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23-02-2007, 13:50
If you were trying to have a strong Battle Mage (lv 2).. what would you equip him with?

23-02-2007, 15:00
Strong in terms of magical offence, magical defence, survivability, actual fighting power or simply being powerful all round?

Also, which wizard are you talking about? I assume from the title Battle Mage it's an Empire wizard, but I'm not sure.

What else is in your army? How many points are you playing? Do you wanthim to play a support role or an aggresive role? Which Lore do you intend to give him...

Thing is, it's a bit of an open question. If you want a generic answer, I'd say put him on a horse and give him a Power Stone and a Dispel Scroll, simply because there's no way I can give actual tactical advice without a little more information.

23-02-2007, 20:21
If you mean melee wizard, you're running into the problem that a lvl 2 wizard only gets two spells - and thus a very limited chance at getting the self-buffs. The only exception is Lore of Beasts, where it's the #1 spell (so you can always swap a spell out for it).

I think you'll be better off with a melee hero at lvl 2 (certainly a lot cheaper), but as an excercise, here's how it looks for the Empire:

Gerolf von Pfeildorf, druid of Taal
(100) Battlewizard, lvl 2 upgrade
(14) Barded warhorse (just assume this is a *very* martial druid)
(35) Armour of Tarnus

Total would be 149 points, for a guy with a 4+ armour save and a 5+ wardsave, 3 attacks at WS 3 and S 5, T 4 and 2 wounds; hardly impressive.
A chaos sorceror, daemon or vampire might work out better though, although likely at a lot more points.

Note, by the way, that this is roughly the equivalent melee hero for the Empire:

Gerald von Pfeildorf, marshall
(50) Captain of the Empire
(14) Barded warhorse
(18) Full plate armour, halberd (or lance)
(50) Shroud of Magnus

For 132 points you get a 2+ armour save, 5+ ward save and MR 2 (which helps out his unit as well), 3 attacks at WS 5, S 5 (or 6/4 for the lance), and T 4 with 2 wounds of course.


Gerwin von Pfeildorf
(50) Captain of the Empire
(14) Barded warhorse
(16) Full plate armour, shield
(45) Sword of Sigismund

125 points nets us 3 attacks with first strike at WS 5, S 5. Armour is 1+, but he doesn't have a wardsave.

As you can see, at least at hero-level the Empire should stick to Captains (or warrior priests) for melee duty. VHS isn't really a solution, since it's too expensive to allow for much in the way of armour / ward saves.

24-02-2007, 09:52
If you want your wizards to fight, give them van Horstmans Speculum.