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21-02-2007, 07:58
I've played a few games, and BFG is definitely a system I want to stick with. That being said I need to bulk up my fleets. I got the box set so I'm sort of starting parallel imperial/chaos fleets. Given the choice I'd round out the Imperial Fleet first.

I have -

1 Apocalypse Battleship
1 Retribution Battleship
1 Emperor Battleship
4 Cruisers ( Mars, 2 Gothic, Tyrant)

1 Planet Killer
1 Despoiler
4 Cruisers (Slaughter, Acheron, Murder, Devastation)

2 Blackstone Fortresses

The Imperial Fleet I have an idea of where I want to go. I definitely will get more cruisers, but right now my priority is on acquiring 1 or 2 Dauntless lance cruisers, and 6 Sword frigates.

Are firestorm or cobra cruisers any good? Is there any point to having the torp version of the dauntless? 3 Lances that are garuanteed to fire each turn(damage not withstanding) seems too good to switch out for a 6 strength salvo that can be shot down, and which has a great chance not to reload.

As for the chaos fleet, I'm at a loss. Which cruisers should I buy to round out the force? Which escorts? They all seem pretty good, but for most admirals what escort seems to appear the most?

21-02-2007, 11:01
I never use human escorts, so I'm no good for advice there. Other people seem to prefer Swords. Modelwise I prefer Cobras followed by Falchions, but the only imperial escort model I find really ugly is the Firestorm.

Judging from your planned expansion for your imperial fleet, should I assume then that you never plan on fielding all three battleships together? (You'd need more cruisers.)

The lance Dauntlesses look better on paper to me, though again I've never used them. For my Dauntlesses I got the torp version because I think the lance ones are ugly.

For chaos your cruiser choice just depends on the playing style you want. For an aggressive assault/line-breaker element, go for carnages. If you want to stand off from the enemy, go for slaughters and devastations. For versatility, go for Murders. Personally I can't imagine leaving home without a pair of devastations and another pair of slaughters, but that could well just be my play style talking.

21-02-2007, 13:19
The way I try to use Cobras is to get them out perpendicular to the enemy's main battle line and fire down the length of the enemy fleet. Also torpedoes are great at close range where the target ship can not maneuver out of the way.

Everything has its uses. I even use the Lunar (most people do not) in pairs - making them just as capable as a Tyrant and a Gothic.

21-02-2007, 13:26
I've been toying with building two lunars to accompany the Apocalypse battleship.

Strength 10 lance, 18 firepower weapon battery broadsides sounds like a good idea!

21-02-2007, 15:21
My fleet at present consists:
1x daemon posessed Despoiler
2x Styx
2x Murder
2x Devastation
14x Infidel (7 painted at present)
3x Idolator (counts as models)
Blackstone Fortress

I have a couple of unbuilt cruisers - I was planning to make them Slaughters...

There's a link below if you want to see them.

Any advice/comments?