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Gutlord Grom
04-03-2007, 05:32
What's a crazy risk you took in a game that worked out? Something so stupid it would lose you the game if it failed.

Mine was today. I had an Space Marine Assault squad on a zig zag charge at the bulk of an Armoured company. Three Leman Russes could have shot me and al three did. All three did, and they all missed. They even got rerolls of the scatter die because of Ace Gunners. The Assault squad continued on to destroy a good two thirds of the army.

04-03-2007, 05:38
I intentionally left a squad of DA's within the potential charge range of a seriously beefy BT command squad, Emperor's Champ included. Only thing that would have prevented them from getting to my boys was a patch of difficult terrain... and it slowed them down just enough to leave them 1" out of charge range. One Bladestorm later and that beefy command squad was a pile of rags :D

BTW, love the avatar... LFG and it's predecessor, Least I Could Do, are such kickass comics.

Mr Zephy
04-03-2007, 10:50
Well one that neither worked nor failed was parking a devilfish in fron of a lascannon. It lasted two turns firing at it, then got blasted by a plasma gun that has been moved up. The plasma gunner died, though. hah

04-03-2007, 11:02
I had a 15 man mutant squad from my lost and the damned army intercept a banshee unit.

I expected them to simply slow down the banshees for a turn till I could get some guns on them... they wiped out the banshee unit!

04-03-2007, 14:17
I sent my SM commander against 2 platoons of IG, a command squad, and a 20 man conscript plt. Pomptly, the master won. Then I rememberd I had a Land raider and destroyed his tanks:evilgrin:

04-03-2007, 14:24
Using a commissar as a speed bump for a BT marshall and command squad, lets just say the car was totalled trying to get over that speed bump!

04-03-2007, 17:21
Yesterday I played a 400pts Cities of Death game with two m8s of mine. I was using Chaos, and the others had witch and deamonhunters. One of my squads (+ Rhino) was parked just 12" away from a Chimera with and Inquisitor + retinue and a unit of 5 stormtroopers. He gets first turn. With the Chimera + Stormtroopers + Plasma Servitor, my squad is cut down to a single meltagun marine. The Marine then proceeds to blow up the Chimera and kill the Inquisitor + retinue AND the stormtroopers in CC. He was dubbed Duke Nukem! :p

(Unfortunatelly, Duke succombed to a SoB armed with an heavy flamer on turn 6. It seems hot women are his only weakness! :p)

04-03-2007, 17:41
i was playing with my ig against my mates slaneshi chaos army, he had a greater daemon which was absoluotely tearing me to shreds in close combat, what he was'nt expecting was for a chimera rolled up next to him and a squad of ogryns to disembark with a power fist armed commisar in tow.
The bone head promptly kicked the crap out of him in close combat. I will never forget the look of dismay on his face when we were adding up the victory points to find out that the same ogryns were fully ocupying one of his table quaters aswell!

Slaaneshi Slave
04-03-2007, 18:24
Trying to tarpit Margeus Calgar and his honour guard with my Canoness. A turn later she had killed the entire unit, without taking a single wound. I burned through a lot of Faith though.

04-03-2007, 18:31
Tank shocking a unit of assault marines holding an objective on the last turn, the melta bomb failed to pen and then rolled three sixes to fall back and ran off the table 10 inches away... he had no scoring units left but i had a russ on an objective perfectly fine.

04-03-2007, 18:41
Deploying my archon and incubi retinue about 12" away from 1k's worth of BA.

Needless to say I managed ot getthe first turn and they ate about 600pts of BA.

04-03-2007, 19:40
DSing my Grey knight unit right next to a Keeper of Secrets. It really was my last hope of getting rid of the demon before it ripped the rest of my battleline to pieces. Basicaly I assumed the unit would just do nothing, get charged then die horribly to the Keeper and the 2 units of Demonettes he had brought along with him.

I DSed then opened up with my 8 Storm bolters and 2 incinerators. The Keeper of Secrets was torn to shreads then incinerated as virtualy every bolt round hit and wounded. Amazingly I also managed to hold out against the Demonettes for several turns as the rest of my army pulled back and formed a new firebase.


05-03-2007, 01:00
I tank shocked a Carnifex with my Land Raider and killed it.

05-03-2007, 01:41
Only one I can think of is charging 12 Hormaguants into a 5 man squad of terminators. Being initiative 5 meant I went before any of his guys. Bunch of rolling later and more than 5 1's appear for his armour saves. Yey for me.

05-03-2007, 11:17
Charging my half destroyed Necron Warriors squad into close-combat with a Terminator Assault squad and winning.
Not my army but a friends assault marine, just after his squad had been annihilated, charged the beefed-up HQ, who did the killing, and beat him to death with a bolt pistol and chainsword.

Shadowseer Crofty
05-03-2007, 18:01
charging a black storm squad (curse ye for getting rid of that!) against a squad of assault marines. If they'd lost the marines could have moved on to attack my seer council and claim the objective building should they succeed (or at least stay alive to contest the building). it took two turns, but the storm squad somehow won, thank cegorach for enhance. and that witchblade came in handy too.