View Full Version : Orcs and Goblins 2250, Any Tips or Suggestions Appreciated

02-03-2007, 22:55
Black Orc Warboss w/ Heavy Armor, Shield, Battle Axe of the Last Waaagh

Savage Orc Bigboss BSB w/ Nogg's Banner of Butchery
Savage Orc Shaman Lvl. 2 w/ DS, Waaagh! Paint, Martog's Best Basha
Orc Shaman Lvl. 2 w/ DS, Nibbla's Itty Ring

3x5 Goblin Spider Riders w/ Musician
22 Savage Big'uns w/ Shields, Spears, Full Command (Joined by the 2 Savage Heros)
23 Orc Big'uns w/ Choppa, Sheild, Full Command, Mork's Spirit Totem (Joined by the Warboss)

19 Black Orcs w/ Shield, Full Command, War Banner (Joined by Orc Shaman)
7 Squid Hoppers
3 Spear Chukkas w/ Bully

2 Doom Divers

All in all, adds up to 2249 pts.

Any advice/(constructive) criticism/comments are welcome, and much appreciated.

warlord hack'a
03-03-2007, 21:47
you could use some cannon fodder in the form of (night) gobbo's, give them fanatics and they can give good protection versus enemy cavalry as well..
I do not know if the orc big uns are worth the big un upgrade, i play with two times svg orcs, one normal and one big un and both have spears and they work fine for me.

But all in all a nice list though a bit on the elite side, meaning that losing infantry to enemy fire and magic will cost you a lot of points, which it should not as you are a horde army.. Also I miss my favorite: chariots!

03-03-2007, 21:53

Yeah! Black Orc Warboss!
Powerful and good lord.
he quells squabballing

Night goblins. Cheap! Good!
put in some fanatics, bro!
they are always fun.

i hope these are helpful