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Voodoo Boyz
05-03-2007, 13:04
This was something that was proposed to me by one of my opponents. I'm fairly new to fantasy coming from 40k and I'm wondering if I should be going with a character in each of my Melee units. I generally like to run 3 big blocks of infantry in my 2k lists and at a minimum I run 2 Characters - BSB Thane and a Runelord with a 1+ AS, but he's there mainly for Magic Defense not for fighting things.

What have you guys found out as being the best kind of setup for your armies?


05-03-2007, 14:23
The heroes, and espescially a lord, can add a lot to the fighting power of your units, and in addition I find the leadership 10 of a lord general more of a difference than you might expect in passing psychology tests. Dwarf units tend to be light on the casualties, and even a basic thane a large boost to their offensive capabilities. The battle standard also being a very useful bonus, so I usually end up with at least a lord general plus a battle standard bearer in my fighting ranks. That said, with all the neat infantry and artillery pieces to include in my army, I often find myself falling short of my maximum character allowance, and rarely feel my army is heavily suffering for it. Dwarf troops having high toughness, armour, and leadership, they handle themselves fairly well even without a character. Yes, they are very useful, but I certainly wouldn't say that one in *every* unit was necessary, unless you're aiming for a very elite army

That Guy
05-03-2007, 15:56
What about anchoring your flanks with a Thane with an Oathstone each? Seems like nothing would do a better job of wiping that smirk off your flanking opponant's face when he realizes that you still get your rank bonus and he doesn't get a flanking bonus. Is this a viable option?

Voodoo Boyz
05-03-2007, 17:58
I've been considering that actually. Using a nice combo of Thane with HW+Shield, MRoSteel + Rune of Resistance, and an Oathstone. 162 Points of "not moving anywhere" anger.

I generally only run one warrior unit (the other H2H units being Longbeards and Hammerers) so throwing them out on a flank with that combo has been tempting me.

I keep hearing about how Oathstones suck, but I like this idea enough that I may just give it a shot.

Varath- Lord Impaler
06-03-2007, 03:53
Oathstones rock! if your planning a static battleline there isnt anything better.

i'd buy them for the Magic resistance 1 for 20 points, hell. Its not bad by itself.

The chance of using the oathstone and having the ability to counter a move which could easily devastate some units is worth 20 points.

Prince Sairion
06-03-2007, 08:15
I find that you don't need characters if you have elite infantry.

I tend to only take a couple of war machines and instead opt for a single unit of Ironbreakers, Hammies, Longbeards and then a 25 strong grt wpn armed warrior unit. If anything the characters go in the warior unit.

Minimum of s4 at anytime, three with ws5 (often hitting on 3's) and a 50point magic banner to fill will 'don't run away' runes.

But then I've never tried an oathstone so I can't comment on that one, I just don't like the idea of HAVING to stay put after the charge. Cue rock lobber target.

Varath- Lord Impaler
06-03-2007, 09:29
Prince, you dont need to use the oathstone turn 1.

Its useful because its cheap and even if that unit is out of the game you could save it from a potentially devastating combat, which then saves you that units points.

06-03-2007, 16:31
I'll definately disagree with Prince Sairion on the "no characters with elite infantry" idea.

I find a character in the unit can add valuble hitting power, and often provides other benefits as well - for example I regularly put both a Dwarf Lord and a BSB into a Hammerers Regiment to create one of the most powerful units available to Dwarfs. Immune to Fear and Terror, Stubborn on Ld9 with a re-roll... and that's without Runic Banners (usually 2 Runes of Battle - alone enough to give a +4CR bonus coupled with the Banners themselves :D).

That Guy
07-03-2007, 02:05
Upon reading the oathstone entry again, do you have to stay put for the rest of the game? It never says that you can move again....that's one BIG drawback. Hmmm....

07-03-2007, 03:33
Upon reading the oathstone entry again, do you have to stay put for the rest of the game? It never says that you can move again....that's one BIG drawback. Hmmm....

It would be insanely overpowered if you could move again. But you don't have to deploy it until you get flank or rear charged.

llama rider
14-03-2007, 20:12
you have asked in intriguing question. if you were to bring a runesmith into battle, i would put him immediatly in the largest unit you have, because once he dies, you lose two dispell dice and the enemy gains a power dice. also you should max out his armor with runes. with a thane, i would keep him in a unit of longbeards. they are great cc units, and the thane would make them better. just make sure that he does not have an oath stone, because then he is required to challange every champion/hero that he is in cc with. oath stones are not worth it. with master engineers, put them with cannons. then give them a dwarf handgun AND two pistols. then if the enemy gets close, he can have an extra attack and get more shots. do not entrench the cannon though, entrench an organ gun if you have one.

14-03-2007, 21:28
I believe the oathstone is dropped the first time you are charged, even if its from the front. Also, if I recall correctly, the dwarf on the stone cannot refuse challenges, so he is a good target for scary close combat characters that want to get some overkill. I've found that the trick to dealing with units with oathstones is to hit them with a fast unit that you don't care about, and then ignore them for the rest of the game. Unless they are a super high points unit, or you are playing an objective based game, they are basically a non threat most of the time.

That Guy
15-03-2007, 06:08
Can vs. May. You never HAVE to drop the Oathstone. It's just an option. So if you're getting flanked by a unit that you will beat anyways, you don't have to drop it and you can keep moving. But if those Bret Knights make it to the side of you.....brace for impact.....

And sure, there are some super killy characters there, but you don't have to challenge, you just have to accept challenges. And how hard is it to give your Thane a Rune of Stone, Gromril armor and a sheild? Without a runic weapon, that's a 1+ save in close combat. That is a tough nut to crack there. Anyone interested in overkill isn't going to look that way.

15-03-2007, 07:14
Actually, you DO have to challenge, not just accept.

just read rule 3 of the oath stone: "MUST always issue a challange"

18-03-2007, 01:25
"oathstones rock" by varath lord impaler,funniest thing ive seen in ages!:D (they do thou!)

18-03-2007, 02:07
One benefit I feel like pointing out on the challenges-your character has to issue a challenge, but is also always elligible to issue a challenge, even if not in the fighting rank, meaning your character plus oathstone won't be stuck in a non-combatant role nearly so easily as other characters in a unit charged in the flank or rear.