View Full Version : Talon Press Conference

03-03-2007, 18:20
++++Breaking News++++

“We go live to head coach th0r, head coach of Talons of Ulthuan who is holding a press conference by Ulthuan United”

“After our last game against the playmates there have been a lot of questions and speculation over the state of the team. I hope to answer some questions as well as show the direction that the Talons are taking.

First the rumors about our team captain Alissia. At 05:45 last night Alissia was arrested by police for being in possession and under the influence of High Magic. At 08:15 he was released on bail. Under the leagues substance abuse program for first time offenders Alissia will be suspended two weeks and will give up 23,000 dollars. Our organization is working very closely with Alissia and the league and we hope that this was a one time mistake. Alissia apologizes to the Talonation and hopes the fans will welcome him back when and if he comes back.

Now to move into a more positive direction, we have a new sponsor, Painasonic. Leading the old world in new technologies and ground breaking weapons, Painasonic hopes to expand into the WBBL market.


We will now be playing with new jerseys, which will be available in the web way store.