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Hoshi No Koe
21-07-2005, 23:50
So, I've recently aquired dawn of war and its an amazing game IMO.

I've just finished the single player and am looking for tactics for the different races. Is it possible to make good use of the transports in the game? I thought playing with a trukk heavy Ork force lead by a Squiggoth that charges into an ennemy base with 2 nob squads followed by a couple of trukks with boyz could be fun but I can't seem to pull it off as the Ork horde with lots of small units with special weapons seems much better. Even too good IMO. I've played a couple of skirmishes and once you get a nice horde of Orks, It's pretty much unstoppable.
Does the squad size matter for the wagons?

I've also been having trouble using Eldar effectively too.

24-07-2005, 04:23
Have you tried getting online with the game yet? There are a number of patches out now. I think its version 1.3 or something like that. Balanced a bunch of stuff from the release that people saw as over powered. I suggest checking it out.

The pestilent 1
24-07-2005, 14:44
the Orks still suck rather alot mind you.
no option but to rush right off the bat with them, i saw a mod that increased the cost and HP of sluggas, shooters and WAAAGGGHHH banners, made them able to play all through somehow. (and yes, they were the only differances)

24-07-2005, 15:18
no option but to rush right off the bat with them

Thats the same with every race if your playing experienced opponents.

The pestilent 1
24-07-2005, 17:34
ive found otherwise, have had some very good games lasting hours with highly ranked opponents, by simply countering their attacks.
except fire prisms, damn things, but the Patch did atleast give me the time and firepower to find a way to counter them too.
(Ten defilers, not terribly effective, but it gives me the time to mash their other forces, and its quite funny)

24-07-2005, 17:38
Well yes, if you are playing experinced players then everybody knows to build quickly so the game can last a long time, what I really meant is you have to build quickly at the expense of technology. If you have to rush or not depends on the objectives. I've played veeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy long games too.

Captain Sicarius
24-07-2005, 20:52
Obviously it's more sophisticated than this, but if you're playing Marines, deep-striking dreadnoughts behind enemy lines ( via the use of scouts) is a very handy tactic you should experiment with.

25-07-2005, 19:18
Or deep striking Terminators into your own base, fully reinforcing and upgrading them then putting them back into the Orbital Relay for use with Infiltrating Scouts.

Works a treat.

Having 8 fully armed Terminators appearing in the middle of your opponent's main base causes mayhem!

Of course, you should have two Dreads going in at the same time!!!!:D

25-07-2005, 19:22
Or play as eldar, teleport builder near or in enemy base to build a shrouded webway portal. Which will bring your entire army, along with 20 d cannons, to there base.

25-07-2005, 19:44
I seriously need a new computer so I can play DoW, especially now the new game expansion is coming out soon... damn spooge errors..

25-07-2005, 22:40
Dude.....300 will get you a mid-range PC these days.....and mid-range graphics cards are only around 40...

26-07-2005, 05:43
What people do on line is when you play aginst Chaos they mass posessed, Eldar its Dire avengers. and if its orks they just swamp you.

28-07-2005, 13:38
I have not played it in ages but the other day my computer stopped working. When you start the computer it is fine until the log in screen when it restarts automatically.

28-07-2005, 20:44
I find stealing the closest relic, getting a Warboss and Big Mek, a full Nob squad with power klaws, and loading them into a squiggoth rather effective. I once (goodness know how) manage to take out 2 bases and lose only one Nob. *sniff* Alas, poor Nob, we barely knew ye... *blows nose*

Hoshi No Koe
02-08-2005, 23:04
I've tried teleporting in a bonesinger but he usually gets noticed before building the portal.

Is there any way to use transport vehicles well in the game?

02-08-2005, 23:32
Fill a Land Raider with a fully reinforced and upgraded Terminator Squad.
Fill a Squiggoth with a Warboss and a fully reinfoced and upgraded Nobz Mob.
Fill a Falcon with a fully upgraded Seer Council.
Fill several Chaos Rhinos with fully upgraded Possesed.

Simple when you think about it.

THE RUSH is the only way to succeed in DOW pvp.

27-10-2008, 10:47
one tactic ive used rather alot for soulstorm is the use of land speeder tempests as sacrifical units.

the tactic is to rush the enemy base with the tempests then tele/drop pod your units there.

it's the upgrade to the scout squad tactic and is far quicker as the tempest can go over impossible cover so u can strike the enemy from behind where they dont think you can get them lol

heretics bane
27-10-2008, 12:51
Rush is mainly the only tactic since most of your units cant jump over the terrain and have to walk up the streets straight in enemy gunfire and capture more point port things and relics.

I usualy have multiple assults from every possible direction, if im playing marines have the assult marins jump straight at the defence turrets to soack them up followed by wave after wave of marines tooled to the max with apothercarys at the rear, then the dreadys come in while being followed by servitors to give them constant repairs.

For eldar, one squad of rangers with infiltration and snipers, sit at the mouth of the enemy base and just shoot all units being spawned. really annoys them.