View Full Version : neferata?

05-03-2007, 03:16
has anyone ever used her? i am making a Lahmia Black Knight Army and was wondering if she is worth taking instead of a Vampire lord since she seems better than a lord who has mainly sub-par bloodline powers (thats putting it nicely). i am making a themed army around a lahmian vampire who rules over a kingdom who uses mortals to do her bidding. the thing is i can deal with the points cost of her but sucking up two hero choices seems like it can hurt
i wanted the army similar to this:
1 lahmian vampire lord
1 wright lord using a human paladin to be her lover/swain type character
one or two necromancers or thralls
a unit of grave guard using old bretonnian halberders to be her person guard type unit
serveral units of black knights using bretonnian knights (i was thinking that the knights/graveguard are immune to psychology because they are that dedicated to her/ eager to show off in front of her)
maybe some dogs of war units to make the army unique

05-03-2007, 14:45
only used her once. she struggled to earn any points back. i positioned her in a skeleton unit, which the enemy strangely enough avoided.
remember that she is opponent consent only. build your army, use the model, but create your own character with the normal rules. use her rules as and when you can.
above all, this is a nice them to the army, so go for it.