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Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 14:18
No, don't leave yet. Your about to witness the end of the blog! As usual, my blogs tend to drop down the pages as I keep ending my armies. But of some reason it feels like everything goes smoothly with these guys. What am I talking about? The TAU LOOTING GROTZ OF THE WAAAGH!GROTREBELS ofcourse :D
I will edit with pics and fluff as soon as I finnish one of my markerlight-counters :)

Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 20:02
yes, its me again. And I have, NO COMMENTZ :0
So commen this, suckas (If your not reading my thread, then your kick ass >=) ) You just got hit by my kustom Markerlight counter slash basing test:

Im also going to hit you, my loyal readers, with a WIP on my grotz themself.

04-03-2007, 20:38
interesting.. are you going for an ork army here, or a tau army that happens to be run by grotz?
what mini's did you use for the grotz?

Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 20:45
Count as Tau, their stats suits a grot that have got himself some drive.
Ive used gnoblars with some cut-and-reglued battlesuit bitz for weapons as I have yet to get me some pulserilfes (I´ll mitch and match the pulserifle grotz and the battlesuit-randomstuff grotz when I got more of these fellas)
I finnished the markerlight counter.

Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 20:53
Group Leader

First Trio

Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 20:54
Second Trio

Third Trio

Warwolt the skaven
04-03-2007, 20:55
Group Shoot

These are the unpainted versions of the models. Im going into the town today and getting me a hammerhead, bases and some paint =)

05-03-2007, 16:10
Warwolt = mad man!

How big you making this mad little project, WtS? I dig it as usual, and don't you have some looted crisis suits already painted up??

- Salvage

05-03-2007, 16:49
The leader with the mask is cute :p
I'm allmost sure i saw a battlesuit in your other thread. Why dont you add it to this project?

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 19:10
Because he was hiding, but me and mr.brushy found him. And we spanked him, WITH PAINT! MWAHAHHAHA...>D

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 19:14

We still need some touching up to do, mr.brushy thinks the green, that is a kustom paintjob by the grotz to make it more stompy, needs alot more highlights. I think he's right. The forest will get wood-hugers to haunt me down, becuse I have found out that bark makes WONDERFULL rocks =) Here we got the Gorka battlesuits base inform of a rock getting stomped by this Stompy Gork-icon. The second one is a smaller rock having itself exploding open as Morka jumps down on it. Im trying to pose my battlesuits as if the grotz are bouncing around with them, having them in a jumping or running pose.

05-03-2007, 20:50
Hehe, nice use for the Gnoblars.

I also like your comical style of posting. :)

This will be one to keep an eye on!

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 21:20
Mr.brushy thinks its nicer to read about his and my work when its a bit more interesting written :)
Im going into the big city of stockholm tomorrow and probably picking up a Hammerhead of a guy. Then I just need some more cash to get a few more colors and some bases then im ready to pull of ALOT of those little nose-gnawing fish'ead-wannabees! Im also going to organize a little list alá green-yellow-orange-red-paint-till-yer-dead. Till next update.

Warwolt the madman

05-03-2007, 21:21
I look forward to it. :)

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 21:37
well... hehe. mr.brushy wanted to show us, but im tired and I look really ****ed up. Anyhoo, heres mr.brushy in all his erh.. glory?


05-03-2007, 21:38
Hehe. :p

All pray to the brush! :D

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 22:09

... ALOT, of non-ork greenskin warwolt had in his house. And I just did an quick look in the bit box. As I got 3 times the goblin-sprues from BfSP I should have uhm... 51 archer models o_O
And I don't recall myself having THIS little gnoblars. I, must, have, moore! This is going to be some seriously infantry heavy stuff belive me =)
Gorka (My battlesuit im painting currently) jumped up and down of joy when he saw this guy;
Its my old big-boss mounted on a squigg that led my X-nightgoblin army! No-one bounces around like this guy, no wonders Gorka looks up to him (Well, when hes not inside the the battlesuit) since he was ... well, since he was a spore! This shall be my Etheral character then :D
On saturday its Stockholm Frenzy, which is swedens own little "Games Day" sort of for beginneres. Now, they got a minitournament (Low pts double battles, did one last Frenzy and I had great fun! With my desert goblins acutally, which now is [X] marked and are now soon a part of my Tau Lootaz.) They got speed-painting challenges and convertsion corners. I aim to get to frenzy at this saturday and convert one HELL amount of stuff! I can bring a friend, so I will take my girlfriend over there and enjoy the whole day at Dragons Lair with just me and ... Games Workshops big fat bit box of DOOM. Hopefully I can bring home whatever I convert there. Say, shall I try to find enough parts to make a kustom battlesuit as my big fancy-pancy Commander model aaye :)

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 23:47
1000pts Grot Rebelion Tau-Lootaz


-Kommanda Kan Scarfezta' Orkstompa the Grot 120pts
-Cyclic Ion Blaster
-TWin Linked Burst cannon
-Shield Generator


-3 XV8 Kanz 180

Gorka the Kan 50pts
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma Rifle
-Target Array

Morka the Kan 65pts
-TWin Linked Burst cannon
-Twink Linked Rokkit Pods
-Targert Array

Stompa the Kan 65pts
-Twink Linked Rokkit Pods
-Targert Array


-12 Grotmob 130pts
2 Pulsecarbines, Big Boss (Shas'ui),

-12 Grotmob 130pts
2 Pulsecarbines, Big Boss (Shas'ui),

-12 Grotmob 130pts
2 Pulsecarbines, Big Boss (Shas'ui),


-3 Piranhas 185pts
One Fusionblaster


-HammerHead Gunship 140pts
Railgun, Smart Rokkitz

Total Points: 999
Total Models: 44

Blueah, sat up whole night wroting this >_<
Darn you, 1015pts! Had to sit and figure out what to drop, waaay to long :)

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 23:51
Still on list

Kommanda Kan
Gorka Kan being painted :)
Morka Kan yet to be brush slapped!
Stompa Kan
12 Grotmob
12 Grotmob

12 Grotmob 10 guys down, 2 to go.
3 Piranhas
Hammerhead Gunship

06-03-2007, 11:12
In a word - bizarre...
In another - weird....

Finally... awesome!! Great stuff :D

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 12:48
Deffskullz da Ork Stompaz

The Buzwikk Loota-tribe, settled on the remains of the Imperial world Salamandtrimal VI
Had almost covered the whole blasted surface of the city-planet with their Kamps and Settlements and where ready to move on and catch up with Waaagh!Wurwult that did not care about those who chosed to stay at Salamandtrimal. These Orks remaining, named the planet “Da Stompy Pozt” as it was their outpost more or less as the rest of the Buzwikk tribe headed on and named new worlds as under control of the Loota-klan. At Salamandtrimal, or Da Stompy Pozt, the Orks there spend most of their time “cleaning up” from the war.

Being from the Loota-klan it was in their nature to loot. Every Ork on the planet spent almost their whole waked time searching for lootabe equipment. Even smaller Waaagh!s was gathered to raid the remains of the Imperial Guard that had fought the Orks into last man. Now, years later since the overtaking of the planet a lot of equipment have been harder and harder to find fresh and stealing and looting each other was nowadays a everyday problem for anyone with more and rarer equipment than anyone else.

The Grot servant of every bigger Ork was often sent away to get “Gubbinz” for their master and trough this behaviour there is now dozens of Grots under the serving of a boss that have mastered the art of stealing as far as their primitive and childish brains could push it. But the live for these poor critters was extremely harsh as they had to work hard for their masters, either putting their life at risk in the neighbourhood Kamps sneaking around and taking as much as they can carry, in the Workshops helping the Meks making kustom jobs on the looted equipment or in the Boar Kitchen making stewes, Mushroom soups or brew firewater for their Ork masters.

Many lives were taken when they worked into their graves. The Orks could care less, and the surviving Grots were more or less happy with their situation. If they worked hard they would be less kicked, and as there had been very little war (in larger scale, there is always war between the Kamps even tough the Orks just see this as another everyday event.) lately they where almost completely removed from the using as shields.

If you’re not leading a Waaagh! Where the mere presence of all Orks proves you’re the stompiest and mean Ork around, using a Gretchin as a shield is a sign of weakness and these Orks are often called “Pancies”. Trough this the Grots started to live longer, atleast some did now when they weren’t shot at whenever a Ork felt to go have a war with any other race than a green on nearby.

This, however, did not last long as a Tau Firewariors sept had arrived at Salamandtrimal to remove any hostile lifeforms and colonize it in the name of the Greater Good. The Orks responded immediately and swiftly, their sheer number overwhelmed the Firewariors and every Ork eager to fight something else than other Orks fought strongly and fiercely and totally obliterated the septs Hunter Cadres as every single Kamp on Da Stompy Pozt united.

The alliance did not last longer than a week however; as the war was over in a grot-fart the Orks had gone back to stealing and looting. Now they had fresh Tau weaponry to use, and new possibilities opened up for the Big Meks.

During this short period of war it had died more grots than during the past six years, and one Grot decided not to let this happen ever again. His name was Scarfezta’ and he alone stood up against his Ork master trough a miracle, and a dangerous fungus-drug called Hex-blob it has been rumoured. He lead a horde of grots, outnumbering the Orks in the kamp almost a hundred versus one, all equipped with ethier sharp stuff found in their homes or stolen ork shootas. But what had given Scarfezta’ his victory was how he and a few other had figured out how to drive the Tau Battlesuits that had been “kustomized” for greenskins by the mek. Trough this mistake Big Mek Znubwik Gargantbook had lost his Kamp to these lowlives.

After a few months the Grotz had managed to occupy enough kamps to arm their army with a horrifying number of looted weaponry. To scarfeza’s surprise and joy he had found a just reacently finished Ork Krooza spaceship buildt as combination of a gargant and a destroyed Tau Manta. In a matter of days after the discovery Scarfezta’ leaved Da Stompy Post to find a place to make his base.
made some fluff, will fix it when I come home but right now my english lesson is over and I must hurry to math. then im going into the big city and buying tickets to Stockholm Frenzy aaaand, A HAMMERHEAD :D

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 20:20

I got the hammerhead, and I got it done too. Now all I have to do is paint it =)

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 20:25

A couple of close-ups. Ive added ALOT of holes, as I think something as old as this should have some bullet-holes. So I took a electric dremmel and attacked it alot. On one Engine however I didn't watch out and made a hole that looked REALLY wierd, so I fixed it with some plasticard. Ive also added two armored plates ontop of each Engine to make it a little more Orky. Under it ive got another big hole that is the "killing blow!" visible when its killed. Under this honey ive got 3 warbike-trakks, and the reason it still count as flying is because those grotz thinks it really goes THAT fast!

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 20:31

The turret. Dang, those gnoblars fit down so incredible well!

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 20:32

Well, here it is in all its glory. The warwolt-styled Looted Hammerhead! Now... wheres mr.brushy :)

06-03-2007, 20:40
Dear Lord.:eek:

Must resist...........the pull of...............40K Snotling army.......must resist......

This is shaping up to be one of the coolest I've seen in quite a while.:D

Warwolt the skaven
06-03-2007, 20:45
And besides, Mr.Brushy have yet to feast on that plastics misserable souls to create some pure madness. I really hope I can get this to 2250pts, cuz then I can go and game at a GT in sweden when they come (If everything keeps happening as it does now, well have a GT in no time. We already have our own version of both Golden Daemon and Games Day. Fang paintingcompetition and Stockholm Frenzy. Both are getting bigger and a manager on GW told me we might get some REALLY juicy stuff in sweden. So I better get this stuff gonig :D)

06-03-2007, 21:27
TRACKS! That was the money shot for me, seeing the nice orky worky-drivey bitz on the bottom. I also like the slanted mount of the gun, and am curious how the wrapping on the barrel will turn out. Masking tape?

- Salvage

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 14:47

OH MY GAUWD, The result of this is a shock to even me... CRAP. Black ink and mr.brushy LOVES eachother! MWAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHH! I also added some more gnoblars, including one in each drone happily shooting those Rokkitz ^^

07-03-2007, 16:50
The turret. Dang, those gnoblars fit down so incredible well!

Haha, is that a gnoblar on the shoulders of another gnoblar? Best idea EVAR!

Cool army :)

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 19:43

Some more work, im in no way happy with how the red turned out... and I have no idea of how to fix it. Might look better after I highlight it tough, Mr.brushy said... I guess I could town done the red by adding alot of oil and metall-scratches to it. I might have it as the "old" paint by the original owners, the Orks. And when the gnoblars stole it the put a blue paintjob over it ^^

07-03-2007, 19:48

I'm still in shock that you did that to a brand new model rather than getting a piece of crap off of eBay or someone else.


However, regardless, it's looking rather cool.:D

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 20:12

SMACK, and I just did a little more work on it... I must say Im starting to like how this is turning out. I´ll add alot of highlighting and some more freehand to this before its in anyway done, but thus far the hull looks pretty damn awesome.

Starlight: Erh... I don't think I got you. I did get a crap model of "eBay" (Actually from a guy on a swedish Rougetrader forum, but its still secondhand) that I fixed and messed up ;)

07-03-2007, 20:14

It sounded like you bought a new Hammerhead and Looted it.:eek:

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 21:05

So, Mr.brushy finally thinks it looks okay. And I must say, with some highlights on THIS it will look ace! It must, or else Im going to be sad o_O

07-03-2007, 21:19
It'll be ace.....

Don't be sad....

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 22:31

A short uppdate before I go to bed. I might hopefully finnish this tomorrow or on friday. I MUST finnish it to the Stockholm Frenzy "megabattle" on saturday tough, I so seriously want to see that jawdrop as I smash down this thing on the table ;)

08-03-2007, 08:43
Its starting to really come tofether, love to see some pirahnas converted into trikes!

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 08:53

Oh my gauwd... don't expect more stuff like this. Etheir im ALOT better than I was ... three months ago (last actually done thing I got. Hint: the Gobbo on a squig) holy crap this is turning out nice. Mr.brushy almost broke in half of exitement when I saw what we had accomplished... I must use this scheme for my Battlesuits too!

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 15:32

Update... Ive heard some comments of it looking like wood. I´d like to know from you warseers how it is =)

08-03-2007, 15:40
It does slightly give a laminated look, but thats not a bad thing, I like the look!

08-03-2007, 15:51
I don't know about *wood*, but to me it *does* look like they've been running through the underbrush at full speed.:eek: A few more chips and dents on the leading edges.......:D

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 17:18
Jasevx: Well, thats sort-of how the technique itself look. But its inspired from the "drippings" in my schools toilet (No, I don't tend to go and pee after that experience at school again. Then, I live close to school and can pee home on the lunch brake :) )

Starlight: Yeah, I too was a bit suprised to hear it to be called wood-tank. I might add a few more lines before re-messing this (Smart-mess, im starting to learn how to do this!

08-03-2007, 17:58
This has got to be the weirdest army I've seen in a long time... :eek:
But having said that it works really well. :)
Nice job on the vehicle weathering mate, very orky and I look forward to seeing this project develop. It's kind of like Gremlins got their hands on an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. I like it.
I'm waiting to see what you come up with for the Piranhas. :)

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 19:24
Presence of Doghouse in thread, this means lucky me! And what could not summon more luck on the battlefield and war(-seer) in general than a bluepainted turret?

Doghouse: Oooooooh, Honoured this mad swed is. Having DOGHOUSE in his thread!

08-03-2007, 19:36
This armys looking really cool. Im loving the knoblars and that looted vehicle looks great.

Well done so far.

Warwolt the skaven
09-03-2007, 23:00

And there its done, as to the Grotz. And a few minor details (Like the lence)

Warwolt the skaven
09-03-2007, 23:04

Ive added some dirt to the turret, and also 4 RED-buttons of doom. So now we have the grotz being able to:
Go forward
Go backward

If you want to go left or right, ethier grot on a the side-engine placed in the direction you want to go at simply; Jumps. Thats right! These mad mens have NO clue whatsoever how to turn propertly so they "stomp" this monstrosity in the right direction! MWAHAHAH!

13-03-2007, 04:51
lol probably the best army blog i've ever read so far


13-03-2007, 05:15
This idea is definitely cracked, only thing I would do if I were the one doing the painting, would be to make the tape around the gun silver... duct tape fixes everything :)[dice0]

Warwolt the skaven
18-03-2007, 14:39

Erhem, pics on the army after some paint slapping :)
I need a few more bitz till I can finnish my 500pts army. This will go slow as hell, as im making an orc army too in fantasy.

Warwolt the skaven
18-03-2007, 14:42

and some more pics :D

18-03-2007, 14:53
It would have been good to cut out the front panel on the battlesuits, to see the grots flying them!

Warwolt the skaven
18-03-2007, 15:24
Might do that one the second one, Haven't painted him yet (Don't wanna open up Gorka, but I´ll open up the Morka Kan) :)

18-03-2007, 20:02
Loving your army, and you mentined using bark for rocks. From what kind of tree? Pine? Gran? (forgot the english name for it)

Warwolt the skaven
18-03-2007, 20:45
Det skulle vara granar då, eller vilket jävla träd som helst. Du bor i dalarna så du borde inte ha problem ^^

I use spruce bark. I also use, knifes.

19-03-2007, 07:20
Ok, Thanks.

22-03-2007, 21:36
ha ha!!! nice one!!!

22-03-2007, 22:16
I love the grots comming out of the Crisis. Great Job man. And those tanks are really dirty! LOVE IT!

22-03-2007, 22:43
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
So cool, I love looted armies and yours kick a$$! Keep it up

23-03-2007, 00:28
Absolutely barking mad! I love them.

23-03-2007, 19:58
ha, more pictures!!!

23-03-2007, 22:44
Great work! the devilfish looks like they pulled it out of a swamp! but do your suits actually stand falling over like that?

very unique stuff! keep it up!

26-07-2008, 21:48
the hammerhead needs a button to duckroll