that i can get the spells I want. Not decided which spell list to use with this wizard but im swaying towards death magic again.

15 Warriors – 145 Points
Shield, spear, light armour, hand weapon, full command.

15 Warriors – 145 Points
Shield, spear, light armour, hand weapon, full command.

These units are there to give a little back bone to the army - a stable force of infantry marching across the table. Normally deployed on eiter side of the executioners and generally one unit contains the general, Draleth.

5 Dark Riders – 97 Points
Spears, light armour, hand weapon, musician.

5 Dark Riders – 97 Points
Spears, light armour, hand weapon, musician.

Because no druchii army should be without them. They deply on one flank alongside the dark peagasus and the shades and attempt to flank the enemy or get behind them to limit march moves

20 Executioners – 250 Points
Heavy armour, draichs (Great weapons), full command.

Love the models, my favourite unit in the army. My opponents generally have units of low strength well armoured units and I find these useful for cutting a swathe through the enemy. Usually flanked by the 2 units of warriors.

Cold One Chariot – 97 Points

Cold One Chariot – 97 Points

Cold One Chariot – 97 Points

These will deploy on the flanks of the warriors to add a little puch to the charges when the army goes in. Normally I try to keep them in range of the general to use his Ld for stupidity and such.

6 Shades – 90 Points
Light armour, repeater crossbows.

Because I had a few points left over and they can cause a nuisance to enemy warmachines if they survive to get there.

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 Points

Repeater Bolt Thrower – 100 Points

To provide some firepower and hopefully annihilate a few of the enemy before I get to them

Total Points - 1988

4 hero slots,
4 core slots,
4 special slots,
1 rare slot,

6 Power dice,
5 Dispel Dice,

What do you think of the army? any glaring problems and such? what would you change and why?

Comments and criticisms wanted



Ethereal Alpaca
06-04-2005, 19:05
I'd drop one cold one chariot in order to bulk up your main units of warriors to 20 each, that way you have a 2 solid blocks of infantry. 2 chariots is enough anyway.

10-04-2005, 10:41
Have you been to D.net? I'd advise dropping the execs to 12 for flankers, putting the DEWs to 16, dropping a chariot and that should leave you enough points for some RXB elves.


10-04-2005, 22:53
I'm going to agree with both the previous posters to some extent.
Your units of spearmen ought to be a little bigger, at least 20 as Alpaca has mentioned, in most cases this will prevent you suffering from your opponent getting the outnumbering bonus in combat and if facing an opponent with better than average missle capability your rank bonus won't suffer quite as much when you take casualties.
Executioners are a weak point of mine too and I generally take a unit of 15 with a standard and depending on what mood I'm in I either the banner of murder, Soul Shadows Standard or a Warbanner. The point of having a smaller unit of elite troops is that your opponent will generally concentrate firepower on whittling down you larger units first.
I think you could do with some crossbowmen in your army, they may not seem very effective but they can if concentrated, knock some of the rank bonus off some of the opponents infantry.
Give your dark riders crossbows at least. If you face an opponent with skirmishers or low toughness flyers such as Great eagles or Furies, the riders will be able to redeploy quickly and shoot (hopefully taking off a few wounds). Their free reform move and the ability to fire in any direction (other than through the rider next to them I hasten to add) means that even if you can't charge a fast moving and sudden threat, you can still cause them some damage.

Erik Lamont
11-04-2005, 08:26
As you already have invested in offensive magic you might want to change one of first΄mages dispels to the blach staff. With Dark magic the chances to cast a high powered spell increase drastically and dominion or black horror cast with 4 dice will probably draw a scroll or make it through the dispel dice.

11-04-2005, 19:05
I agree with the idea of dropping one chariot for more spearmen, you really need at least 20 in a unit. This is just my preferance, but I would drop the Noble for another sorceress. Magic really is one of DE's strongpoints, and I feel it's going to waste a bit with only two level twos in a 2000pts. I mean, your magic phase will get completely shut down against a lot of armies (if you have a group of regular opponents who never use a lot of magic, feel free to ignore me).

I would also drop the Executioners down to 15, and the spare points combined with those left over from swapping the characters would give you enough for another RBT or another unit of shades (how I love shades).

Feel free to disregard all my advice if it doesn't fit with your playing style, just go with what suits you.

08-05-2005, 13:30
I`ll join in on the chime. Skip a chariot, spend more points on the warriors, at least making them 16 strong (the ranks is more usefull than the attacks).

I`d also consider skipping the current general in favour of another lvl 2 sorceress, and let her have that bound spell item from SoC (doombolt). It would make your magic phase usefull instead of just being shut down against most opponents (unless, as the other poster said, that your group doesn`t use lots of magic normally).

Malus Darksoul
01-03-2007, 19:37
I just dont understand how anyone cannot take the Cauldron of Blood in any 2,000 or greater DE army. With Re-rolls to wound on your Chairot Impact hits and the Killing blow of the Executioners. and no BSB ??? what the hell .......LOL also might want to think about the Banner of Murder for your Executioners.

01-03-2007, 20:14
I would replace the Shades with Harpies. They will work better at hunting war machines and will complement the Noble with Deathmask better.

I also agree that you should drop one chariot and either bulk up your warrior units or add a unit of RXB Warriors.

DarkLord Of Naggaroth
02-03-2007, 16:49
I would also say drop one chariot and drop execs to 10. Then either bulk up spearmen, get a unit of 10 spearmen, or maybe try using 10 black guard or 5 COR to give you the edge. (not sure if you have enough pts though.)
And in my opionion you should maybe drop a hero, in my view troops are more important.