View Full Version : 750pts Wood elves for Conflict North

The hair
24-02-2007, 13:16
OK, so me and my mate have decided to go along to Conflict again ths year, despite our not so brilliant performance l'annee dernier(damn miscasts). Anyway, I'llc be using wood Elves like I did lat year, so here's my list. Any and all criticisms welcome, though they may break my por widdle heart:) .

Alter noble ( Bow of Loren)
10 glade guard
5 scouts (with Saemraeth)
8 dryads
6 wardancers (champ)
3 warhawks

I realise there is no magic, but my mate is more than compensating. Also I'm considering replacing the warhawks for glade riders since they kicked ass last year, but looking at the scenarios having a very fast moving unit to occupy corners seems good. Plus hit and run is NICE. So theres my list. i open it up for being ripped apart. Thanks in advance!

god octo
24-02-2007, 14:42
At such a low points level, i wouldnt bother to take 2 heroes- they are very expensive and your Altar isnt really gonna do much.

The hair
24-02-2007, 14:50
Yeah but i have to take two heroes otherwise the list is illegal - an alter noble cant be the general, and a branchwraith is the cheapest other hero.

god octo
24-02-2007, 17:14
Sorry,i meant that you should drop the Altar noble. Unless he has extra equipment that you havent put down, he is too weak to fight and his shooting is also too weak to affect anyone. I would drop him and use some of the points to give the Branchwraithe some spites and possibly even the level 1 mage upgrade.

The hair
24-02-2007, 17:32
Oh right. I get you. Thanks very much! By the way, ,do you reckon I should drop anything and add in the quintisentiaL glade riders, or is the rest of the list pretty solid?

god octo
24-02-2007, 18:20
Nope, i wouldnt drop anything as your list looks quite tough. If you have any points left over though, i would try to boost the number of wardancers, as they are very suscitible to shooting and magic.

The hair
24-02-2007, 18:33
OK. thanks very much for your comments, much appreciated!