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22-07-2005, 08:08

Elector count on griffon
- great weapon, laurels of victory, armour of meteoric iron

- barded warhorse, full plate, enchanted shield, sword of power

Warrior priest
- heavy armour, shield, great weapon, rod of command

Battle wizard
- level 2, power stone, that wizard staff that lets him use more power dice


30 spearmen
- shields, full command, griffon banner
- detatchment: 10 archers
- detatchment: 10 archers

12 handgunners

10 handgunners

10 handgunners

9 knights of the inner circle


1 great cannon

1 great cannon

Battle experience

Though it has done very well, I feel that it is far too static. Almost half the models (and more than half the units) are move-or-fire missile troops or artillery. This is very much a disadvantage in more complex scenarios such as breakt-through or take and hold.

I was thinking about getting in some more exciting troops such as pistoliers or even a helblaster.


22-07-2005, 09:04
I think that your character selection is good. There are advantages as well as disadvantages with the Griffon. But you need something that can hit decent and are fast, and the Griffon fullfills that role.
Problem with the Wizzard is that a single Level 2 isn't enough to get spells through (usually). So you could dropp the items and a level and just have him as a scroll caddie (level 1, and two scrolls).

It's your troop selection that needs a bit of a tweek in my oppinion...

The two detachments to the Spears should be something that can back them up in combat. And maybe you could drop some of them down to 25.

Swordsmen are great, WS4 and 4+ save, 10 of them on one flank. They negate ranks and as quite suviverble. Other options are Halberders and Freecompanies, both with different advantages.
Seccond unit could easily be a shooting unit, but something that hits a bit harder than Archers. Crossbows or Handgunners.

I would keep a unit; but maybe make it a bit smaller, of Archers and upgrade them to Huntsmen. This will give you the option to marchblock enemies and give your guys with long arms (shooters) some extra turn(s) of hitting something.

I would probably drop one unit of Hangunners so that I could fit in some Pistolliers, perfect in negating ranks, disrupt enemy battleplans and offer flank protection to other units.

I usually try to get two blocks of solid infantry (3 ranks and banner), this will help me from beeing outflanked. You have just a big block and its an easy thing for your opponent to "take charge of the game". And with only two units that can take the fight to the enemy (Griffon and Knights) that threaten him, your easily outmanouvered there as well.
By adding Huntsmen and Pistolliers you'll get a better chance of taking the game to him, or hinder him from taking it to you...

EDIT: Spelling, and it could be more mistakes in there...

Hope this helps!
Good Luck!

22-07-2005, 09:38

I'll see about getting myself some pistoliers shortly.

As for the detatchments... Well, they are a nice option, but swapping one unit of archers out for a unit of halberdiers or swordsmen might be just the trick.

I'm pretty pleased with the size of the spearman unit - it is very durable and those time I have lost them have typically seen them whittled down to six or so men. It almost makes me think MORE are in order :)

I'm pretty worried about not having a battle-standard, though.


22-07-2005, 12:55
Actually I prefer archers as missile detachments. Firstly you dont really care if they dont fire so your unit becomes more mobile. They are great at blocking income missile fire/spells and they can march block quite well due to their manuverability. Any casualities they casue are a bonus.

You do need a melee detachment as well (archers cant remove enemy rank bonuses). The free company is the perfect choice for this. Cheap and with 2 attacks each they can actually cause a few casualties. Halberdiers are the 2nd choice for melee detachments. Spearmen and swordsmen are best left as parent units.

Im sure you are aware of this but Ill mention it anyway :). Swordsmen are a lot better than spearmen. They have a better save and WS so will survive a bit better and this is the main role of a parent infantry unit. Deny the enemy CR while smashing a melee detachment into their flank to negate their rank bonus this normally means that they need to cause at least 4 casualites to break even.

Why does the captain have the enchanted shield? The sword of power is ok but I would just use a vanilla knight kit to save points, hopefully you should break who ever you charge on the first turn anyway.

I cant argue with the inclusion of pistoliers :)

22-07-2005, 20:08
I agree that FC and Halbreds are two great selections for detachment forces. However, I also like using a detachment of swordsmen in my army as well. They tend to have more survivablity due to their Armor save, thus making it a bit easier to use them on their own in case they get charged or have to plug a gap, etc. Also it prevents opponents from delagating attacks into the armorless flanking force for easy kills if the combat ends up lasting more than one round. Just a thought anyway.

I personally see no problem with the enchanted sheild...nothing wrong with dropping his save down to 0+ if there's nothing really calling to him to spend that last 10 pts on.

23-07-2005, 16:18
take away a hg unit add pistoliers remove one or both the archer detatchment and replace em with fc/swordsmen, u want to negate rank and get a +1 flank charge bonus. so swordsmenn survive better. maybe the halberds kills one more due to s4. but hey if they drop below us4 theire useless(ok not useless but not far from it) since u get 4 extra combat bonuses for staying in their flank, its a win win situation. unless he got something to counter it.

24-07-2005, 12:47
Ok, I swap out the 12 man Handgunner unit and one archer detatchment with a unit of Pistoliers and say... 15 Free company. Should be approximately the same points.

I'm commited to the spearmen though, since I have, well, heaps of spearmen. :rolleyes: