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26-02-2007, 21:56
Hey folks, after I got done making my last wraithlord conversion, I instantly wanted to make another one based off of a drawing of a Striking Scorpion I saw. The pose was very dynamic and dramatic looking. The drawing I am referring to is actually accompanying the Striking Scorpion entry in the new codex. Alas, I can't find this image on the internet and I don't have a scanner to show you (also I think it's against the rules to post it since it's copywritten). Anyhow, the pose was a crouching one, pistol in right hand and sword in left. So I figured I'd give it a go. I hope you like it. The pics are thumbnailed in order, so just follow along :D

First thing I did was cut both legs into 3 segments; Thigh, kneecap and calf.

After that, I put the thigh and calf together in as much of a crouch as the legs would let me and pinned them with a bent pin to allow for a more severe bend.

After that, I flattened the back of the kneecap and the fropnt of the thigh and pinned the two together. Rinse, repeat for the left leg.

Next, I moved on to the gun arm. This was very similar to the last 'Lord I did, the main difference being I didn't have to cut the shoulderpad this time because of the way I bent the arm. First, I cut the arm in half and pinned the two pieces in a more angled bend.

That being done, I went ahead and assembled the lower torso to a crouch, this wasn't as low of a crouch as I wanted, but I did what I could with the rather stiff legs.

On the waist pice on the wraithlord, there is a plastic pin that protrudes up to fit inside the upper chest area of the wraithlord to give it some more stability. I had to cut this off so that the chest could point upward, so the 'Lord would'nt be looking at his feet.

The left hand and sword I don't have pics of because I made it as I was making my last Wraithlord, but it's just a simple cut and swap and pin of the pommel and blade. Next I added the arms and GS'd the legs. I am still very green to GS (pardon the pun), so its very gloopy and I will sand it down once it hardens. (Also, any tips on how to sculpt GS would be appreciated, I always seem to take off way more than I want when I sculpt it).

26-02-2007, 22:01
Next step was the head. As is, the head would be looking too far down at the ground. What I did was pinned the back of the head panel and used it as a stilt of sorts to hold it at an angle, then I put another pin on top of it that actually pinned it in place. I do not have pics of this because my camera cannot focus on it, even in macro mode. Anywho, here is pics with head on.

This is a side pic of the stance, the GS is very globbed on in this pic, but I have since sanded it down and it looks fairly good. I also sculped ribbing onto the bottom of the Kneecap to look like a joint of sorts.

Here is the primed version of my Wraithlord, ready to paint. As you can see, I have sanded the GS and scupted it some more. it's not ideal, but I think it still will be very nice when i get it painted. I'll post updates as I paint him. C&C is always very helpful. Cheers!

26-02-2007, 22:08
One idea for you that you might want to incorporate into this.

I saw this on eBay and thought the idea of placing the shuriken catapults either side of the head was a good one.


27-02-2007, 11:55
That mandiblaster idea is pretty sweet. I think I may have to rummage around my bits box...

27-02-2007, 13:51
The 3 first posts is merging a merging together of my WiP wraithlord, though i'm sculpting him a helmet instead of freehanding one.

The reposing is brilliant. I was really looking for a nice guide for reposing wraithlord limbs, and here it was.

27-02-2007, 13:51
Nice idea! I think that i have seen that picture that you've modelled wraithlord after and it looks very much like the picture