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22-02-2007, 20:09
8 Gors
5 Chaos Knights
1 Chaos Spawn
8 Furies (Dark Elf Harpies)
1 Champion of Slaanesh
10 Ungors
14 Chaos Warriors

For the Purpose of Progress-
Purple = Assembled and Primed. Ready for Painting
Green = In Progress
Red = Painted and Ready to Base

22-02-2007, 20:53
cool, nice to see a fantasy slaanesh log up, looking forward to updates


23-02-2007, 05:56
Updated with some pictures of my first 5 Chaos Warriors. Yes the paint scheme is very similar to the one on the GW main site. I really liked it and modified it a little to suit my taste. I'm happy with them, considering its the first few things I painted in about 5 years.

And yes I saw the splash of silver mess up on the one guys shield. I already fixed it.

23-02-2007, 11:53
These chaps looks pretty good, the colours doesn't scream "I'm a decadent, murderous bastard on Spring Break!" but still have a "nice" Slaaneshi feeling to them

Hideous Loon
23-02-2007, 13:41
Yes, the golden trimming hints towards decadence without screaming it at the top of their lungs. Good work, an army painted this way will look good.

23-02-2007, 15:18
yeah definately nice work, though the gold seems to stick out a bit, maybe a silver edging would fit in better. nice work on the shields aswell

23-02-2007, 16:14
Thanks for the comments guys, I appreciate them. Makes me feel like I'm at least a competent painter. =D

The "gold" trim actually looks more like aged metal up close. Something about the lighting. I like it, so I think it's going to stay.

Just got my Eldar Army box in the mail from Ebay, and I really WANT to start putting that stuff together and painting it, but I'm going away until May come Thursday, and I promised myself no new projects until I have 1k of this done.

Finished putting together my beastmen last night. They don't rank up very easily, but I don't think it will be too much of a problem, as they will rank up in a certain order. They skirmish for most of the game anyway.

I'm going to undercoat them probably tomorrow and hope to have one finished Saturday night or Sunday afternoon just so I can get my color scheme down. I'm thinking pale purple skin, pink horns and hooves with black/grey fur. I'll get a picture up as soon as one is finished.

I'm thinking about taking my models with me to paint over my 2.5 month hiatus. I will be living in hotels, and not really have a lot of extra money for entertainment. My roommates on tour will think me a bit weird I'm sure, but at the same time it is free entertainment. I imagine I can get at least my warriors and beastmen done while I'm on the road, and my bring my furies as well. If any of my touring companions have a digital camera I'll try to get pictures up along the way, otherwise it will be mostly text until May 20 or so.

Again thanks for the comments, and I'll keep you posted as I move towards my 1k painted goal.

23-02-2007, 17:02
Very nice...I'm always interested in seeing Slaaneshi armies. The Warriors are looking great. I mean, I've always like the "I'm a murderous, decadent bastard on Sping Break!" look, but these do the trick too;)

25-02-2007, 01:40
Well, turns out my mates are dragging me to the pub. As a result that test model will have to wait until tomorrow.

Look for updates then!

25-02-2007, 02:27
Looks really solid Naxeur. I like it a lot, this army will look really great when it's fully arrayed.

Keep going strong, mate. And I'll be checking back on you. ;)

25-02-2007, 02:54
I'd just like to quickly say...

I love that basing. Simple, understated, yet does a fantastic job of bringing the model together.

25-02-2007, 19:02
Well, this is about how far I got on this model before I decided that I hate it.

I think I was trying to do too much. The Purple was so pale it looked pink, so I tried to ink it. Didn't really work out.

I think I'm going to fall back to something a little more simplistic, and try again tonight.

We'll see what happens, but as promised here is attempt #1 on a Gor.

25-02-2007, 19:06
I've been looking at the models for a minute, and I think I'm going to go with a very "natural" beast-man, much like the ones in the book.

The Loincloth is a nice spot to use an accent color, a purple or pink. I think that should be enough to suggest that they are part of my slaaneshi army. They don't have a mark anyway, so I should be too concerned over it.

25-02-2007, 22:02
Beastmen au naturelle sounds much better, the orange-pink horns looks not very good IMO. The warriors look very nice. :)

25-02-2007, 23:35
Sounds much better.

Beastmen are really awesome in a natural color scheme, with some (really dirty) purple loincloths, they'll fit in well, too.

26-02-2007, 17:08
yeah definately keep beastmen natural. btw my slaanesh plogs just started up again here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45149&highlight=reviving) if youre interested in looking

keep up the good work


28-02-2007, 00:45
Here are some progress shots of my next test scheme for Beast-Men.

I really like it a lot so far. I'm bad at pupils so I'll probably do red eyes. I was thinking of doing them Warlock Purple, but we'll see if I try it. Just a little touch.

I take a long time on test scheme models trying to make a scheme that is going to make for a unit that is fast to paint, but still looks good. Please let me know what you think. I should have this model done tonight or tomorrow, as a last photo update before I leave town.

28-02-2007, 04:10
I like the Beastman a lot, Naxeur. Have you considered trying to free-hand some pink/purple Slaaneshy tattoos onto them? Might take a while, but they tend to look really awesome.

Check out Pekel's beastmen here:

They have some great looking tattoos on them, and might be something you'd be willing to try.

Keep up the good work.

28-02-2007, 05:27
I like the more natural Beastman colours too, Naxeur. That's not to say that Beastmen can't look good painted in pastels, pinks, blues, and purples...on the contrary I've seen some amazing looking Beastmen done up in the classic Slaaneshi colours...very cool.
However, I think in most cases the natural look is the better choice, not to mention a little easier to achieve to an effective level of appearance. I really like the way your natural Beastman is looking, and you've got lots of room now to make him look a little more Slaaneshi.

First of all, as has been said, the loincloth is a good and easy place to make known his devotion to Slaanesh. It could be as simple as painting it a nice purple, or as advanced as giving it decadent, swirling designs or the symbol of Slaanesh. Either way, that whole area(including the chainmail part in front) would be great for making him look Slaaneshi and also adding cohesiveness to your army's appearance.

The other thing you could do, which Asuril beat me to;), is to give him some nice Slaaneshi-looking tattoos, mainly on his arms and chest, but also maybe on his legs and face too, if you can manage it. As for what said tattoos might look like, well...that's your job:) Since it's Slaaneshi, I personally picture the tattoos being long, curving designs, serpent like. Black and purple would look great for this...

Anyway, those are just my thoughts, Naxeur. Whatever you decide to you will be awesome, I'm sure. Keep up the great work and update, update, update!

28-02-2007, 12:43
nice scheme, try giving the metal a thinned down wash with brown or black ink to add some depth.

keep the updates coming

28-02-2007, 14:35
Yeah they axes are going to get a chestnut wash, then a highlight and some blood spatters. I might try the tattoos althought, I'm a little intimidated by that.....

28-02-2007, 20:45

I finished my first beastman, and I'm really happy with the result. I wanted to try and use a lot of the same colors that I used on my warriors, to try and keep a very cohesive feel within the army. I'm not going to say too much, except that I'm proud of my progress. You'll see some side by side shots to show the cohesiveness, as well as shots of just the beastman, enjoy!

28-02-2007, 21:06
I like it a lot. It'll be great to see an entire unit of 'em.

Keep up the good progress.

28-02-2007, 22:43
nice work, now get a whole unit of them painted!! :D

28-02-2007, 22:56
Right now I'm having an undercoating party.

Leaving on tour with a Children's Theatre tomorrow until May 19th. I'll be back home the 20th probably. I'm taking with me the following:

5 Ungors
8 Gors
8 Furies (Dark Elf Harpies)
1 Champion of Slaanesh
5 Ungors
9 Chaos Warriors

I figure I'm not going to have a lot of money to go out at night, so I might as well bring them along. Even if I don't get a lot painted, at least I gave myself the option. And long nights in hotel rooms can be whiled away by painting some minis. Even if it makes my roommates think I'm a might bit weird.

For the Purpose of Progress-
Purple = Assembled and Primed. Ready for Painting
Green = In Progress
Red = Painted and Ready to Base When I Get Home.


02-03-2007, 12:32
Quick update. I'm in my hotel in Philadelphia right now, just woke up. It was a really long day yesterday. I painted the blue fur shoulders on the body portions of my 9 warriors last night. I also fixed up there black undercoats so that they are ready for painting before I did that. All of my models made it intact, save for the Slaanesh champion, whose hand fell off. Luckily I haven't painted him yet, so its no big thing.

Tonight I plan on doing either all the outlining or the Brass bits on the 9 of them. Hopefully I have those done in a week to a week and a half.

02-03-2007, 12:40
Looking really good so far, keep up the good work!

07-03-2007, 04:48
It's been an incredibly busy week of rehearsal here in Philadelphia, but I have found the time to do a wee little bit of painting. Not much thought. I did the initial Plate outlines and Helmet painting on three of my warriors tonight.

My plan is to do the other 6 tomorrow, and then attempt to do the brown and brass bits, plus the boot highlights and inking on Thursday.

Friday is a day off, so I am going to make an attempt at painting the 9 cloaks for my Warriors that day, and possibly the shields, which would finish that unit, except for basing, which I won't be able to do until I get back to Orlando.

Hopefully I'll be able to stick to that timeline. If worse comes to worse, though, I'll try to finish the unit saturday or sunday. Next week I'm going to work on my beastmen. They tend to take me a little bit longer than my warriors. I'll be in Orlando for a few days at the beginning of April, so with any luck I'll have the warriors and beastmen done for that, and I can trade them out for my Chaos Knights, Furies and spawn to finish on the road. That way I can do the General either on the road, or when I get back from Philly for the long-haul.

I'll post actual updates as I finish things. Look for pictures on April 6 or 7 of finished units.


13-03-2007, 03:22
Minor update of what I've been able to get done.

Found myself with a really nice easy day on the road today, so I finished all the outlining on the 9 Chaos Warriors, as well as painting their belts. It's only 9:15, so I may or may not do the brass on them tonight as well.

I might leave it for tomorrow though, which should be another really low key day. If I get the brass done tomorrow, and the highlights on the boots, I'll be close to done with the torsos. I know that I can get that much done, and probably the torso Inking as well. Then, I'll be ready to move onto their capes. I'll keep you all appraised. Expect a few pictures in early April, as I'll be home for a few days then.

Edit: Ok, so I sucked it up and I painted the brass bits on all the warriors. Now I just have to do boot highlights and inking tomorrow and the torsos are done. I think I'll also do all of the drybrushing on the cloaks as well. That will leave me in a good place to finish the unit on my weekend off.

16-03-2007, 01:51
Chaos Warriors are almost done. All that are left are the weapon hands and the shield hands, and to glue the backs to the torsos. Been a long day on the road today, but I plan to finish the unit tomorrow. Then its either the Beast Herd or the General. What would you guys like to see pictures of in april? The general and his retinue or the completed retinue and beast herd?


19-03-2007, 23:12
Chaos warrior unit is officially painted and ready for basing on April 6.

I'm either going to do the Furies or the Champion next. Probably the Champion and then the furies. Little by little this is getting done.



Wise Guy Sam
15-05-2007, 13:37
Looking good, really like your colours, cant wait to see some finished units

18-05-2007, 16:30
Here's a few more pictures of stuff I have done so far.

19-05-2007, 00:10
I find, about the Spawn of Chaos, that the model IS sort of just a boring model, it looks very un-spawn-like to me. Now, I know a guy that plays a Morghor list (I 'hate' him so much for that, but he is a great guy and fun to play against), and for his spawns he actually uses a few parts from Dire wolves, tyranids, and other random bits with I would believe green stuff to create custom spawns that look beautiful on the table. They are also very unique looking.

19-05-2007, 04:34
Just and update on what I've been doing today. i'm almost done with the basecoats on the last 5 ungors. When I finish these, I think I'm going to go ahead and paint my chaos knights, then the gors. That will just leave me with the furies and the chaos spawn.

19-05-2007, 16:21
Just finished the last 5 Ungors, so all 10 are done. Not going to post photos since they look just like the other 5. Thinking I'm going to do the horses for my Chaos Knights next. There's a pretty good chance that I'll get them done today, YAY!

I am taking a little stop out at the hobby shop later today to try and meet some people and pick up my first ever green stuff for some gap filler on my spawn and the harpy wings.

20-05-2007, 04:45
Quick Update. I started doing some basecoats on one of the horses for my Chaos Knights, and like I said I went to the hobby store to get my first ever green stuff to fill gaps on my chaos spawn.

Upon using said green stuff, I grossly overestimated the amount I would need to fill the gap. So what did I do?

That's right, I used the leftover for the obligatory "Look mom I sculpted something myself!"-Tentacle that is probably everyone's first green-stuff sculpt. Yay, Foe-Render!

Here's some shots.

20-05-2007, 12:41
nice work on the tentacle, although the fur looks more like multiple flagella than gore skin, but good for a first tentacle :D

20-05-2007, 14:51

As always comments are appreciated.

21-05-2007, 04:14
The head barding on your chaos horse looks nearly the same way I did it on my slaanesh knight horse barding.