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02-03-2007, 08:44
I have absolutely crushed my roommate in every match since our initial 1 on 1 cruiser clash(mars vs devastation which he won!). He has played orks the past two times and the first time was a shut out, no damage to any of my ships, and the second time I took damage but no crippled ships.

All the constant defeat is making him depressed and I don't want to let him win since that would be patronizing. What are some tactics that he can use? Here are all his ships:

3 savages
9 onslaughts
3 terror ships
1 deathdeala
2-3 kill kroozers


1 Retribution
1 Mars
1 Tyrant
2 Gothics
3 Swords


1 Despoiler
1 Devastation
1 Carnage
1 Acheron
1 Slaughter

Last game he had ord. superiority(obviously!) but he had to waste some of his ships to wipe out my 4 bombers and some torp. markers and then I managed to shoot at all of his waves and score hits to destroy them so they did no damage! Then he spent the rest of the game failing to reload or do anything useful with the terrorships/deathdeala.

He deployed strong on the left, and then spread out from center to right such that his deathdeala, 1 kill, 1 terror, 3 onslaughts, and 3 savages were engaged against my mars, tyrant, and 1 gothic. The Retribution and Gothic took on 1 kill kroozer, 1 terrorship, and 6 onslaughts.

By the end of the game all of his ships were dead, the retribution and gothic were unscathed thanks to an asteroid belt inflicting 4 damage on his terrorship and a nova cannon and a combined torp salvo that killed all but 1 of his escorts. On the otherside of the board his death deala and such were killed thanks to some nova cannon shots, and then some good torp salvos and locked on rolling. He also crippled his own kill kroozer with a torp salvo from the his terrorship!

The final bit of battle was all the rest of my ships vs a crippled terror, deathdeala, and kill kroozer which were mopped up in very short order by close range broadsides.

Do you think as orks he should deploy maybe in a stronger position, ie no spreading out? Would they fair better in a scenario? We've just been playing cruiser clashes on a 4x4 board with 3 asteroid belts across the middle that create like 5 lanes to choose from.

Radical Inquisitor
02-03-2007, 15:10
I find that Ord. in Ork fleets is a waste of time because of atrocious LD. I find that the best fleets max out Weapons Batteries and ramming capability - lots and lots of brutes, a couple of WB specialist cruisers and maybe a Rok or 2 for Ord support at a crucial moment. Also Orks have absolutely no staying power so hit hard and fast.

Zhai Morenn
02-03-2007, 21:18
Your friend could just field a Space Hulk. Those things can give Orks much needed firepower. Also if I am not mistaken a few of their battleships are rather notworthy as well, though I am unsure as to which since I dont play as orks

15-03-2007, 19:34
He's got too many terror ships and kill kroozas. I'd drop the terror ships down to 1 and go with the 2 kill kroozas. Deathdela is a sweet ship. I'd use the points to get a few ravagers, and lots of ram ships.

Boss Floata
19-03-2007, 21:23
find the clan rools and have a goff fleet

give the warlord ships mega armoured bording parties.

these equates to a modifier on the dice roll of 1+(ork)+1(goff)+1(mega armoured bording parties(+2)warlord(+1(usually))higher boarding value - usually a given as ork kroozers are 10 and imperials are 8

this gives you 6 points of damage on average caused in a bording action. remeber that modifiers are cumulative. 2 ork ships = +2. so gang up ona battleship with 2 warlord kroozers and it;s pretty much dead.

always AAF when suitable. if you think that AAF will bring you into BTB with an enemy ship then do it. you can them Ram and then board. this = dead cruiser.

20-03-2007, 10:14
I'm pretty sure the clan rools are unnofficial.

Could always check firebase 1 for my tactica.