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05-03-2007, 10:12
Greetings, all. I recently had the chance to try BFG, and I liked it a lot. I've decided to dabble (uh oh, wallet).

I have currently:

1x Retribution Battleship

1x Dictator Cruiser
1x Dominator Cruiser
1x Gothic Cruiser

I also have one more Dictator that was built incorrectly (lances instead of weapon batteries). I am considering upgunning it to a Mars Battlecruiser and calling the lance batteries fancy cannons. :angel: Should I go for the Mars, or keep it a Dictator?

My question is this. What escort vessels would compliment this force the best? I'm looking for a take all comers list. The (very) rough fluff behind them is that this is a splinter fleet fighting around Armageddon. My 40k Blood Angels and Guard have fluff about Armageddon, so they link up nicely.

Thanks in advance.

05-03-2007, 10:39
I'd turn it into a mars class cruiser, but I was sure there was an imperial ship with lances and launch bays in the armada supplement, but obviously not...

Anywho, escorts - you can never go wrong with swords and cobras...The workhorses of your fleets.

05-03-2007, 11:55
Thanks, AA.

Well, I couldn't find one that does combine bays and lances, and Army Builder doesn't list one that does.

OK, so swords: guns galore, decent to take down eldar or ordnance, cheap.
Cobras: weak guns, but torpedoes. Good against everyone but Eldar, right?

Is it worthwhile to slot in a firestorm into a sword squadron? Or a sword into a firestorm? Basically, is there any great reason to intermix?

05-03-2007, 11:58
Intermixing is usually a bad idea, it's better to specialise.

Cobras arn't bad against eldar. They're the fastest ship, they still have a gun that can fire in any arc and torpedos still make an eldar player would be very cocky to fly his ships into a load of torpedos and expect not to roll at least one 1.

Zhai Morenn
05-03-2007, 14:53
Definitely take a Mars, you have no AC coverage atm which would leave you vulnerable against most fleets which bring some kind of AC. As for escorts, generally the Cobras are good since they are the most mobile weapon platform an IN player has access to. Swords are also generally viewed as good. Most players tend to avoid Firestorms.

05-03-2007, 15:40
I thought the dictator had launch bays as well?

Zhai Morenn
05-03-2007, 16:31
woops my bad there- thanks for catching it AA, I was confusing Tyrants with Dictators, though I dont know why.

Yeah, you do have good AC coverage then, enough at least to protect the fleet as is, but still the Mars is an amazing warship. Though if you want a more gun happy loadout you could bring in an Armageddon BC for more guns as a reserve.

05-03-2007, 16:38
Oh I totally agree - a mars and dictator make a good pair for aerial dominance. Investing in a tyrant and dominator to maximise your guns is also a good idea. I'm not a great fan of lances - give me two handfuls of dice to roll a D5+ over two die on a 4+ anyday

05-03-2007, 20:50
Ok, it sounds pretty unanimous. I'll take that oddball cruiser and make it a Mars. My plan to get an Emperor battleship may not work out, so my Retribution will need attack craft escort cruisers, for sure.

So, that will leave me with:

1x Retribution
1x Mars
1x Dictator
1x Dominator
1x Gothic

AA, I do agree that weight of fire usually is better than the BIG GUN (tm). I imagine my Gothic cruiser will be used mainly to fill points.

As for escorts, I should look for swords and cobras mostly.

What do you think about Falchions? It seems that throwing one or two of them in a Cobra squadron might not be a bad idea. They still have a torpedo launcher, have nice weapon batteries, and are a very nice model to boot!

05-03-2007, 21:07
The sword seems alright, only 35 points but the 1 strength torpedoe salvo means you need to be combining firepower or else there is little chance that torpedoe is gonna make it through.

Which leads me to believe that falchions should be in their own squadron of 4.

Zhai Morenn
07-03-2007, 08:28
Falchions are not well suited to torpedo bombing like Cobras, but they are exceedingly good at shooting down large torpedo salvos with their single torp each. They'd be good for combining in a squadron of Cobras if it were not for the speed difference and the fact that they would essentially be dragging the cobras down.

Also it is too bad that the Emperor plan fell through because if it hadnt you could use an Armageddon fleet list, count the Dominator as using the reserve rules and then select escorts from the Space Marine list which gives you 35cm torpedo boats (which can use boarding torps) and 35cm Lance boats. Or if you still want Cobras you could buy them using the Rapid Strike Vessels entry and then put a gladius or two in each squadron.

07-03-2007, 21:48
Don't get me wrong, lances are great against space marines and orks, but for an all commers list i'd concentrate on getting alot of guns before lances.

12-03-2007, 06:57
Hijacking this thread.

Due to my ebay blundering I'm literally swimming in chaos escorts, please tell me I havent made a complete butt of myself here.

I have:

9 Idolaters
7 Infidels
24 <-- !!! Iconoclasts

Is there any reason to not try and sell some of those iconoclasts off? Are they useful at all?

I messed up and bid on so much stuff and then forgot about it and apparently no one wants iconoclasts so I won them. I might try and convert a few to idolators.

12-03-2007, 13:04
chaos doesn't need that many escorts and some has done fine with none to minimal
so unless you are interested in fielding a human pirate/raider list, then yeah, get rid of some.

of all the chaos escorts i like the iconoclasts the best both for looks and for function

13-03-2007, 08:09
Ok, so I've got my hands on so far:

3x Swords
3x Firestorms
4x Cobras

It seems to me that getting a squadron bonus is very important if I'm trying to hurt anything of size. Until I get some more escorts, I'm thinking of running the Swords and Firestorms together as one large squadron, leaving the Cobras to fly about launching torpedoes. Reasonable?

Also, I'm going to turn the Retribution I'm getting into the lance-equipped battleship so I can still use the Armageddon fleet list. That leaves me with

1) the aforementioned escorts
2) 1x Dominator, 1x Dictator, 1x Gothic cruisers
3) 1x Mars battlecruiser
4) 1x Apocalypse battleship
5) Grey Knights FW strike cruiser (FW order time in a couple weeks)

It seems that my opponents/allies will be one Marine fleet, one Eldar fleet,one Ork fleet, and one IN fleet. Eventually I expect a Chaos fleet to show up, but we'll see how eBay treats my friend. :) We generally play team games of 2v2, so an all-comers list is quite important. What parts and pieces do you think would complement this force? It's pretty big already, so I'd like to simply round it out by adding a few more escorts and calling it done. Can anyone convince me to spend more?

Zhai Morenn
14-03-2007, 07:05
Looks like a good final list for the Armageddon sector. The Dominator comes in as a reserves ship and the rest falls into place. Though Marine SCs typically operate best in pairs or trios. But still you will not be disappointed in the model for the GK SC- one of the most beautiful ships out there.

14-03-2007, 07:53
Thanks, Zhai. My gaming group hasn't gotten far enough into the game yet to start using many of the advanced ruleset, but I imagine that ability will come in handy.

And I'm getting the GK SC for that reason. Nice model and fits nicely, since I have a Malleus 40k army too.