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Elizas Guardianangel
24-02-2007, 17:11
I started collecting Warhammer models approx 1 Year ago (~Jan 06). I quit playing MMORPGs and needed something to fill the gap. Since I'm a Med student most of my time is spent at the hospital or head butting a text book. I was looking for a hobby that I could would allow me to work on it and then be able to put it down easily and return to it later.

I was hoping that I could fill the void left by MMORPGs with something that was less time intensive. One of my buddies that I know from years of playing MMORPGs suggested that I take a look at the warhammer site. Memories of Battle Masters came rushing back! I had found my new hobby! Had I found the methadone to my pervious addiction or had I stumbeled upon crystal meth?

A quick trip to the GW site showed me that my new hobby was an expensive one. A quick trip ro the eBay site show me a way to get what I needed for cheap! The only things that I buy from GW are metal bits that are missing from the auctions that I win and the paints.

I visited the now closed GW store in the Palisades Mall in NY and decided that I was going to play Ultramarines after seeing a display table set up with a combat squad attacking some gene stealers over the wreckage of a ship.

So off to eBay I went! With in a month I picked up a Battle for Macragge, a Command Squad, a Dreadnaught, 2 Terminator Squads, 2 starter paint kits w/ marine models, 1 Scout Squad 1 Marneus Calgar, 1 Emperor's Champion and Tigurius, Chief librarian.

I had plans to keep my army small. Limit it to 2,000 points. No vehicles. Just marines and maybe a dreadnaught. I don't know when it exactly happened but I started to want to collect at least one of each type of squad/tank/weapon/character. Then I thought, well my friends have fantasy battle armies, so I guess I should pick up one too.

Seeing how many marines I already have to paint, I wanted my next army to have fewer models. After looking through all the fantasy armies I decided to go with the Ogres. Back to eBay! After winning a battalion or two and a few large lot auctions I had all my ogres, but I didn't have a rule book for fantasy battle. Then along came skull pass!

I could have spent $40 for the new hardcover fantasy battle or I could have spent $40 (i actually got it less from an eBay store) and gotten the rule book and 2 starter starter armies for fantasy battle. One of my friends wanted to play goblins, so I traded my goblins for the dwarves from his box and that was the beginning of my 3rd army! Somehow I ended up winning the old army box set, a battalion and some large lot auctions.

So here I am. I've collected 3 large armies. Now I need to assemble and paint them, but with med school and a fiance, I don't have much free time. Our apartment is too small to hold all my models and two people. I'm pretty sure my sweetheart would get mad at me if I asked her to move out so I could live with my minis, so I'm storing 95% of my minis at my parents house, which is an hour away by public transportation. I keep a small project in the apartment and go visit them when I'm done.

I'm not going to list every single model I have and what it's status is. I'm just going to post pics of what I've done so far. I'm sure my update will be few and far in between, so be patient with me. Since I'm a beginner any advice is much appreciated. I'm using the heavy metal/GW paint schemes posted on the GW site and in the "how to paint..." books.

I have pics from what I've done so far. When I get a chance I'll post em.

24-02-2007, 19:41
whats that noise?
oh it's SC hearing the word Ultramarines.

looking forward to seeing some pics :)


24-02-2007, 21:49

24-02-2007, 22:22
I'm not going to list every single model I have and what it's status is. I'm just going to post pics of what I've done so far. I'm sure my update will be few and far in between, so be patient with me. Since I'm a beginner any advice is much appreciated. I'm using the heavy metal/GW paint schemes posted on the GW site and in the "how to paint..." books.

One piece of advice if you've not painted minis before: Don't try to put too much detail on. A basecoat, a shade and a highlight will be more than enough for tabletop quality on the vast majority of figures.

Don't forget to thin the paints slightly! I couldn't see the point for ages when I started painting, since I seemed to be getting OK results without bothering... then I decided to try it and ended up with easily the best model I'd ever done without much effort at all. And I've only improved since then.

Don't rush yourself, but at the same time, don't spend too long on a given model. If you're spending more than an average of an hour on each and every model (not including drying times) then you're probably putting a little too much time into it - unless of course you want a truly awesome army, which frankly is a little ambitious if you're new to the hobby.

Don't forget the basics - cleaning models before undercoating, spray coating, going over the models to ensure it's fully undercoated and so forth. It makes a massive difference.

24-02-2007, 23:20
that;s the most amazing thing ever. thanks Zodiac!


Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 15:53
@ schoolcormorant and zodiac
I'm new to the boards so I don't know what SC means, but I'm that much of a noob to know that people think the Ultramarines are a no skill army. I say BAH! I wanted an all around army. I like the way they look and have fun painting them blue! The special characters Marneus and Tig look great. If you are going to bad mouth the ultramarines in my thread at least give good solid reasons for your opinions.

Thanks for the advice! I am shooting for a great looking army even though I'm a beginner. It's taken me a while to paint two tactical squads. At the rate I'm painting and all the models I already have, I'll probably be done painting in 10 years, but I'm cool with that. I don't get to play with my friends that much so I'm in no rush to finish my models.

I've already learned on my own to thin the paints w/ water so it doesn't dry up that fast on my painting pallet, and it's better to do 2 light coats than 1 heavy coat IMO.

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 15:56

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army01.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army02.jpg
1 Command Squad
1 Dreadnaught
2 Terminator Squads
2 tactical squads (missile launcher + flamer)
1 Scout Squad
1 Marneus Calgar
1 Emperor's Champion (I'll be using him as a Sergeant)
1 Tigurius, Chief librarian

I bought Battle for Macragge and 2 different marine starter paint sets. (Well, one was a gift.) With these models I formed my first 2 tactical Squads. It took me a few days to get used to removing the models from the sprues and removing all the mold lines. Towards the end I actually began to enjoy removing the mold lines. I didnt enjoy the carpal tunnel that was beginning in my left hand.

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 15:58
Gluing the models to the bases was fun and easy. I didnt attach the weapons or the backpacks b/c I wanted to be able to remove them so I would have an easier time painting the armor behind it. I also used a very small drill bit and made barrels in the guns. It took a whole night. The missile launchers took the longest, but I'm really happy with the result.

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army05.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army06.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army07.jpg

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 15:59

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:01
After a lot of reassurance from a friend I decided to start my priming. My first victims were the shuttle parts from the Battle for Macragge. With my confidence raised from the results of the shuttle I decided to prime my tactical squads. With the backpacks and weapons still attached I applied 2 light coats to the front and back. After the primer was dry I turned the models 90 degrees and did 2 light coats on each side. I then removed their backpacks and weapons and gave 2 quick sprays to get any parts that were missed. While the weapons and backpacks were off I also gave then a small spray to the under side. I know this sounds like a lot of spraying, but I'm completely happy with the results and none of the detail was lost.

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army13.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army14.jpg

http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army15.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f379/DoctorJekyl/Army%20Project/Army16.jpg

25-02-2007, 16:01
SC means me, it's my shortened...thingy. i also collect ultra's check out the link to the marines thread in my signature :)


Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:01

I decided to add sand to the bases later. I've read the Games Workshop "How To" books and they recommend that you glue the sand(or the material of your choice) to the base before you prime so you can prime both the base material and model in one shot. I was worried that the sand would give me problems when I had to paint the feet so I left it of for now.

More to come!

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:03
The Choice!
I was having trouble deciding on which paint layering combination and which brushing technique I should use to paint my marines. I was torn between dry brushing and normal painting. I was torn between just using Ultramarine Blue or painting a 50/50 Regal Blue/Chaos Black and then painting a 50/50 of Regal Blue/Ultramarine Blue. I took some sound advice and took to figuers and tried out both!

WIth Verras I decided to drybrush Ultramarine Blue on Chaos Black Primer.

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:04
With the ultramarine I decided to cover him completely in a 50/50 mix of Regal Blue/Chaos Black using a normal dip and paint technique.

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:04
To show you how much of a difference this step makes I put the 50/50 marine(right) next to a marine just primed in Chaos Black(left).

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:05
The results!
Ugh, the camera is not forgiving. The edges look a bit sloppy but that's something I can fix with a fine detail brush. Both blues are darker but the flash washed the color out.

The Verdict!
I like the hard shiny look of the normal painting technique. While the difference in the shade of blue between the models is very little I believe the 50/50 marine has a sligtly deeper blue color. Since I'm looking for a nice deep blue result I will use this paint scheme for my army.

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:10
Highlighting! The one on the left is highlighted w/ Ultramarine Blue only. The one on the right is highlighted w/ a 50/50 mix of Ultramarine Blue and Space Wolf Grey on top of Ultramarine Blue. I'm leaning toward the left side. The Space wolf Grey mixed into Ultramarine Blue makes the resulting color too white. Since my armor is a very deep blue there is a lot of contrast which I dont like. I feel that the extra step of highlighting gives a very chalky feel to my armor.


Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:11
I tightened up the lines on the Extreme Highlight (right) and it looks pretty damn good! I may use this style after all but I'll need a clean up step to make it nice and tight.


Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:12
Extreme Highlighting update!

I decided to do the extreme highlights on all my minis. I had to go back and tighten up the lines, and I LOVE the result! Took me about 2 days to do it, but I think it's worth it.

Looking at the pics I can find a fre more lines I need to tighten up but that's a few min of work. I found that the shoulderpads were darker than the rest of the armor. I guess it was b/c the other parts had several coats of paint from the highlighting and touch ups. I went back and and gave the shoulders another coat of paint or 2 and they look fine now. I may toss another coat on the helmets but I'll make a final decision on that after I do the gold and silver trim.

The results:





Gold trim on shoulders and the chest!

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:13
I only got around to doing the brazen brass on the shoulders.


25-02-2007, 16:17

Saying you haven't been in the hobby long, they are incredible!

You should be very, very proud!

Oh, and if it hasn't been answered already:

SC: Schoolcormorant. ;)

Elizas Guardianangel
25-02-2007, 16:17
SC means me, it's my shortened...thingy. i also collect ultra's check out the link to the marines thread in my signature :)


I will definitely check out your thread! :D

25-02-2007, 17:18
Deffinitly like the highlights :chrome: Wish I could highlight so good

25-02-2007, 19:49
Wow, those look great! And alot of them painted!
Extreme highlighting = da b!tch!
Very nice figures, keep posting!

Elizas Guardianangel
27-02-2007, 02:01
Since I've just been notified of the 7 lines per signature rule I'm going to post the current status of my armies:

Warhammer 40k
Total: ~7,000 pts.
Assembled: 1,595 pts. (22%)
Painted: 332 pts. (5%)

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Ogre Kingdoms
Total: ~4,000 pts.
Assembled: 492 pts. (12%)
Painted: 0 pts. (0%)

Total: ~3,000 pts.
Assembled: 0 pts. (0%)
Painted: 0 pts. (0%)

Elizas Guardianangel
27-02-2007, 02:15
@ Destris, Sling, and Zodiac

Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'm just following the heavy metal painting instructions and tips for highlighting and steadying my painting hand against the hand holding the model.

I should have some free time this weekend do to more work and post the pics.

27-02-2007, 07:53
Yes welcome to the Project logs of ultramarines + more

I like your painting. Don't be so precise and unhappy if you don't make them look like the pros in the first place. I always wanted mine to be better until i got board. So have a variety everynow and then on painting or just sit back and cruise on the forums. :p

Keep up the hard work CYA!!!

27-02-2007, 08:14
Wow, that's a good lookin' army you've got yourself... keep up the great work. How long before they purge the xenos threat?

27-02-2007, 11:23
Well, what you already painted looks really good so far!
My only advice that could help you paint all the stuff that you've got is that you should always alternate between them. This way you won't get bored, so now do a squad of Ultramarines, then try your hand with the Ogres, and so on and so forth.
Since my earliest days in the modelling hobby I always chose not-so-uniform armies for this very reason (and so, I tried to avoid loyalist SM). Doing a couple thousand points of the same three colors would kill my brain off, I think :D
For the rest, never be too hard on your results, from what I see they are already better than 85% of what I normally see around!
I wait eagerly to see how they'll be when completed!

Elizas Guardianangel
28-02-2007, 01:25
@liamarob: Thanks! I agree w/ your advice to enjoy the painting and not go nuts on the little details, but I can't help it. I'm super anal and OCD. I don't have that much free time so I usually binge on my models and then get back to my regularly scheduled life.

@Zachariah: My marines have already gone up against my friends necrons x2. Sadly, I lost both times, but I gave him more of a fight during our last battle. I've been picking up some tips on the boards about basic tactics and strats vs Necrons. Third time will be the charm!

@RAM_mit: Thanks. Once I get 2,500 points assembled and ~1,500 points painted of my marines I 'm planning on switching to my Ogres. Once I get ~1,500 points assembled and 750 points in Ogres assembled I'll switch gears to dwarves. Once I have a decent fighting force assembled I'll come back to the marines. The games I've been playing with my friend have consisted of borrowed, proxied and semi-assembled models. While the paint job is important to me, being able to play with my armies is more important. My unassembled models sitting on the self don't add to my enjoyment of the game.

28-02-2007, 01:37
i know how you feel about Necrons.
my first and only and ever battle was with cadian IG against necrons. i had 4 tanks, he had 12 destroyers.....yep.

i held out pretty well actually, he only had one detroyer left as he took out my lascannon sentinel :(


28-02-2007, 08:00
@ SC: Now now now SC... I dunno if we can really call a sentinel a 'tank'. I prefer to think of them as 'lead sponges'... but, they don't even do that for me half the time.

@Eliza's: Give those ghouls hell. Ave Impereator.

28-02-2007, 16:49
holy shoe!

your a very talented individual if this si your first venture into painting. these surpass the works of a hell of a lot of peeps that have been going for years now!

keep it up, marko

28-02-2007, 16:56
You make me look like I live my life in slow-motion. :mad:

Really nice stuff, alone they look good, all of them together look even better.

28-02-2007, 17:07
yes, the extreme highlight for me is a must with marines now....

awesome work bud :)


Dead orc
28-02-2007, 17:30
Great work! Inspiring me to get some more work done on my marines.

dave is the best
28-02-2007, 18:40
Wow, great paint job. Those are amazing for a person thats just got in to the hobby.


Elizas Guardianangel
01-03-2007, 00:05
@Dead orc: thanks for the compliment. I was inspired to do Ultramarines b/c of the pics I saw of other people's work. Work on your Templars and inspire someone to work on their army! :)

@dave is the best: Thanks. It took me alot of time just to get the basic colors on my marines. Before i started each paint session I inspected the previous sessions work and put some thought into what I wanted to paint next. Once I get one of each unit painted, (hopefully) my speed will increase b/c I'll be familiar w/ what needs to be done.

01-03-2007, 09:34
These guys definitely make my poor guardsman look like 2 autistic monkeys painted them... I, am shamed.

On a plus note, You've got a really good style (the extreme highlight looks boss on all that power armor) and you've got a dedication I could only dream of.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 01:35
@Zachariah: Thanks dude. I tried using autistic monkeys also when I first started but they wanted too many bananas and kept picking their behinds w/ my dry brush. It took a lot of touch ups to get my guys looking like that. This stuff does not come easy for me at all. I've been working on those 2 tac squads for almost a year now, but I have to admit, I'm really enjoying how they are turning out. I knew I wouldn't get to play much, so I got into warhammer for the painting aspect.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:28

I didn't get to do any painting this weekend, but I have some new pics of old work that you guys haven't seen yet.

Here are the 2 tactical squads that I've been working on since I got into the hobby 1 year ago. One squad is from the Macragge set and the other squad was made from the 2 starter paint sets that GW put out for 40k. The unprimed models in the back are another Macgagge tactical squad. IMO the Macragge models are great.

Here is a close up of the Macragge rocket launcher. I would like to point out the lens of his rocket launcher. I'm also pround of the eyes and the gold trim on the helmets and gloves. I got the gold trim idea from the "How to paint Space Marines" GW book. I want to paint a very ornate and clean looking second company. In order to deliver the unadulterated will of the emperor the marines but keep their tool in pristine condition. I'm considering putting some litanies on the armor, but we'll see how that goes.

Close up of the old school space marine starter set rocket launcher model. I think this is one of the best chest gems I've painted so far.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:32
Macragge flamer center stage. I really like the helm on this guy. Once of my cleaner jobs. The flame gun needs a little more work on the extreme highlighting on the black casing, and I'm now noticing that the knees aren't quite right. Now don't get me wrong. I love my models, but I'm a bit hard on em. I know that with respect to gaming standards this model is done and will look very good from 2 - 3 feet away, but I'm painting my guys to look good up close. Why? Because I ran out of my psych meds. :)

I'm proud of the way this guys sword turned out. I don't know if you can tell or not but I used a scapel to cut out the small piece of flash between the swords knuckle guard and the sergeant's hand. I did a very heavy ink wash of his chest that I didn't like the look of. I'm going to go back and drybrush some shining gold on the chest eagle (sparing the recesses), and then highlight the edges w/ a shining gold/mithril sliver mix. I'm also fearing the idea of completing the sergeant. I haven't painted any flesh yet. I'll probably practice on the pilot that came w/ the Macragge set and use paint scheme suggested by GW. Also, I still haven't fully pained all the purity seals on my marines.

Macragge marine. Needs some feet touch ups.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:34
Viewing death from above. From this angle you can notice the subtle differences between the Macragge marines and the paint set marines. The Macragge marines have a wider head ridge, broader shoulders and their gun has a metal strip running the full length of the weapon.

More of the same.

Close up to show the detail, but the flash washed out the blue.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:36
More washed out close ups!

Closeup of rocket launcher from the starter paint set.

Don't worry. The guy w/ the laser scope on his head doesn't have his back pack permanently attached to his back. In fact, none of these marines do! I'll glue all the backpacks and guns on when I'm finally done and happy w/ the product.

Macragge rocket launcher. I used the gem paint scheme for the lenses on this guy and I really like the effect. Next time I may make one of the lenses green.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:37
My plastic assault squad: work in progress. I've posed them to be in the same positions as shown on the box. Some may say that I lack creativity, but I want my guys to look like the pics on the GW site. My friend, Zorz, has asked me to paint a harlequin. I don't know much about the model but from the pics I've seen, they usually have very unique paint schemes. He'll supply the model and I supply the paint job. Stay tuned for that project in the future!

More marines. Nuff said.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:38
Blurry old school plastic terminators. Their wobbly waist pivoting action annoyed the hell out of me, so I cut the peg off and glued the torso firmly to the legs. I converted the new terminators cyclone rocket launcher to be used on these old models. The 2 metal looking terminators are going to be my dudes w/ the assault cannons.

My metal models that are works in progress.
Back row: Scouts.
Second from back row: Metal assault marines that I'm going to mix w/ my plastic models to have a 50/50 ratio. The metal models have some great looking gear already attached. They will provide a nice variety to the squad. I just wish they had a wider head ridge.
Third from back row: More assaults, a chaplain that I'm probably going to convert to a chap w/ a jump pack, and a commander.
Second from front: Techmarine w/ servitors, Gamesday Sergeant (that is now partially stripped b/c I didn't like the paint job. If anyone knows any heavy duty latex paint removers, please let me know.), and Tig the librarian. Stay tuned for my familiar project!

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:39
My special edition marines!

It took a lot of eBay hunting, but I picked up this guy for a good price, IMO ($30 w/ S&H). This model looks amazing! Good pose, great helmet, and a very unique gun! Is it a twin linked bolter or a heavy bolter?

I got this guy also for ~$30. I can't remember exactly the amount. I don't know if I'll play with this guy. I got him more for the hobby aspect, and b/c I'm OCD and have to have every ultramarine model.

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:40
Basing results!
Materials: Elmer's wood glue, water, old brush, sand from the beach.

My first attempt! I spread the glue evenly with the brush, and then I went back and cleaned up any glue and sand that got on the feet and legs.

More of the same. Please note the barrel holes on the storm bolter. I'm also proud of those. I take the time to hand drill holes into all my plastic weapons. I want to do the same for my metal weapons but I need to get the proper bits and maybe a small hand held drill...

Up close and personal wit the terminator sergeant. I haven't glues on any of these guys arms either for painting purposes, and b/c I have another side project for all my terminators! I'm going to make em modular w/ rare earth magnets! I have some assault weapons and a dream!

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:41
Even more of the same!

Need to clean up the bases.

More bases that need cleaning!

My metal command squad. They also need their bases cleaned up. I don't know if its me or the position that the models are, but my emperor's champ looks like he's got a crooked sword!?!

Elizas Guardianangel
06-03-2007, 02:53
OK, I just threw up a bunch of pics. I'll go back and edit the posts to add comments about the pics and what I like/hate about each. As always comments are appreciated esp suggestions on how to do things better. There are still a few touch ups I need to do on the feet and back packs.

All I did this weekend was:
* stripping 10 grey knights (no pics) that my bro got for my birthday (in june. It was am early present),
* stripped down the VETERAN AURELIUS (the guy I got it off off from eBay used some heavy duty latex paint that laughs in the face of the nail polish remover that I normally use)
* applied the sand to the bases of half if the terminators that I own (I have ~20 of the new models too)
* applied sand to the bases of my command squad.

I used elmers wood glue and an old brush to glue the sand to the bases. On most of the models I got a thin layer so sand so I applied a second layer to the models. For my first try I think they look decent, but I'm worried that maybe I put too much sand on the bases... I'm going to paint the bases grey-ish to match the new cities of death buildings since I see my marines waging war among the cool new buildings instead of fighting on colored felt.

Zorz Muaddieb
06-03-2007, 04:43
Nice work on the minis Elizas, I don't think however that the pictures do justice to the actual paint job you have done.

Its good to see you enjoying the hobby so much and doing so well in it despite some reported narrow and repeated losses to necrons. ;) Who ever was the jerk who got you into the hobby though deserves a real thumping I bet though. ;)

Keep up the awsome work bro.


06-03-2007, 07:42
Wow LOL! All the limited edition mini's!

Where did you get this man! :D
Nice painting, I do not believe these are your first ;)
Really really great.

Just remember, that a model looks much better when the sand is only on top of the base, so scrape the excess from the sides and the miniature will look much better!

06-03-2007, 15:35
these look excellent. keep up the hard work. i want to see more!

Elizas Guardianangel
07-03-2007, 16:41
@Zorz Muaddieb: Thanks bro. I'm going to keep plugging away w/ my painting and my tactics. Completion and victory will be mine!

@Zodiac: Thanks! About 95% of all my minis came from eBay including the special editions. Since I gotta "collect 'em all" this hobby can get quiet expensive! Being able to truthfully boast that I get all my models at (at least) 30% is a way for me to rationalize to myself that it's OK to spend all that money.

@Angelwing: Thank you. I'll keep em coming, but at this point the updates will be fewer and farther in between. I'm limiting myself to smaller assemble projects that will allow me to be able to play games w/o borrowing or proxying minis.

07-03-2007, 17:02
you rock dude.

i really like the old school feel to the army, but the fresh paint jobs etc make it very nice. I envy you on those special edition minis. always wanted the one with the fluff on the helmet :D

If no-one said it yet, the gun on the veteran is , IMO a master crafted bolter.


07-03-2007, 17:26
I feel shameful showing off my minis looking at these. It appears that your OC nature is helping not only your collection but also your paint jobs. Keep up the awesome work, and I can only hope my extreme highlighting comes out like yours.

07-03-2007, 20:38
The paint jobs are wonderful - just wonderful.


08-03-2007, 07:50
This thread is just getting better and better! ;)

08-03-2007, 10:49
A very good start for it, then. :D


Elizas Guardianangel
08-03-2007, 23:55
@||-MARKO-||: I would agree w/ you, but there are 2 muzzles. It's tough to see them since the pic I took only shows the lateral aspects, but it looks like two regular bolters glued to each other. Anyone else have any opinions?

@Strelok: I'll give you a tip for the extreme highlights. The highlight doesn't have to go on thin. You could use a .5 in wide brush and paint a wide stripe along the edge. The trick is going back w/ the main color of the armor and tightening up the line. Hope this helps.

@RAM_mit: Thanks! Just to warn you: There will be more assembling than painting for a while.

@Voronwe[MQ]: Thanks :)

After looking at the basing job of my terminators I've come to a decision. My first attempt at basking them was a failure. The sand came out too thick and the terminators look like they are sinking in. :( I can believe that they are heavy, and can possible leave footprints behind while stomping along, but the basing job I did doesn't sell this idea. I'm going to scrape the sand off and re-base and make the sand layer thinner, but I may leave some shallow footprints behind!

Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:27

I redid some bases. I'll refer to these bases as the single layer (of sand). I painted a generous amount of un-diludted Elmer's wood glue onto the base and dragged the base through sand.

Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:29
Here is a side by side comparison of the single layer and double layer:


The plastic marine is the single layer and the metal marine is the double layer.

Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:33
And here is the lateral view:


There is a slight difference in height. It doesn't seem to be that big of a deal. I'm going to prime and paint the base of one single layer and double layer and see if there is truly any difference.

Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:36
Some old metal assault marines:


Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:38
Close up of the assault marine's base:

Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 01:48
Old school Vindicator

With the dozer blade

Without the dozer blade

I got the Vindi secondhand off Ebay. Sadly it didn't come with the original dozer blade (http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=List_Models&code=304532&orignav=300866&ParentID=1491&GameNav=10). Also, the armor plates weren't perfectly lined up and teh side armor plates didn't match the GW pic so I pried them off and attached reattached them with blue-tac for the pictures. I'm planning on using rare earth magnets to attach the blade to the Vindi so I can have the option of taking it off. Also, Since its a rhino dozer blade it sticks out more since the bars connecting the blade to the Vindi are thicker. I make shave down the bars a bit so I bring the blade closer to the Vindi.

11-04-2007, 18:41
Sorry. I couldn't resist making the attachment :D

Good work on the stuff, It's good that your keeping the old school theme running with the vindicator, old termies and assualt marines.

Keep it up.


Elizas Guardianangel
11-04-2007, 21:56
@Marko: I like most of the old school models. Some of the metal models have a good amount of detail on them. I'll admit, I have some new terminators, but I'm practicing on my older versions first.

Also, some of the older versions are better than the newer versions IMO. I don't like the new Vinidcator that has the cannon off to the side. I can see the recoil causing the tank to pivot. Then there is the new Venerable dreadnaught... I hate that thing with a passion! That giant helmet is out of place! It's not proportional to the amount of space that the encased marines body would take up. MAybe if they enlongated the dreads body it would look less awkward. Then there is that powerfist with TWO THUMBS?!? But I digress.

Now that I have most of my army based, I can start the priming/painting process!

Zorz Muaddieb
11-04-2007, 23:20
I love the old school vindi bro. I can't wait to blow it up and all your smurfs with it. ;)

Grats again on the engagement! I expect a 40k, WHFB, Warcraft, or DND themed wedding!

I like exclamation points! (and boobies)

Looking forward to the next game soon bro.


Elizas Guardianangel
12-04-2007, 00:09
Sorry, the only theme will be the princess theme, but for your personal amusement you can picture one of us as a female ogre maneater and the other as a gnoblar. Which reminds me! I should start working a little bit on my Ogre Kingdom army.

As for blowing the vindi up, you had probs last time w/ 3 wraiths clawing at the hull for at least 2 rounds w/ no luck. Next time I'm going to actually protect it, and we'll see what happens. :evilgrin:

Zorz Muaddieb
12-04-2007, 00:20
Next time if the necrons can't do it, I will find a bloodthirster to do the job and if that doesn't work I will use my the wine bottle!


12-04-2007, 01:10
How are the maccrage models. I was considering buying a box of those marines so that I can practice painting on the crappier models.

Zorz Muaddieb
12-04-2007, 02:49
I like the maccrage models as Elizas has painted them for his Ultra Smurfs and compared to GW's older even more static marines they are amazing. We have another friend who did a great job with them for his Blood Angels. All in all, I like the models and most in our group I pretty happy with them. There are other kits which are more detailed, but the macc ones are worth their money.


12-04-2007, 03:11
I don't mean to hijack this topic, but is the Macragge paint set good to start off with?

Elizas Guardianangel
12-04-2007, 23:21
@ziljin: NP, Zorz already hijacked it. It'll be noce to talk about models and paint again. :D I forget which paints are in the macragge paint set. I don't have either of the 2 paint sets that I started out with me right now. I'm pretty sure one of them was a macragge (http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.us?do=Individual&code=99170199005&orignav=9) one, but I also bought additional paint set that came w/ 5 marines and slightly different paints.

If the paint set has the exact colors you need to paint your marines, then get it. I poured over a few different ultramarine paint schemes before I bought any paint. If the paint set has the majority of the colors you need, then pick it up. Keep in mind that the paint that comes with it is a smaller amount than the normal paint pots. I can't give you the exact difference in the amount, but one paint set (and some additional pots of different colors not included in the paint set )has lasted me through 2 tactical squads, and then some. Plus you get some marine models to practice on!