View Full Version : Having trouble vs Dwarfs

24-02-2007, 04:05
Recently my lizardmen have been having trouble against my friends dwarfs ever since he switched out a cannon for an organ gun. The problem is that the organ gun (on which he always rolls at least a 6) combines with the two squads of thunderers he has eat through my skink screens in one or two turns and then moves on to take care of my saurus and cavalry before they have a chance to do any damage. I've tried using terradons to get rid of at least his organ gun but as soon as he sees them he focuses all his shooting power to take them down (usually all that he needs is to shoot the organ gun and they either die outright or flee off the table). I also use a scar-vet with jag charm but he can't reach the warmachines until turn 3 if he doesn't want to die to all the thunderers.

We play 1000 points and he usually takes 2 thunderers, 1 organ gun, 1 squad of warriors and 1squad of longbeards and has a thane and a runesmith. I have terradons, skinks, a scar-vet, saurus, and cavalry. Any suggestions on how to take at least his organ gun out early?

Danger Rat
28-02-2007, 08:13
some chameleon skinks if you can get them in the army ought to help silence the organ gun