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28-02-2007, 05:18
I'm working on my Dark Eldar background for a 40K campaign, and would like to know what class would a flagship be (plus a few others).

By comparrison using other famous airships...

Millenium Falcon = DE BFG ?
Star Destroyer = DE BFG ?
Slave I = DE BFG ?
X Wing = DE BFG ?


28-02-2007, 06:57
The Dark Eldar in BFG has only two classes:

Dark Eldar Torture Class Cruiser
Dark Eldar Corsair Class Escort

That's it.
Both classes can be customized regarding weapon output.
Check this:


DE start on page 5.

Zhai Morenn
28-02-2007, 07:33
Almost always will the Flagship of a DE fleet be a Torture class cruiser and typically the carrier variant is favored for fleet commanders since it does not always need to be close to enemy gunships to be useful in battle.

In general it is difficult to compare BFG terms to Star Wars terms-
The "Starfighters" which the Dark Eldar field come only in the form of AC launched by their various ships. The smaller corsairs are generally (I'm estimating based on what commonly accepted dimentions for BFG Escorts are) 800 to 1500 meters in length, cruisers anywhere from 3 to 5 kilometers depending on how one chooses to interpret the size of cruiser type ships in BFG.

But if you want a direct comparison here goes:
Torture class cruiser= flagship & equatable in importance to a SD from SW
Corsair class raider= smaller DE starship, fast and like all eldar vessels blindingly agile for it's size.

The next ships have no interstellar capability without access to a webway gate/portal.
Raptor Fighters= fighter, equatable to X-wings from SW (only faster, and piloted by better and admittidly more insane pilots)
Slave Bringer Assault Boats= small craft carrying a raiding party= could equate to Slave 1

If you're looking for background for a 40k campaign and want advice on what kind of craft the DE would field try describing it to us in plain terms like "What would they use for a troop ship? What would they use as a Missile craft?" and so forth- We all know the ships of Star Wars but the purpose behind the analogy is hazy. The Millenium Falcon is basically a smuggler ship. But it was capable of using missiles, could shoot down fighters and likely be loaded with a large number of troops if the need arose- so what would you be seeking? A sturdier transport? A fast sneaky smuggler esque ship?

28-02-2007, 15:52
Okay, thanx for the input so far. Specifically, our campaign takes place (timeframe) following the activities on Medusa 5. If you've had the chance to read any of the narratives you'll recall Operation: Throneblooding. If not than a quick recap...

Essentially there was two Dark Eldar factions - the Red Tide which supported No' Akei and the Dark Court which opposed her. In a final attempt to thwart the Scorned Lover, an offensive (Throneblooding) was launched against her forces in the Webway en route to Commorragh.

I'm breaking off from my Medusa 5 campaign roster - Fluff: my Red Tide forces damaged and separated during the Throneblooding.

The Flagship was destroyed, including with it my Archon. Second in command would be the Archon's son - the Dracon now attempting to rebuild the Kabal with the few units that remain. His Flagship and its few Escorts have been unable to return to the Dark City, and now must travel to an alternate location.

So for background reasons just trying to determine what type of ship (star destroyer ?) a DE Lord would travel aboard, and what type of ship/s ( millenium falcon ? ) would escort it - both must be able to travel freely through deep space (Webway or not).

Also, if the surrounding areas of a landing site needed to be cleared which ship/s ( slave I -or- x wing ? ) would best be suited for the job?

28-02-2007, 15:57
If you want a size comparrison then theres one on a different thread. As an example a star destroyer is the same size as an Imperial Cobra...


Zhai Morenn
28-02-2007, 16:57
Assuming your flagship is bigger than it's escorting ships, you are looking at a Torture class cruiser

Corsairs would be the deep space ships which can escort a flagship (actually in BFG you MUST field 3 before a cruiser becomes available).

In game terms, if you desired the destruction of a planet based defense system or ground forces the most effective craft to deploy would be Razorwings (think B-wing Bombers), Slavebringer Assault boats (Think Slave 1 loaded with psychotic blood crazed space elves), or Impaler modules which are essentially a huge version of a slave bringer A-boat. The Slavebringers and Razorwings require a Torture cruiser with launchbays to be fielded and the Impaler modules typically are deployed from Corsair escorts (its more effecient that way). For reference, you should know that the "small" eldar ships are the size of star destroyers and the larger ones could tangle with multiple such ships at a time. (Also the DE Corsairs can match the speed of bombers and travel 2/3 the speed of most starfighter attack craft- which isn't a problem since fighters can't hurt them) Fluff-wise, the smaller Corsairs are capable of actually landing and taking off from the planet's surface.

As for ship weapons, any Dark Eldar starship could bombard a target on the surface of a planet from low orbit, the most effective starships for the task however would be any of their ships, be they corsair escorts or torture cruisers, but they should be armed in addition to their normal weapons batteries, with either Phantom Lances (excellent because they ignore armor which essentially means they can bust a hardened bunker in one hit), Launch Bays on the Torture for purpose of launching Bombers and Slavebringers, or Impaler modules on the escorts. Because the special rules for fighting in low orbit prevent starships from using anti-ship torpedos (unless carrying a special load of Barrage Bomb missiles) so typically torpedo tubes are out.