View Full Version : Choppa rule w/ Spears?

Justicar Jacob
23-02-2007, 03:13
Should I arm my orcs with spears do they still get to do +1S for charging or is that when they are fighting with a choppa?

23-02-2007, 03:44
The +1 strength in the first turn of combat is a special rule of the weapon choppa and only apllies when a choppa is used.

edit: Unless your talking about mounted models with spears, they get +1 s when charging but that is from the spears special rules, not the choppas.

23-02-2007, 06:57
If the Boyz are given spears, then unit as a whole has a choice in the first turn of combat, of using spears or choppas but they must maintain that choice for subsequent rounds of combat.
If they choose choppas, they get +1S in the first turn and HW and shield but the second rank is also armed with choppas and does not fight.
If they choose spears then they fight in 2 ranks with spears when charged.