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04-03-2007, 17:16
Hey guys you know what to do:

Arch Mage: L4, Seer, Dispel Scroll, Jewel of Dusk, Ring of Corin, Pure of Heart: 355pts
Mage: L2, Ring of Fury, Dispel Scroll: 180pts
Commander: Barded Steed, Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Helm of Fortune: 122pts

20 Spearmen: Champion, Standard, Musician: 250pts
20 Spearmen: Champion, Standard, Musician: 250pts
6 Silver Helms: Champion, Standard, Musician, Ellyrion Banner: 188pts
6 Silver Helms: Champion, Musician: 159pts

5 Shadow Warriors: 75pts
2 Chariots: 170pts
6 Dragon Princes: Drake Master, Standard, musician, Banner of Sorcery: 251pts


04-03-2007, 18:54
ok first the charcters aren't bad, i personally prefer to give my arch that same set up except ring of fury inseatd of corin and i would give your lvl 2 mage seer and scroll. then he can choose his spells which IMO is a invaluble aspect of the HE mages. the commander i would drop the lance and give him sword of might.
the spears i would drop the champs, as i say countless times 1 s3 attack will not win the game for you, unless you put your charcters in their they are pointless(but on the other hand if your mages are in the spears during CC their is something wrong......). in the SH drop the muscians, yet again pointless for an offensive unit, unless they are fast calvary IMO calvary shouldnt have muscians most of the time. i dont like champs in units unless they serve a point i would drop them but its personal preference. also i prefere my SH in unit of 5 not 6 but yet again personal preference
the chariots are fine, DP drop the muscian in this case i like a champ give him blessed tome that gives u a ld. 10 running around very effective. shadow warriors, actually skrimishers in general arent as good in 7th i would change them for ellyrian reavers with a muscian, much more effective IMO (i personally field 2)
with the extra points pick up 2 eagles they are a MUST in any HE army no matter who you face. maybe some WL if you can find the points a small unit of 10 are great flankers and better mage gaurds IMO, switch them for some SH.

04-03-2007, 19:12
[CENTER]The Book of Hoeth
great power this item has,
when combined with seer[CENTER]

04-03-2007, 21:39
Hey cheers for the responses:

I'm not so keen for seer on the second mage i can use up all my power dice on the archmage and the two for the bottom spell the level 2 gets if he rolls well i might use his second spell. I would much prefer to have a bound spell ever turn personally.

I always put champions in the unit of spearmen out of habit but maybe i need to rethink this if the points could be better used elsewhere.

I would always strongly recommend musicians in cavalry they are great against small support units (like dryads etc.) and missile troops (when i roll bad or only have a few models left) and possible most importantly +1 ld to rally when i have fled a charge.

I have only used reavers and eagles once and don't currently own them i have been considering reavers more recently but can't think of a way to convert them to fit my army look. I have generally prefered shadow warriors to both reavers and eagles in all the time i have played high elves (6 years) but i understand lots of people prefer eagles and reavers and i'm thinking of giving them a run out sometime.

Book of Hoeth is a bit of an all your eggs in one basket for me personally i think the combo i have gone for will work better over time.

Thanks again for your comments i just thought i would give some of my thinks on your points.

04-03-2007, 22:26
The Book of Hoeth
Who else can take such a thing?
Only an Archmage

05-03-2007, 07:06
I really like the list. i haven't been too successful myself with 20 strong blocks of spears, but you take what you can get I suppose. I like the heroes... Not much more to say, except tell us how well it goes.