View Full Version : Splagbots Bretonnians redone!

02-03-2007, 23:30
It's time, I have promising myself for a long time that I would do this and have kept putting it off, I'm finally redoing my Bretonnians for the campaign, why I hear you ask (oh come on, at least one person ask), my old Bretonnian army is crap and it would be an act of pure evil to inflict it on any games table, I'd also feel bad if I beat anyone with it, I might show it to you if you ply me with compliments about my new one.

I've started off with the battalion boxed set as apart from the Pegasus knights, it's all stuff I'll use immediately and I'll add the flying horsies later, I do need more knights for a max sized regiment though, I digress however.

I have done this project log so as I have to paint them as I have now commited myself, I'll look pretty silly if it comes to the start of the campaign and I still haven't got my army ready.

I shall post (poor quality) pics over the coming months of my army, I shall do no army list as I add to my armies based on what I identify I need in battles, to finish I plead with you all to keep me motivated and mock me profusely if come campaign time I have no models painted.