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03-03-2007, 21:43
Anyone know any really good background sources for imperial fluff bar the codexes etc? I'm getting more interested in 40k than previously and wanting more stuff to read but I've ran out.

Any help appreciated.

03-03-2007, 22:16
There is a positive mountain of material around.

Check out the White Dwarf back issues for Index Astartes and Index Xenos articles, which are particularly good.

Please take a run at the 40K novels and art books, as they are fantastic. From the likes of the Space Wolf and Last Chancers novels to the short-story collections, you will find lots of great stuff. It may not all be the same as codex fluff, but it really fleshes out a lot of things, like why Kage has that invulnerable save, and why Ragnar is a little more tempestuous than his fellow Wolf Lords. My personal favourite is the short story titled 'Deathwing' on the origin of the Deathwing.

If there's a specific area you want to look into, pop it on a reply and perhaps we could offer some specific sources for you to try


03-03-2007, 22:19
Every single GW publication since the release of Rogue Trader barring fantasy-specific ones.

El Presedente
03-03-2007, 22:58
I recommend the Ciaphas Cain novels, to see the 40K universe from a less heroic perspective.

04-03-2007, 02:05
Try out the Horus Heresy books. Horus Rising, Flase Gods, Galaxy in Flames and the Flight of the Eisenstein. The last one is just out. All give great info on how the imperium was before and during the Horus Heresy.

13-03-2007, 15:19
Yeah, well, I am guessing that you want general information about the Imperium and therefore I would recommend simply checking Wikipedia for it.

And now coming to think of it, another thing that you might find useful is just google the words wh40k fluff bible and see what comes up. The Fluff Bible collection is great for older fluff and background. Of course, a word of warning must be said about the fluff bible. It is very out of date in some respects and therefore very prone to give rise to a dozen new fights over how things were described in the old days.

Then if you want a closer look on the Imperium, I would also like to recommend The Inquisition War by Ian Watson. Also a bit outdated but there has been so little written about the inner workings of the Imperium that also older fluff is good.

Also, I must agree with keatsmeister on the thing that narrowing down your inquiry might provide better results since now we are forced to guess and give generalised answers.