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Runt Nosher
22-07-2005, 20:48
I am recieving my army in the mail in the next couple days and with Druchii.net down there isn't much help for a Dark Elf newbie like myself. I wanted a well rounded army, capable of dishing things out in every round from movement to combat.

High Sorceress - Lvl 4, Seal of Ghrond, Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll, Darksteed - 333
Sorceress - Lvl 2, Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll - 175

16 Rxb - Shields, S/M - 207
12 Rxb - Shields - 144
5 Dark Riders - Rxb, M - 127
5 Dark Riders - Rxb, M - 127

2 CoC - Spears - 194
6 CoK - FC - 219
7 Shades - 94
12 Executioners - DM - 144

2 RBTís - 200
16 Black Guard - FC - 291

I figure I'd deploy in a large Hammer/Anvil setup. All the shooting and 'hold up units' guard the RBT's on one flank and shoot the crap out of the enemy while on the other flank all my H-t-H units charge up the side in an attempt to break thru the opposition and roll up their battle line. With the help of my Sorceress I should be able to soften up the enemy enough to engage and win combats with combined charges. I'm just not sure about the Executioners... they are a little out of place.

23-07-2005, 08:02
Newbie, you should listen to what the Marshal say (or just ignore it compleately...:D)

Two good characters selected. But I would put a BSB in as well. You'll have LD 9 on your general, and it could be nice to have a backup in the BSB, and you'll be outnumberd most defenately and you would want the staying power.

Core: Looks good.

Special: Same here, looks good. But in order to incorporate the BSB I would probably drop two Executioners and a Shade.

Rare: Looks good as well. But to continiue the BSB thing, drop six (YES 6!!!) Black Guard and the Banner, you could keep the Musician (the only ugly model). For me it usually both holds and break with 10 BG w. Champ.

For the points, 146pts (IIRC) you would be able to get a BSB with Blood Armour, SDC and Sword of Spite (70+25+20+6+25=146).

Another thin to do, but then it would look very much like my list (;)), is to throw out the COK's and add another unit of 10 Executioners w. Champ and a Noble with Heavy Armour, SDC, Halberd and Wand of Kharadarion (renamed DoaS; Doombolt on a Stick).

Good Luck!

Runt Nosher
23-07-2005, 19:00
I was actually contemplating dropping the CoK for more Elite Infantry... 219 points could get me quite a few more Executioners, or a unit of Witch Elves... I was planning on keeping the Black Guard at least at 16. They are going to be used like an Unbreakable unit basically, taking on and holding the toughest units my enemy has for multiple rounds of combat. I find they do the job of speed bump much better this way, IMO these guys are way hard compared to all other Dark Elf Infantry.... not only that but I just love the models... another reason more Executioners are definitely a good idea over the CoK.

23-07-2005, 20:00
<3 Zeb

I completely agree with him, my thoughts exactly as I read the post.
Make the executioners and guard 10 each, maybe with champ, but that's your choice.
I myself like spearelves but this is your personal choice ( the repeater Xbows will be fine, maybe a bigger unit).

The Doombolt on a stick would be nice, but i dislike having 4 characters, especially since your high sorceress is pretty pricey already and you don't have a lot of RnF.

Anyway, my 2 cents