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05-03-2007, 16:19
here it is

Exalted Daemon - MoN, Splendor, vomit breath, lvl2 - 290 X 2 - 590

16 X 2 pb's - standard - 540
4 x 40 nurglings - 360
2 x 3 plague riders - 480

wut should i do wit the last 70pts


think that is better

07-03-2007, 03:58
Make your units of Plaguebearers bigger. You'll need it - you're going to get kicked in combat.

And use the extra points to learn how to spell, use punctuation and proper grammar. More of a Tzeentch thing I know, but important nonetheless.


sphincter man
07-03-2007, 15:00
i think this army would do very well in any situation.

i do think that the units of pb's are a little small (with nurgle, it is usually very slow and you need large no's to survive any shooty army) i would use the extra 70pts to add 2 pb's to each unit (6 x 3 rank works well)

hope this list does well in future battles. tell us how it goes

09-03-2007, 19:51
Greetings again nicky1311...

Here's some quick thoughts...

*Take just the 1 Exalted Daemon as your general...

*Make the other Exalted a Daemonic Herald instead...upgrade to Greater Icon of Chaos...take Spell Breaker...maybe War Banner...

*Plaguebearers: I prefer the Chosen Numbers...but these are fine if you don't want to go that route...I recommend FC on fighty units...upgrade 1 unit with Unholy Icon...units of 14 models is fine...21 if you really want to grind it out..

*Nurglings: You can only have 2 units of them because you only have 2 True Core (Plaguebearers)...I'd take just 1 unit however...

*Plagueriders: This is what's going to win you games...add 1 model to just one unit...

*Chariots of Nurgle: ???Very powerful and effective! I use one in my Khorne/Nurgle list with GREAT results...

Hope this helps...