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05-03-2007, 20:02

The crowd cowered together in the courtyard of the great Myotis Palace. It's once majastic pearl white spires stood pitted and scarred, blackened by the swift brutal attack of the Astarte invasion forces.
Nobility and servants alike huddled together. All divides of class, creed or wealth eradicated by the overwhelming aura of impending death that surrrounded them.
Captain Lasiurus Artibeus stood impassive on the second tier of the courtyard looking down over them. The faintly glowing red lenses of his visor giving the skull terror marking on his dark blue plate armour a horrifying life of it's own. For all intent and purposes he and his men ressembled death itself.
"People of Myotis," He bellowed over his helmet's external vox caster "you have been found guilty of violating Imperial law!"
"Murderers!" A woman screamed as she defiantly stood to her feet.
No, Artibeus thought to himself. Not murderers, killers.
Murder was an act of extreme emotion, uncontrolled and indiscriminate. An unfocused and blunt action, fueled by passion and rage, ignorant of the consequences. Killers acted with a cold sense of efficiancy and logic, unquestioning in their purpose.
Artibeus recognised her as the Minister who'd first greeted him apon his arrival to Myotis over two years ago. She had openly welcomed the Astartes of the VIII Legion along with her people and through their conversations he had grown to appreciate her company.
She had brilliantly argued her people's case despite her youthful appearance, which harboured the wisdom of someone many times her age. Her skills had proven a worthy addition to their cause persuading the other nations of Myotis to join without a single drop of blood being spilt.
She had proven to be a visonary among her people, a true master of wordcraft and diplomatic ability that commanded even the respect of a seasoned Astarte like Artibeus.
With the simple gesture of his head to his first sergeant a single bolter round rang out striking the Minster cleanly in the chest. The force of the explosive round lifting her off her feet and carrying her across the courtyard to crash down amongst the serving tables.
"You have been found guilty of consorting with aliens," He continued impassionately as the broken form of an Eldar was flung into the courtyard "and taking up in arms against the Imperium." The shattered remains of General Hrantyu were thrown over the balcony landing before the wailing and screaming crowd below.
Having said all that needed to be said, he simply turned and left.
Around the top of the courtyard Astartes of the Night Lord Legion stepped out from the shadows onto the second tier.
As one they raised their bolters and began firing into the crowd.

05-03-2007, 20:18
wow, that was so cool i think i need to change my pants...

any pics yet?


Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 20:22
... space marines are REALLY, really badies o_O

05-03-2007, 20:25
Yeh Dave said you'd left the tale of the legions thingie, your marines looked really cool so I'll be keeping an eye over here

dave is the best
05-03-2007, 20:40
Good luck on this project. Your marines look awsome.


05-03-2007, 20:43
Another project by Doghouse?

This is going to be a good'n!

05-03-2007, 21:09
That's excellent writing, and I'm sure the log itself will be on the same level.


05-03-2007, 21:14
That was just so true to the Night Lords...I loved it (or should I say it was shocking;) )

I'm keeping an eye on this log.

05-03-2007, 21:17
There are a number of eras that can be classed as Pre-Heresy (The Wars of Unification, The Conquest of the Terran System, The Great Crusade) so to clarify what the army is all about I'm adding background material and the occational story to describe the army in greater detail. It's not quite an Index Astartes article but should hopefully prove an entertaining read.
The army is set a year before the events of the Heresy. The Legion is gaining unwelcome attention from Terra as reports of the Night Lords brutality reach the heart of the Imperium. Despite the implications of Rogal Dorn no-one is yet to accuse their Primarch Konrad Curze outright of their brutal attrocities but it is now it seems only a matter of time.
The Legion has just been issued with the MkIV Maximus Pattern plate armour and is in the process of replacing the older MkIII variants. Due to the rigors of campaign though the Legion lacks the resources to fully commit to such an endevour.

Captain Lasiurus Artibeus

Originally one of the recruits from Terra, Artibeus rose steadily through the ranks of the Night Lords to eventually be given command of the fifth company.
Although among the Astartes of the other Legions he has earned the reputation of being an abrupt, humourless and emotionless man none can deny his focus and clarity of foresight on the battlefield.
Like the rest of his fellow Terrans he lacks the pale skin pigmintation and black eyes of the rest of the Legion recruited from the Legion homeworld of Nostramo.

WIP Captain Artibeus

As you can see I'm using my technique of combining WFB CW legs with parts from the Space Marines (in this case FW Red Scorpion Veterans) to create the look that I want, with a little GS work of course.
I see these guys as having a mass manufactured appearance as opposed to the more elaborate gothic designs of their contemporary counterparts.
Artibeus has been given the backpack from the new plastic devastators sprue with the large sensor removed.
The idea is that this is an improved comms system that allows him to command his troops with greater efficiency and to make him easier to tell apart from his troops in games. I'm giving him a simple selection of wargear with just an Auspex (Improved Comms Pack), Bolter and Close Combat weapon. The idea is that he doesn't set himself above his men with exotic weaponary, he is armed and fights in the same manner as those he leads in battle.

05-03-2007, 21:21
Wow, he looks really nice. :)

Always good to see more Doghouse marines. :)

05-03-2007, 21:48
Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words! :)

schoolcormorant: Sorry about that mate! :D

Warwolt the skaven: :evilgrin:

asmodai_dark86: Yeah sorry about that mate but I just decided to go all out with the army instead. I hope the rest of you guys have fun with the campaign though. :)

hiveminion/Voronwe[MQ]: Thanks guys. Rather than just go my usual route of trying to explain about my vision of my army is about I thought that I'd have a go at writing something to show people my interpretation.

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 22:29
HOLY COW! Whenever I start those Knight-Marines im plotting... Im SO going to rip of that look o__O

05-03-2007, 22:39
Squad Mollusos

As second in command to Artibeus, First Sergeant Mollusos' squad forms a vital part of the Fifth Company Spear Tip.
A native of Nostramo, Mollusos firmly believes that the only weapons that an Astarte requires is a Bolter and his own initiative.
He has become adept at manouvering his unit into key positions quickly and efficently to either seize an objective or ambush an unwary foe.
Having served under Artibeus for over four decades now he has developed an uncanny understanding of the Captain to the point that now in battle few words are ever spoken between the two.


This is the first tactical squad of two under construction at the moment.
I'm a big fan of all bolter squads leaving the heavy weapons to the vehicles, although this has left me high and dry in a few games in the past when I've run into a Dreadnought or Leman Russ.
Still got to do the GS work/remove moldlines/drill bolters, etc.
I'm going to go for a completely new direction for myself in terms of army selection and include a devastator squad as the new plastic kit is rather nice (big fan of the new miissle launcher).
At the moment, although it's still early days I'm leaning towards a City Fight themed army so may be tempted to chuck in a few flamers.
I'm probably going to go with Codex: Space Marines over the Chaos Codex using the Traits system.
In place of the Stealth Adept skill in the official Chaos Codex rules for the Legion I'm going to use See But Don't Be Seen and maybe No Mercy, No Respite. Not sure yet.

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 22:59
Oh god! I really LOVE that sinister and evil look!

05-03-2007, 23:12
WIP Shots

WIP Devastator Squad

Missile launcher (now my favourite heavy weapon because of the cool pack with servo arm)

Rear of Missile Launcher and Captain's Improved Comms Pack

Warwolt the skaven: Please feel free to use the idea mate! :)

Warwolt the skaven
05-03-2007, 23:14
hoho, more porn for my eyes! MORE MORE MORE x3

05-03-2007, 23:25
lovely minis, shame that you dropped out of tale of the legions, love the purposeful determined pose of the HB marine.

maybe you should check tale of legions out again, i know I'd be happy to have you back on ( though it is dave's baby). either way these minis are awesome as usual and i'll follow this like i do the rest of your logs

05-03-2007, 23:45
That heavy bolter guy is awesome, might have to get some of those forge world red scorpion bits after all, seriously doghouse, you do the only fantasy chaos warrior/ chaos marines conversions i like, keep it up man.

06-03-2007, 01:34
I think these models are really sweet indeed and I love the use of the CW pieces. The one comment I might make is that from the back the CW pieces look a little bare as they are normally covered with cloaks - it might be a nice idea to cover them or sculpt some details on.

But, great models and a really superb idea - I love the look and feel.

Chainsworded Codpiece
06-03-2007, 04:35
This write-up is fantastic.

I used to dislike the NL a bit, thinking them too comic-Halloween (even for a pretty comic-Halloween game, let's face it)to be taken seriously.

I now have evidence to the contrary, in both the writing and the models you've presented.

Just, please, please,please, don't overdo the paintscheme with the crazy lightning-patterns all over. A couple of bolts per every few Troops ought to do it.

they're menacing enough, what with the skullface painted on their helms and the batwinged-skull heraldry.

Despite any reservations, I salute what you've done so far.

06-03-2007, 06:35
DOGHOUSE! Don't you ever sleep? :p You always seem to have multiple projects going here and on B&C.

This is seriously hot stuff. Wonderful. Keep it up!

Just, please, please,please, don't overdo the paintscheme with the crazy lightning-patterns all over. A couple of bolts per every few Troops ought to do it.

they're menacing enough, what with the skullface painted on their helms and the batwinged-skull heraldry.

I totally agree. Night Lords should be scary, not halloween-y.

06-03-2007, 07:33
I've just got round to reading the story, good stuff!

Do you just make that up off the top of your head? :eek:

06-03-2007, 08:00
I have to say, I've been looking at your conversions quite a bit lately, and I really dig the look it gives Space Marines. I may have to use some of your tutorials to make some of my own.

06-03-2007, 15:13
That's a mean looking heavy bolter, and a rock solid army in all! The fluff intro was particularly inspired too. Doghouse, you never fail to impress, and you got me thinking about making a dead hard marine combat patrol myself. I'm resisting, but only so well :D

- Salvage

06-03-2007, 17:14
Very nice work on the tactical squad and the devastators, they just look so...well, cool! Might want to file away a fair few mouldlines, though.;)

06-03-2007, 17:17
They look great doghouse, not let's see if you actually finish them :P.


06-03-2007, 17:35
Doghouse - how come you wait until after the build to file off lines and what have you? is there any benefits to it?

i'm not questioning the master...well i am...why?!


06-03-2007, 17:48
Doghouse they look great, keep up the good work and congrats on the idea of mixing and converting so many models etc. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Chainsworded Codpiece
06-03-2007, 19:36

Also, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for not giving the troops goofy bat-helms.

Some people assert that this is what the NL always had, in order to "strike fear" into their enemies.

I say it was a whole bag o' bad ideas, pre-or post-Heresy.

I think your troops look scary as f@kk, though. And you haven't even shown them painted!

06-03-2007, 23:03
Thanks guys! :)

Ornithoticus: A couple of the guys have tryed to get me back in, I'm starting to sway a bit towards jumping back in.

violenceha: They are really nice pieces, just be warned I think they cast them from conversions of the plastic originals as they are a tad bit smaller.

Darknight: They look kind of bland right now but I'll be adding the ribbing to the backs of the knees and the hips, extending the thigh armour and generally detailing them.

Chainsworded Codpiece: I never really thought much of the Night Lords to begin with either. Then when I thought I'd have ago at making a Spear Tip for the Legion I sat down and read every bit of fluff I could find and was blown away by the potential of their story. They are an amazing Legion to be honest, just pure unadultrated evil.
I think it's the bat ears that put people off. :D
There will definately be no bat ears in this army, all scarey stuff will be painted on or nailed onto their armour. Although the bat ears were scarey in a loony tunes kind of way...

rrchristensen: I tryed it once but didn't like it! I tend to model armies in bursts, usually when ever I get the free time. As a result some stuff falls by the wayside as I come up with crazier ideas. This army, however, has me completely hooked.

Khrangar: This army will definately be finished.

hiveminion Don't worry mate, they'll all be gone before I start painting. One thing that is weird though is not having to drill out the barrels on the new heavy weapons...it's not natural I tell you!

Destris: Thanks mate. Yeah all from my rather corrupted imagination. I enjoyed the coming up with the twist in the story though, bit more brutal than I first intended though.
I was trying to figure out a way to demonstrate my interpretation of them other than covering them in blood and gore up to their waists.
I'm not really the writer type to be honest but it was quite good fun and I do have an another short story planned for the first sergeant.
Don't think Stephen King has anything to worry about just yet. :D

Boss_Salvage: Don't fight it mate, oh and don't scratch it either as it only makes it worse...

schoolcormorant: I'm far from being a master mate, but thanks for the compliment. :)
There's no real benefit to leaving the moldlines till last that I know of, I think that I'm a bit too impatient when it comes to conversions.

fleshcross: Nice one! Pm me if you need any assistance.

Maynard: Thanks mate.

06-03-2007, 23:15

Here's an incredibley rough fifteen minute paintjob on a spare mini to work out how the paint scheme would work. I heavily dry brushed him Regal Blue and then started to play around with his face plate. I discovered that in order to make an effective skull I'm going to have to fill in a couple of the bottom vents so i can add the teeth. Far from Golden Demon standards but a very productive twenty minutes that'll benefit the rest of the army greatly.


Size comparrison.

Quick Update on the Captain

Quick Update on the Devastators


06-03-2007, 23:26
Simply awesome...

Love the modelling work there and the colours look really cool too. Haven't read the fluff yet (saving that for work tomorrow!)

Looking good...

07-03-2007, 00:01
I just knew you'd start another project before the Iron Warriors were finished.....

Looking great as ever, yet another Doghouse Log to keep track off :D

Inquisitor Konig
07-03-2007, 03:02
No PW on the captain but a PF on in the devastaters? Never thought it possible but there you go. Any chance of an army list or point size for this project? Everything is looking fantastic BTW.

07-03-2007, 03:19
Cheers guys! :)

Rictus: Yeah the IW are proving to be a bit of a slog, but I promise these guys are going to be a finished army...honest... :D

Inquisitor Konig: Yeah I guess I got it the wrong way around. :D
It's a themed army thing really more than a gaming ploy that gives the Sergeant and Captain a bit of character. I find that unorthodox armies are more challenging to compete with and more fun. I'll post the army list so far tomorrrow. :)

07-03-2007, 04:43
Just wanted to pop in and say how much I am enjoying this project log. I've been a NL fan for a while and I have always been impressed with your conversion abilities, so it seems like the perfect match. :)

I agree about the bat wings. the minis they made a few years back just looked ridiculous. However, if you could pull off the molded-on wing look that the Mk.6 armor guy has in the picture in Codex: Chaos Space Marines. I think it would look killer for your commander...just saying. :D

Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep adding the background. I find it highly entertaining.

07-03-2007, 09:06
How have you managed the waist diffence between the kits, yours seems to fit, but others I've seen just don't blend to well.

07-03-2007, 13:06
Cpt_Tiberius: Thanks mate. :) I'll look into that MkVI picture in the codex and I'll be adding a bit more background material as I make each squad leader/squad. :)

jasevx: Basically what I did was cut the torso off the CW legs above the belt. Then I trimmed a slice off the top of the belt and glued the marine torso on top filling the back with GS. Once that was dry I trimmed the edges of the CW belt where it met the torso so that it was flush with the torso. (think that made sense???). :)

07-03-2007, 16:24
looking good my friend mind if i nick some ideas

shame we cant get you back on board as our night lords are still free

lokoing forward in seeing what you can do


07-03-2007, 18:09
Night Lord Army List

Rather than arrogantly say "This is how the official Legions were!" I'm settling for own my interpretation based on my own experience that I will adhere to for my own personal army. It probably will differ from what others see as "official" but this is just what I see as the mostly likely and simpliest organisation in my mind. It is not intended as a Index Astartes.


Night Lords
VII Legion

Primarch Konrad Curze

Commanding ten companies of Astartes

Numbering one to ten, each is led by a Captain and seconded by the First Sergeant. Each Company consists of one thousand Astartes divided into one hundred squads. Each Squad is led by a Sergeant who reports directly to the First Sergeant.


I'm using the following list that I created for representing the equipment available for the era. There are probably things people will disagree with but it's the simplest way of making the army just using Codex: Space Marines.

The following vehicles/units are excluded from the Codex:
Librarians, Landraider Crusaders, Razorbacks and Predator Anihilators.

The following weapons are excluded from the Codex:
Plasma Cannons/Multi-meltas in Tactical, Devastator, Command, Reclusiam Command and Veteran squads.

The following Wargear is used as "counts as"

Warrior Oaths/Oath of Moment: Counts as Purity Seals

Reaper Cannon: Counts as Assault Cannon when used in Terminator squads. Only one to be included in each squad.

Battle Standard: Counts as sacred standard.

Combi-bolter: Counts as Storm Bolter.

Jet Bikes: Counts as Bike Squadron.

07-03-2007, 19:42
I am curious about your reasoning for limiting Multi-meltas/plasma cannons. I thought that Plasma Cannons were more common pre-heresy. (maybe I am wrong though).

As far as the rest of your list, it sounds good to me. though I would have each company being led by a Commander, with the 100 squads aranged in groups of 10 with a Captain for each unit of ten squads. Basically you would have one "command" squad led by a captain and 9 "troop" squads ran by his Sgts. Just my opinion, feel free to ignore it as you see fit. :)

Have to say, your really making me want to make a few Nightlords.

07-03-2007, 20:33
The Devastators are really, really good, and the use of Chaos Warrior legs is too damn nice. The new missile launcher pack is my new favourite too; it's simply too fitting and cool to not be.


07-03-2007, 21:58
rickie8437: Go for it mate, anything that'll be of use to you feel free. :)

Cpt_Tiberius: The idea behind the plasma/melta thing comes from the write up by the designers of the Chaos Codex. In the codex they were trying to give the impression that the traitors had just left the Heresy and in the ten thousand years that had passed technology had changed.
The idea was that the traitors lacked infantry Plasma Cannon and Multi-Meltas because they weren't around at the time other than on dreads and vehicles that's why they're not in the codex and why they have combi-bolters instead of stormbolters, etc. :)
I think the problem with Legion organisation is something that can be at best be speculated about because there is no current official size or organisation ruling. Some sources say tens of thousands strong where others say ten thousand strong.
That's why I can only guess as to what it would actually be and have just gone with the easiest way based loosely on the Heresy novels. :)

Oh and join the darkside, Night Lords are cool and they have a great dental plan... :D

Voronwe[MQ]: I have never used the missile launcher in any squad before because I never liked the look of it to be honest.
But the new version is absolutely amazing! The servo arm that loads the missiles would be perfect for a techmarine conversion or Iron Father.

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 22:02
Dear lord, your almost ruining my Tau-Looting Grot army with this project. I muuust start Chaoswarroir-Truescalemarines NOOOW xD

07-03-2007, 22:08
Warwolt the skaven:

Doghouse Gothic Pattern Astartes Tutorial (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=90388)

:evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

Warwolt the skaven
07-03-2007, 22:29
Dear lord, I saw your comparement on the second page... that is so huge difference! The Goth-marines looks so awfully alot more meanier! MUST... GET... BIIIIIITZ

The Judge
07-03-2007, 22:31
I swear those names (Myotis and Artibeus) are tracks from the Batman Begins soundtrack...

AWESOME Marines.

07-03-2007, 22:39
The Judge: Thanks mate. :)
I think I've been rumbled... ;)

Warwolt the skaven:Trust me they scare the heck out of your opponent when you put them on the board...I had one guy screaming at my BT's to leave his Tau alone. :D

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 07:34
Then I shall certainly do one ;)

Still learning
08-03-2007, 07:49
Brilliant as usual Doghouse, Can't wait for more

08-03-2007, 11:36
Still learning: Thanks mate. :)

Working out the army list.

I've come up with a rough list for the time being to represent my Spear Tip force, for those not familliar with the term it's from the rather excellent Heresy Novels.

The HQ.
I've never really been a fan of the over equiped character, instead prefering a spartan approach of the right tools for the job nothing more.
To me the role of an Astartes commander is first and foremost to lead his men which is why I was over the moon when they included the Rites of Battle skill for marine commanders in the new codex.
For this reason alone I'm using the Master to represent my Captain, hopefully his high leadership will come in handy when it comes to taking those all imprtant morale tests. It' also the reason that I've used the devastator backpack, I did think about making a comm-link marine but that wouldn't be all that practical for an Astartes commander in the field. It also represents his Auspex as I figured he'd be in constant communication with his squad leaders during the initial stages of battle.
I have given in and given him a powersword, as he'll be in the thick of the action it'll be handy against highly armoured troops.

Captain Artibeus
Bolter, Auspex, Power Weapon, Frag Grenades.


For the compulsory troop choices I'm going for two tactical squads of ten Astartes each armed only with bolters. This is mainly because I prefer my units to be fairly mobile, it means that I don't have sacrifice a turn of moving and nine bolter shots whilst the one missile launcher shots at an enemy tank. It can have it's downside though when you're pinned down by an enemy dreadnought or tank.

Tactical Squads
10 Astartes with Bolters
Veteran sergeant upgrade

Heavy Support

I've always used tanks to be blunt. Anyone who knows me will be expecting me to field atleast two predators with twin linked lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons supported by a razorback or two acting in a light tank role.
Well I figured it was time for a change and the fantastic new plastic Devastators were just sat there screaming at me from the shelf so I gave in a bought a set.
I've gone for a combination of two heavy bolters, a las-cannon and a missile launcher. It's a half and half deal capable of dealing with infantry swarms and heavy tanks. Although I'm not really sure that it'll ever get used in the game I've given the sergeant a powerfist. This is a pure fluff aspect of the army, as the sergeant is one of the Night Lords that were later recruited from the criminal class on Nostramo. Whilst an able soldier he has a brutally sadistic streak for tearing things apart with his bare hands which fits in with the Night Lords passsion for using completely over the top methods in dealing with their enemies.

5 Astartes
2 Heavy Bolters
One Missile Launcher
One Las-cannon
Vet sergeant with bolter and powerfist

It's so darn tempting to go completely overboard with the traits system and very easy to push the cost of a basic Astarte over twenty points.
However, I wanted to try to both stay in character and have a viable fighting force. Themed armies are fun but I do want to have atleast a fighting chance of winning.
It was hard not to go for all out super close combat monsters knowing that the majority of my men are armed soley with bolters.
No Mercy, No Respite seemed in character with the brutality of the Night Lords but I felt that it's probably better left to the lies of the World Eaters. Honour Your Wargear was another possible option to represent the excesses of the eigth legion, lots of heavy weapons would in character for an army that is reknown for it's excessive use of violence. But in the end I stuck with the spartan ideal and went for See, But Don't Bee Seen to best represent their Stealth Adept skill from Codex: Chaos Marines.
This means that I have to take a minor drawback though and I opted for Have Faith In Suspicion to best represent the anti-psyker ideals of the time.

Future Units
For the time being I'm sticking with what I have not planning too far ahead. Although I'll probably go with dread to support the infantry with some much needed anti-tank fire. I also have a fairly mint first ed plastic Predator sat on my desk screaming out to be refitted for the army and Landraider would be a great modeling oportunity...oh and then there's Night Haunter....or what would be really great would be a Mortis Legion Forge World Warhound...
But for the time being I'm focusing on the troops at hand.

08-03-2007, 12:29
Playing with the paint scheme

Well, it's pretty basic looking on this test model but I've got a technique I'm happy with for the blue. I'm going to drybrush the models Regal Blue then when it's dry go over the model with a very watered down Regal Blue. Highlights will then be Regal Blue with a Regal Blue/Skull White mix for fine highlights.
This is far from the finished result but it gives me an idea of what ot expect with the proper troops.
I'm going to have a bash filling in the vents and see how many I have to fill to allow for the terror markings.
For the lightning effect I'm planning on sticking to the left greave only to balance the model out. Trouble with the IA article Pre-Hersey pictures is that they only show the Mk VI variant which has a studded left shoulder pad.
I could add studs but theirs are little pointed ones that would be difficult to reproduce in large numbers. Maybe a unit number instead or should I just leave it blank?


Captain update

08-03-2007, 12:32
They just look TOO good, as usual. Very nice.
Well.. thats standard with you isnt it. Amazing figures with Great paintjobs.

But not just as nice as your Iron Warriors. :D

I did spot a nasty moldline on the grenade though! Go fix it!

PS: Where are those bodies and heads from?

08-03-2007, 12:39
Zodiac: Thanks mate! :D
yeah, still have to get rid of the moldlines and drill the barrels. Still playing around with the GS right now. :)

You're really not going to let me forget about those Iron Warriors are you! :D

The bodies and heads are Forge World Red Scorpion veterans.

08-03-2007, 13:25
I really like the paint scheme you have going and the terror markings look particularly nice. I am also really digging the no nonsense approach you have to your list. No matter how tactically impractical some of the choices may be, you have really gotten the feel of a pre-heresy force across quite well...

Keep it up!


08-03-2007, 13:45
love the skull scheme, nice highlighting on the blue armour aswell

Warwolt the skaven
08-03-2007, 15:04
oh thanks god he ain't poiting at me! I really don't want him to point at me... I "dont" know why :)

08-03-2007, 16:44
You're really not going to let me forget about those Iron Warriors are you! :D

hmm.. Let me think.. NO! :D ;)

hehe, of course, its your decision, but if you give up on your iron warriors.. you're letting one of the greatest project logs EvvA slip away..

The Judge
08-03-2007, 19:08
Any chance of pre-heresy terminators in the future?

Not that the Marines aren't enough of course...

08-03-2007, 23:38
Thanks guys!

AventineCrusader: Thanks mate. It can sometimes be tricky achieving a balance between having a theme and having an army that is actually playable. I hope that after all the work I'm putting into this army it does provide me with some fun. If you see them on Ebay after my first game then you know somethings gone horribly wrong. :D

Warwolt the skaven: He's coming for you Warwolt, you better go hide! :evilgrin:

Zodiac: You're begining to sound a bit like Lex Luthor mate! :D
Ok, I promise not to give up on the IW and will update as soon as humanly possible.

The Judge: You mean like this?


Yeah, it's a possibilty. This guy is quite old now though, originally being for my World Eaters, so I need to rework the design so that it's more in line with the new army.

08-03-2007, 23:46
Great work, doghouse. Your models have inspired me to do something similar myself, actually (read: I'm going to rip off your CW/SM conversion shamelessly :) ). I have a request for you though, if you don't mind. Could you post some shots of the back of your Marines? Or at least explain what you're doing to solve the problem of the Chaos Warrior legs having no ****! At the moment I'm sculpting one on, but because of the limited space it looks a little small.

I can honestly say I've never imagined writing anything at all about a Space Marine's ****, much less asking someone for the best way to recreate one.

08-03-2007, 23:56
Myopic: One of the reasons that I post my stuff is to share ideas with others so please feel free to use it! :)
Think I honestly can say that I wasn't expecting that as a question but...(no pun intended) :D

After much searching through my photobucket gallery...


I stuck the torso directly to the legs and filled the gap with GS once it was dry.


Once that had dryed I added a square of GS to the seat of his pants.
This is a pretty simple method and I have figured out a tutorial for reworking the back so that it's little more detailed which I'll try and post pictures of at some point.

09-03-2007, 00:10
One of the reasons that I post my stuff is to share ideas with others so please feel free to use it!
Think I honestly can say that I wasn't expecting that as a question but...(no pun intended)

Heh, thanks. Knowing me this project will never see the light of day and will be relegated to sitting in a cardboard box in my house somewhere or other - I suffer from an extreme case of needtostartanewarmyitis - but it's nice to receive your blessing, as it were. I appreciate you posting the pics, and I'm definitely looking forward to that new tutorial.

On my test mini I've tried to recreate the rear of the standard Marine legs exactly, and as such I've not extended the bum plates, for want of a better term, over the top of the thighs or past the back of the waist, hence the looking small problem. I guess I'll have to stop being such a finicky bugger (no pun intended either :D ), and do something similar to what you just showed me.

09-03-2007, 00:18
As always, and like everyone else says as well this Is set to be a amazing project.

As much As I loved your World eaters I think these guys can be a lot darker, a lot more evil. You have some really great scope for modeling and painting opportunities.

What are you planning on modelling onto them? I dont know much about the night lords I was thinking horror movie style. Perhaps some body parts, lots of parchment and things nailed to some of the guys armour could look pretty cool.

The skulls on the faces look great. Im glad your re using some of your stuff especially the terminator cant wait to see the whole squad.

And thanks alot for your help on My Imperial Fists I really appreciate It. I hope you get this army finished this time around.

Im looking foward to seeing how it all goes.


09-03-2007, 00:47
Myopic: Glad I could help. :)
I'm exactly the same, trying to start a new army every other day.
Posting stuff on here on Warseer helps, even if it's just text, the guys/gals are great for brainstorming and giving you the push you need to get a project finished.

shaw3029: Thanks mate. I will one day return to the World Eaters but you're right these guys are a heck of a lot more darker, I'd even go as far to say a lot more evil.
I'm planning on keeping the trophies simple to begin with, I think the armour will hopefully make them look sinister as heck but I will probably add a few bits to keep the die-hard Night Lord players happy.
Good luck with the Imperial Fists mate, I'll be watching the thread. :)

09-03-2007, 01:05

When I said body parts and things I was thinking of the nailed on hand that I think comes with the zombie sprue. It might even be from a Ork Shield Im not sure.

Just thought that might look cool.

Nobody else seems to have asked but what Is conflict city?


09-03-2007, 18:13
:eek: Wow that Terminator is one of the coolest I've ever seen, it looks so much like the Venerable Dread and I don't even like that model, but somehow it makes this one just more cool...

Definitely do them for your Night Lords! How menacing would a full squad look, I wonder...

*hides under the sofa*

The Judge
09-03-2007, 18:34
The Termie is very nice indeed.

Forgeworld pre-heresy Dreads?

His Master's Voice
09-03-2007, 18:37
The Termie rocks! I love those pre-heresy shoulder pads and frontal armour. This way he really looks as if he was wearing a Tactical Dreadnought Armour. Go on, give us more inspiration.

Warwolt the skaven
09-03-2007, 18:44
NOw you gus lost me. Wheres this terminator?

Edit: aye... THAT, terminator... Happy me. He's not pointing. Hes just standing there... looking macho with those ... Oh god let that be papier maché shoulders o,O''''

09-03-2007, 18:54
Ooh! Another 'army' by Doghouse? I can't call it armies because you never finish it! :mad: :p
Looking good mate, I like the true-scale conversions a lot. Looking forward to see the next update!

10-03-2007, 12:42
Thanks guys!

shaw3029: Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking, apparently they had the shrunken heads of their enemies on their armour as well.
Conflict City is a secret project I've been working on for the last six months.

The Judge: Based loosely on the Terminators from the Sabretooth Horus Heresy artwork books. I think that I can make a better job of it now.

hiveminion: I might do a squad further down the line but for now I'm sticking with the tacticals, command and devastator squad.

Pfreck: Well, I've made a promise to myself this time. I've been saving for ages for one of these monsters: Doghouse's Holy Grail (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/matitan.htm)
If I can finish the basic elements of the army by June then I'm going to buy one and paint it up in Pre-Heresy Legio Mortis colours.

Quick Update

Now that the first squad is pretty much assembled I've begun playing around with the GS to see how I'm going to achieve the look I want.
First off I've decided to fill the vents in the visor, although they are a defining aspect of the helmet they'll be obscured by the terror markins anyway and will make it easier to do the painting.


I'm also playing around with the backs of the Astartes to try and make them more detailed. The CW legs are fairly blank because the cloak covers them.
I've begun to add the ribbing at the back of the knees and modeled the butt plate.


As you can see on my Captain below once the ribbing is set I'll be building up the armour around them.


The Judge
10-03-2007, 15:13
Startin' to look like a lot of GS work. It's worth it of course, but I don't think I could do that much detail. Ah, laziness.

10-03-2007, 17:29
looking good :) You might try beefing up the upper thighs a bit as they seem a bit thin. Alteratively you can just hide them behind severed heads/pouches/etc...

Warwolt the skaven
10-03-2007, 18:13
Kapownage! So many armies I want to make, and yet you distract me with these minis. They TRULY are evil!

11-03-2007, 11:41
Cheers guys. :)

The Judge: Yeah, there's a lot of GS work but I'm getting to the point where I can knock them out quite quickly now. :)

Cpt_Tiberius: I was thinking the same actually, will definately have to bulk them out a little. :)

Warwolt the skaven: Thanks mate! :)

11-03-2007, 11:47
looks really good, is it now more a truescale marine? Always liked the idea of Chaos legs on Marines, looks excelent!

12-03-2007, 15:43
Whew, more gs work making those chaos legs fit even better. Wonderful attention to detail, way to be. Also, you're aware of the mold line underneath the captain's sword arm, aye? I know you clean them after building, but still.

- Salvage

14-03-2007, 23:19
Thanks guys! :)

Steel_Legion: He's sort of true scale I guess, better proportioned would probably be a better way of looking at it.

Boss_Salvage: Yeah, there's a lot of GS work involved in this army but hopefully it'll pay off in the end. I'll get rid of the mold line for the next shot I take of him.

Just a quick update...

Whilst I'm doing the GS work for the twenty Astartes sat in front of me I've decided to play around with the paint work to see if I can get something I'm happy with.
This next guy has basically been dry brushed with regal blue and I'm in the process of applying washes to build a strong colour over the model.
I've sculpted a GS skull terror marking to to his left pauldron and have added three skulls to the torso.
I'm intentionally keeping most of the additional detailing to a minimum so that he fits in with the rest of the guys. If I go too overboard he'll end up looking like a coontemporary dread and look out of place.
As he's a bit bigger than normal dreads here's a scale shot next to my Captain.


His armament consists of a lengthened assault cannon that I made with the arm/ammo hoppers off the FW Dread Auto-cannon arm.


I've also lengthened the powerfist arm using bits from the FW Dread Drill arm as well.


He's still really rough at the moment but hopefully should look ok when finished.

Inquisitor Konig
15-03-2007, 01:22
lookin good. How much do you have done so far. I'm glad you decided to put a PW on the Captain.

15-03-2007, 01:35
Warseer is my undoing.... I'm going to become reclusive from spending so much time modeling... now I want to make my WIP Emperor's champion true-scale. Tomorrow I'm going to get a pair of CW legs and doing just that.

15-03-2007, 01:36
Doghouse, I loathe your work for being an incredible inspiration to me.

Inquis. Jaeger
15-03-2007, 05:01
Fantastic work as always Doghouse. Love the bulky Dread. Didn't you originally do that for your World Eaters?

Fantastic work with the Green stuff. I wish I had your skills

15-03-2007, 08:12
Impressive work. Looking forward to watching this army progress.

15-03-2007, 10:15
Whilst I'm not a fan of the extended Assault Cannon, that aside the Dreadnought is most impressive...

The GS work and scaling of the marines is inspirational. Really makes me want to have a crack at some...

Fantastic stuff!

15-03-2007, 16:05
I'm not too big a fan of the dread, it's a bit too...I don't know...fat. He looks a bit clumsy, but I believe that might also have to do with the kit itself. Even though you lengthened the arms, they look a bit atrophied, and the small head makes it worse. Not to mention the toes.

But then again I don't like the Tau Manta, so you shouldn't take my personal taste too seriously;)

16-03-2007, 18:37
Thanks guys! :)

Inquisitor Konig: At the moment I have twenty six marines either fully or partially assembled, I have the dreadnought underway and have plans for an Imperial Army elite infantry squad as allies using the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers rules.

Strelok: Nice one! The Emperor's Champion is probably one of the best models to make using this process.

Inquis. Jaeger: Yeah that's the one. It was a case of "well I need a dreadnought and have this one sat here gathering dust untill I can get around to restarting the army, so..."

Nife: Great stuff! The thing that I like most about these guys is that it actually feels like a proper project as I assemble them and I get a real buzz out of it.

hiveminion: That's alright mate I completely understand, one man's pleasure is another man's poison as the old saying goes...
When I was first building him for my WE I wanted to move away from the GW dread and ended up creating more of my own interpretation of how I saw them, hence the larger cannon and additional cabling, etc.
He is looking a little wide to be fair though. If I ever get around to it I want to make a proper MkII so this guy will be a stand in untill then. :)

18-03-2007, 14:42

The Imperial Guard

These are going to be used with the Inquisitorial Allies rules from Codex Witch Hunters. The idea is that the Imperial Army is made up of regiments of troops from all walks of life and provides the Imperium with an almost endless supply of troops. The background material I've created (not official fluff in any shape or form) is that Imperial Guard were the first human regiment to fight alongside the Emperor during the earliest stages of the wars of unification.
Whilst he toiled to create the first Astartes regiments that he would require to reunite manknd under the banner of the Imperium his human Imperial Guard waged war in his name, securing resources and protecting his assets.
Where the Imperial Army is a patchwork of troops drafted as needed from the conquered worlds of the great crusade the Imperial Guard are a select disciplined core of highly trained and equiped warriors drawn from the descendants of the original regiment.
As the war of unification progressed many of their number were transformed to form the first warriors of the Astartes Regiments, those who failed the trials but survived found their place amongst the higher echelons of the command element of the Imperial Army.
As the conquest of the Sol system began and the Legions proper were formed the Guard were gradually replaced by their superhuman brethren in their role as personal guard to the Emperor.

WIP Imperial Guardsman





Although still under construction at the moment the look I'm going for is a combination of elements from the Custodians, Imperial Army and the Mk I Thunder armour of the Astartes.
I've cut down a regular plastic marine both on the back of the legs and a little in height in an effort to create a carapace armour. I've left off elements like power cables as the torso is not powered like the Astartes version and have not included the visor to create a distinction between the two.
I've got the rough concept together here so far, the left pauldron will bear the Imperial Thunderbolt logo as a relic of former times. I'm not sure what to include on the right pauldron just yet but have left the heavy rivetting and banded plates of the Thunder armour off to show that it is not as sturdy as the power armoured suit.
I'm still working on the legs at the moment and the colours of his uniform will be red for the tunic and trousers, gold for the armour and black for the helmet and boots.
His weapon will be a las-carbine, an early weapon that shares elements with both the standard Las-gun and the Storm trooper's Hell-gun.
I'm only planning a small squad of these to add character to my Night Lords and re-inforce the scale of the Astartes warriors.
Eventually I may make a proper army of these guys using the Grenadier doctrine from Codex Imperial Guard but for now they are just allies.
I've use the Witch Hunter codex over the Daemon Hunter codex purely because they are much more likely to face rogue psykers or despots in the thirtieth millenia than Daemons.

18-03-2007, 14:43
Size comparison


18-03-2007, 14:52
Love the individuality! whats the helmet from?

18-03-2007, 16:20
How have I missed this log before?

Excellent work, very inspiring ! The guardsman really resembles the old Mk I thunder armour model, with the helmet topknot ;)

18-03-2007, 16:38
Fantastic conversion work on the Imperial Guardsman, good thinking on using WH too. Awesome stuff.

Warwolt the skaven
18-03-2007, 16:41
oh dear lord... PRE HERESY GUARDSMEN :D

18-03-2007, 16:55
That is a very unique guardsman you have there. Stellar convertion work.

18-03-2007, 17:06
looking good, though I would look at using a different head maybe. As it stands, your astartes doesn't really look that tall any more. Just my opinion. I like your background concept and it seems plausible to me. as for decoration. Look at Adrian Smith's painting of the Emperor confronting Horus. (picture #CAS1009) in the link below:


On the right hand side are some figures that I think are supposed to represent and idea similiar to yours. That should give you some imagery to work from if you want.

Either way it's good to see another post. I am highly enjoying watching this thread. :)

Inquisitor Konig
18-03-2007, 17:32
Love the individuality! whats the helmet from?
The helmet is just a Cadian with the top-knot off a Chaos Marine I'm guessing...

DogHouse I really like that Guardsman. At first glance I thought you were making some scouts for your army but I don't know if Mariens even used scouts back then... either way it looks really good. Cannot wait to see more of them. BTW, how are you going to arm that unit of Stormtroopers, I know you like 10man units of Marines all with Bolters but believe me... Hellguns don't pack that kind of punch! ;)

Colonel Stagler
18-03-2007, 20:50
Nice guardsman, although i always imagined imperial army men in tall shakos, red greatcoats and with ornate golden autoguns.

18-03-2007, 22:44
Hmmm, doghouse, you could throw in some variation using the prussian style helmspikes. I dunno, those figures in the Horus v. Emperor painting made me think of it. GAH, chaos-taint in my head! Dammit.

18-03-2007, 23:57
Brilliant as allways, what are you planning for jet pack troops? You have to have some in a night lord army, hint, hint. :evilgrin: Your work is even cleaner than before.

19-03-2007, 00:45
I must jump on the bandwagon and agree, great job, I ike the combination of Fantasy lowers with the uppers!

19-03-2007, 08:18
Colour me impressed, that looks brilliant, and the smoothness of the GS is lipsmackingly good.

Well done sir



21-03-2007, 19:09
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the kind words. :)

jasevx: It's from the Cadian Guardsmen just cut down a little.

Cpt_Tiberius: I have to agree with you on the height issue, it does make the Night Lords look a little smaller. I'm going to carry on with this model as a prototype but will probably use the FW Elysians as a basis for the proper squad.

Inquisitor Konig: Although they are only packing Hell-guns they do allow me to include Imperial Army troops in my army using Codex Space Marines without the need for house rules.
In game terms I'll be using them as a cheap scout squad, maybe with a couple of special weapons to harass enemy units. :)

Colonel Stagler: Yeah the Volstroyans would be excellent for that. These guys are designed more to have an older look to their armour based on the style of the gear worn during the wars of unification.

Strelok: I might have to try that.

HiveTrygon: Thanks mate. Not quite GW standard but I'm slowly getting better. :)
Not sure yet about the jump pack troops, maybe one squad at some point but they were supposed to be in short supply. When I get around to it I'll probably sculpt the legs from scratch rather than hack up some CW legs.
I'll probably be heading down the route of overwhelming firepower which demontrates their nature of being over the top violent evil nut jobs. :)

luna wolf
23-03-2007, 20:20
i thought your idea was so cool and used it to make myself a small 500 point pre heresy death guard force.

24-03-2007, 03:04
Excellent! If you ever post shots be sure to PM me the link to the pictures mate. That'd be cool. :)

24-03-2007, 03:25
Only time for a quick update as I'm hard at work with my Pre-heresy/heresy site at the moment.


Although I'm still building up the Regal Blue I decided to have a go at mapping out the details on the dreadnought.

Inquisitor Konig
24-03-2007, 05:16
Even if it is a quicky its a goodie. That Dred looks like it is almost time for the crushing!:chrome:

luna wolf
25-03-2007, 00:17
that is one nice dread

28-03-2007, 02:38
Damn Doghouse. Your modelling skills are superb.

And I love your attitude to army composition - bolter squads all the way!

28-03-2007, 04:25
The brass lining is looking promising, keep it up!

Angel Robertson
28-03-2007, 09:00
That does look very good actually! Wasnt sure on the brass at first but it suits the dread very well!!


08-04-2007, 00:58
Thanks guys! :)

I've been hard at work getting my Pre-Heresy site off the ground but now it's time for a long overdue update...

The real pain about my camera is that in the wrong lighting it plays havoc with the white balance. Although this guy looks like a light blue he's in reality closer to the colour of the Crimson Fists.
I'm happy with him in person but the camera's not doing me any favours. :(
Anyway I've decided to give him a bare head so that I can show that he's a Terran, the first sergeant will also have a bare head but be painted with a much paler skin tone to show that he's a native of Nostramo.
I'm adding his heraldry at the moment which will be a red and white checkered pattern across the lower half of the pad with some honour markings across the top half.
At this point in time he's still seen as a hero of the Imperium (well maybe an anti-hero) so the blonde haired/blue eyed poster-boy look creates an interesting contrast to the rest of the Nostramo born Night Lords. I'm also painting the Legion emblem on the left shoulder pad.
I think I'll be happier with him once I've got the first squad completed though.
As the Space Marine codex redux looks likely to be in about a years time I'm going to get around upgrading his bolter to a combi-weapon with the addition of a servo skull armed with a single shot plasma weapon.

WIP Captain Artibeus

Size shot with WIP dreadnought

08-04-2007, 08:20
I'm glad you did something about the boots, they look better this way. Should be a great looking army man :D

08-04-2007, 10:18
Somehow the Dread looks much slimmer now...must be the gold rim, good job!

So you switched the helmet for a bare head, eh? Well the face looks awesome, excellent painting, but somehow I prefer the helmet. It's more anonymous, and I always see Night Lords as anonymous murderers...ah well, that's me ranting again.

As I said, fantastic work doghouse, looking forward to more!

08-04-2007, 10:38
I may feel an urge to use some of your idea's, but can i just say your modelling skills are GODLY!

Still learning
08-04-2007, 11:25
very well done, may i ask how you do the skin?

luna wolf
08-04-2007, 13:20
looks really nice as usual.

08-04-2007, 13:35
Cheers guys! :)

Hiveminion: I feel exactly the same way about the helmet, it gives them a faceless kilers feel and it was a tough call to make to go with a bare head.
Ultimately it demonstrates that this guy is a Terran. Whilst the later Nostramo recruits were brutal killers because they were recruited from the desperate criminal class of the population. They are vicious killers because they know no other way, it's in their nature.
This guy was born on Terra and has no such excuse to fall back on.
The bare head helps him look more like a hero of the Imperium but he's purely a brutal sadistic killer at heart through choice. He kills because on some level he enjoys it.

Still learning: Yeah, it's really easy actually. Base coat the face with Tanned Flesh. Then go over this with Dwarf Flesh leaving the basecoat visable in the recesses then highlight with Elf Flesh.
You can mix the different types of Flesh colour to blend the tones as you lighten them.

08-04-2007, 20:58
Hey Doghouse

Couldnt do my a favour could you and show us a size comparison between these guys and one of the new plastic terminators?

I'm considering knocking together some in your style, but I know I'll want some terminators as well, and I dont want to end up finding out I have a small unit of armour dwarves on my hands...

08-04-2007, 21:16
Yeah, no problem mate. I'll post a picture asap. :)

09-04-2007, 10:20
I'm happy I found this thread....great stuff here. Keep it up, it is deffinetely one of the best Marine armies I've seen. The conversions are briliant and the GS work looks fantastic.

09-04-2007, 18:56
Thanks mate. :)

Ok so I've been banging my head repeatedly against a brick wall trying to get a proper blue and have settled on the following technique.

1: Drybrush over black undercoat with Regal Blue

2: Go over with this Midnight Blue

3: Highlight with Regal Blue

The result is a dark blue that I can live with and more importantly paint easily.
The picture below is much lighter than it is in person, I'm definately going to have to get a decent camera and lighting set-up.


I've also begun work on a Speeder for my army based on the old tandam seating I had on this ancient model I made years ago:

White Scorpions Stormhawk (http://www.pbase.com/doghouse/image/7111176)

The newer version is going to be more in line with the 30k universe and will feature a prow on the front with a sculpted winged skull.
Here's the very basic framework in place (it looks a little front heavy because of the angle of the picture):


09-04-2007, 18:59
That looks sweet. I can't wait to see it finished. I'm a big fan of the large prows too, looking forward to that especially.

12-04-2007, 21:25
Doghouse, these are FANTASTIC! I've been following this post both here and on Bolter & Chainsword, and have to say how impressive these models are: great use of Warhammer Chaos Warrior parts, impressive paint jobs, great poses... these have everything.

They are most inspiring, giving my late-heresy Death Guard a much needed modelling boost... many thanks!


14-04-2007, 15:55
Thanks guys. :)

Scale shot for Asmodai_Dark86

More updates soon...

14-04-2007, 21:31
I just want to say that youre stuff is awesome doghouse. When I finish my templars, you've inspired me to start a truescale pre-heresy iron warriors army. I cant wait to build it.

14-04-2007, 21:53
Brilliant stuff!
Just make sure you post them on my site! (Wh30k link in sig). :)

Captain Ardias
14-04-2007, 22:01
Looks great doghouse as allways:). Seeing your models makes me want to start my Pre-heresy army right away, even though I don't have the funds to support that project atm. Will we be seeing terminators soon then;) ?
Btw, I think I'll join your site.

14-04-2007, 22:16
Captain Ardias: Excellent! Be great to have you on board. Terminators are planned but will be a little way off into the project.
Current plan is Captain, Tactical Squads, Dreadnought, Landspeeder and Devastators first of all. Then after they are done Legio Mortis Warhound, Terminators and Predator.
Imperial Army allies are in the pipeline as seen earlier in the thread, maybe a Sisters of Silence squad as well.

Update time!

Here's the first wip painted squad member. I've filled the vents in the visor to allow me greater freedom when painting the terror markings. I've got the first squad built and primed but I'm holding off on the pictures untill I've got the whole squad done for a change.
Still got to clean the paintjob up a bit, mostly around the terror markings but it's gettting there.




Scale shot

Here's a shot with the wip dreadnought. I've been talking with Hiredsword about these guys on and off for a while and he suggested saying the lightening was a campaign marking. So I've taken it one step further and made it into a proper campaign marking.


Captain Ardias
14-04-2007, 22:20
DAMN:eek: that terror mark looks awesome, now I want to do a Night lords army too.

Still learning
15-04-2007, 00:48
nice freehand, really mean.

15-04-2007, 12:50
A very, very unique looking army. Love the freehand death masks. Well worth a five me thinks!!

15-04-2007, 14:10
That is an unbelievable freehanded terror marking! Keep at it!

15-04-2007, 18:28
Awesome, that strikes fear into me!

15-04-2007, 20:35
Love the skull helmet, reminds me of chapel from spawn

16-04-2007, 02:30
Oh my word, oh crikey. doghouse yer a genius and a bloody hard worker, all i can say that aint already been said is, why the holy hell don't gw make their marines like that in the first place? Those are Proper, sir. I'm going straight to your preheresy site, and i will most definitely be following this. INSPIRATIONAL.
..Damn, in fact, what would be a good source of bionic legs that matched the chaos warrior ones in height, like Necrons or scratch-make or what? Cos those Red Scorpion chests and helmets look like Iron Hands to me, dead serious and robotic.

16-04-2007, 04:38
Any more progress on the tandem landspeeder?

17-04-2007, 18:06
You just keep the awesome stuff coming, doghouse! The speeder, the captain, the dread, the marine...they just make me drool like a puppy chewing its tongue.

I just can't grasp the coolness of these models...it is just...ice.:)

17-04-2007, 18:31
Love the terror skull paint on the marine - can we expect to see it on the dread too? He has that nice big helmet all empty and waiting ...

- Salvage

17-04-2007, 20:31
Thanks guys! :)

Gdolkin: Necrons would work but I'd be tempted to scratchbuild bionic legs for an IH force.

Strelok: I've just received some plasticard parts (now I can start doing proper conversions :evilgrin: ) I've been waiting on so expect an update soon. :)

hiveminion: Wait untill you see all twenty fully painted and lined up in a phlanx formation, it's scarey. :)


update soon.

25-04-2007, 02:36
this is looking really good. Its inspiring me to get my heresy-era Sons of Horus painted.

Damn. I couldnt have chosen a Legion with a more awkward colour scheme could I? How exactly do you get "green-grey" right without looking a bit poo? Why couldnt the Horus Heresy novels stick to the Horus Heresy artbook depiction of nice easy grey :p

25-04-2007, 11:36
The skull-markings on the helmet brings out the night lordy look, love it!
Can't wait to see the result of your termies either. Will you add some sort of skull paint-theme to their helmets as well?

Also I must say is what made me decide to finally try to sculpt those pre-heresy alpha legioneers I've done myself, so I must thank you for the inspiration, all that I need to do now is refine my "sculpting skills" and get over some bits to MK4 maximus suits and MK5 heresy armour.

16-05-2007, 17:08
GW night lords are a joke....yours are bloody great!!

you don't have a pic of a true scale terminator?? it must be really HUGE!!!

you must've done one buy now...

once again ...great job.

16-05-2007, 19:13
these look absolutely fantastic and incredibly inspiring

16-05-2007, 20:00
Nice, pretty awe-inspiring stuff! Im thinking of my first project, but its a hard choice to make. Death Korps, Plague Zombies or neither :S

18-05-2007, 18:45
This is a great looking army. I can't wait to watch it progress. I really like the custom armor and all the GS work. Very nice.

Firestorm Falcon
18-05-2007, 20:35
They look great, It's good to see your doing something awesome while not painting CSK (od).

18-05-2007, 22:19
as much as a little fun with your CSK(od) is apreciated, I would love to see some progress with you (really promissing) Night Lords, especially the scary looking phalanx-formation you described earlier!

19-05-2007, 22:57
This'll be one sweet army when finished :D

If it wasn't for the gs work I'd have to do, I'd envy your gs skills ;)

Well, i guess i'll just go back and practice :D


EDIT: Oh, and by the way, get back to the csk(od) now! We (I) demand updates there too :D

23-05-2007, 23:00
whoa those are nice love the termie thinking of making a unite for my lunar wolves.

08-08-2007, 16:47
More pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26-08-2007, 13:36
Cheers guys!

Seeing as the LatD army is now defunct as far as tournies go (there go my tournament plans for next year...) I've decided to use my actual scale marine to update Captain Artibeus.
The Heresy is fully underway as the the forces of Horus battle their way to the Imperium's seat of power. MkVI armour has begun to be shipped to the traitors as the siege of Terra looms. The Night Lords having sided with the rebels after the destruction of their homeworld.
Artibeus is a changed man, his sense of extreme justice and purpose have now become corrupted to serve a much darker agenda.





I've still got to clean him up quite a bit but he's getting there (mostly the Legion icon and completing the base coat). I've no intention of using him alongside the True-scale guys I started this project with but may instead make a few of the army's characters as Actual-scale models instead.
Sergeant Mollusos is screaming out to be made this way for example.

26-08-2007, 13:42
The white skulls on the helmets are beautiful man!

28-08-2007, 00:18
nice work on Artibeus - keep it up!

01-09-2007, 20:54
nice i love the look of the tactical squad they all look like a team :D lol

01-09-2007, 23:35
Cheers guys! :)

Just a quick update.
I've been playing around with snow today as I've decided to have the Night Lords based on snow bases to contrast with the rather dark blue.
I've used woodland scenics brand of snow, I applied two coats and then went over with a wash of skull white. I then went over this with another laver of snow to create the permafrost.
Trouble is that my camera sucks at white shots and so you can't make out the layers in the shots below. :(
I've basecoated the skull on his belt and started painting the oaths of moment on his wrist and waist.
Although I have added snow on his boots that's collected as he's been walking I may add some frosting on the greaves as well or lighten the armour to show the glare of the snow.
Still have to add highlights to the skull markings as they're just basecoated for now.
I also have to add his captain's markings and lightning bolt campaign marking to his greave. I may use the eye of Horus instead as this was the campaign badge of the rebels during the Heresy.
I think I need to add something to break up the white of the base a little as well.



For teh blue of the armour I used a basecoat of Necron Abyss then went over this with Midnight Blue. I then went over this with a couple of coats of watered down Midnight Blue/Regal Blue and highlighted with Regal Blue.
Fine highlights are Regal Blue/Skull White.
I'm currently working on a chapter master sculpt for a friend of mine and have begun work on an "actual scale" Night Haunter to go with the model above. He's quite big.

02-09-2007, 10:29
I agree you could use some other basing material to break up the snow, the contrast is nice but there should be some dark from the mini in the base as well. Some black/dark grey gravel would work best in my opinion.

Other than that I really like him so far, a Night Haunter model by you is going to rock!:cool:

02-09-2007, 12:03
Thanks Hiveminion! :)
I totally agree, it definately needs some dark grey on there. I'm not overly happy with the look now that I can see it in natural light so I may just strip it and go for a city fight style base instead.
The Night Haunter model is an extremely daunting prospect. I had an earlier bash at Angron and wasn't happy with the result when I dabbled with the World Eaters.
This time around Chronophague has kindly given me permission to base my sculpt on his awesome concept sketch. I'm itching to get started on the proper sculpting.
I'm playing around with making the army proper (yeah right, like that'll ever happen...), so it'll be mid heresy with the introduction of the MkVI armour having taken place. So basically I'll be sculpting and casting the legs, torso and shoulderpads and using GW/FW bits for the rest.
I really want to do Sergeant Mollusos next as he's Artibeus' right hand man.

02-09-2007, 13:19
Lovely work here Doghouse!

05-09-2007, 21:24
Cheers Verdi!

Although I'm not one hundred percent happy with him I've just dullcoated Captain Artibeus. I will go back and darken the grenade, touch up the highlights, etc, but for now he's done as I want to get on with the army.





I wasn't happy with the snow so I've changed it to a city rubble style base.
He's far from GD standards but I want a playable army so next it's onto Sergeant Mollosus and the first combat squad.
I'm in the early stages of sculpting the next few guys but I'm aiming for as many as possible along with some actual scale vehicles as well.

05-09-2007, 21:28




I'm going to try to salavge the original dreadnought for the army and have included some rather dark shots of the terror markings on his helmet.
He stands at a little over seven feet tall when compared to a regular guardsman.

Rogue Trader
05-09-2007, 22:15
everythings looking good, i havnt had a dread in ages but that looks alot taller than i rmember, are the legs lengthened?

05-09-2007, 22:37
Cheers mate. :)

Yeah the legs are longer, the torso has been widened and the greaves have been made bigger as well. :)

05-09-2007, 22:42
Words fail me.....:o

These are THE best marine figures I've ever come across. Simply brilliant.

06-09-2007, 03:32
still looking amazing doghouse

are you going to paint the skull on his backpack, or did you keep it blue on purpose? Because I forgot to paint that once on the same backpack

Inquisitor Konig
06-09-2007, 05:01
Couple of questions for you Doghouse since I am about to make some of my own "True Scale" Marines and yours are just so darn per-dey.

1)do you add any deapth between the two chest peices or does the putty you add to the front do it for you?

2)are those termi-shoulder pads on the PF model and do you think those are nessessary for all "True-Scale" Marines?


06-09-2007, 18:09
Cheers guys! :)

DigitsDavid: Coming from an accomplished modeller such as yourself that's a true compliment mate! :)

deathwing_marine : Yeah, I'm going to keep it blue as with the ones on the guantlets. I personally feel that Pre-Heresy, or in this case Heresy era, models should have a machined mass produced feel to them to help seperate them from their more archaic 41st millenium counterparts.
The 31st millenium, up untill the heresy that is, was about enlightment and truth whereas the 41st millenium is more about superstition and religious dogma in my mind. :)

Inquisitor Konig: I'm guessing that you mean the ones with the Chaos Warrior legs in regards to your questions.

1: The bodies on the first versions are just regular forge world MkIV torsos from the red scorpions veterans pack so there's no putty involved. I just stuck them on the legs with superglue and did the GS work around them. It works just as well with regualr plastic torsos as well, just stick them on without having to do any GS work to them.
The new captain model has a fully sculpted torso however.

2: I'm guessing that you mean the power fist armed devastator sergeant here.
All of the chaos warrior leg marines have regular marine pads, so no you don't need termiantor shoulder pads. All you need are the plastic marines, a box of WFB chaos warriors and some greenstuff.
The new captain on the other hand does have terminator shoulder pads as he's a larger model. Hope that helps. :)

07-09-2007, 18:02
These are the best marines I have seen on warseer so far. Can you post a pic of all your dudes together?

You seem to have changed the model representing Captain Artibeus several times. They all look good but why is this.

08-09-2007, 11:18
Thanks Tyranoodle! :)

Yeah, Artibeus has undergone a few changes since I first started the army. :)
This is mainly due to the evolution of my technique for creating larger marines and I'm currently planning to do the army properly with this new process of making them.
Downside is that it's extremely time consuming but I'm working on casting completely sculpted single piece bodies and legs to save time.

Sergeant Mollusos

With Artibeus finally out of the way I can focus on first sergeant Mollusos.
Mollusos is a native of Nostramo and is a cold and overly brutal killer. With the Heresy now well underway Mollusos has become Artibeus's enforcer and assassin maintaining strict dicipline and order within the ranks of the fifth company.


This is the very early stages of creating the model. I'm going for a slightly more dynamic shot than that of Artibeus this time around. He'll either be stalking or slashing at the enemy with his combat knife.
I might go for a MkIII armour this time around as it's one of my favourites.

08-09-2007, 11:40
I would personally go for slashing. The pose is too dynamic to have him stalking without looking a bit over the top, Clint Eastwood style. That's my opinion anyway.

Another seriously cool marine in the making!:)

08-09-2007, 11:50
ooh MK 3? im doing the same for Captain Varren for my World Eaters... maybe i should wait to see how yours turns out first? :p

08-09-2007, 14:20
hiveminion: I'm thinking of something like this would be cool:


synapse: I'm going to have most the guys in Mk IV armour but the characters will probably be in variants. Artibeus in Mk VI as you've already seen as he more progressive in character and Mollusos in Mk III as he's more set in his ways.
It's my Conrad Kurze model that proving to be a real challenge at the moment. He's turning out to be pretty big compared to Artibeus.

08-09-2007, 14:23
night haunter :o wow hell be big!

hes one of my fave primarchs next to mortarion, so you better do him justice :p

funny that, you basically described what im thinking about doing for the armour on my World Eaters... cool! looking forward to seeing the different armour types

08-09-2007, 14:36
I'll give it my best shot. :)
I did try and make an Angron model waaaaay back when I first attempted my own Pre-Heresy World Eaters but made a complete mess of him as you can see here:



And one of the WE I was working on that he was going to lead...


Fortunately I've improved a lot since then.
I've been given permission by Chronophague from the Bolter and Chainsword forums to use his fantastic concept sketch of Conrad Kurze as a basis for the sculpt. It's looking pretty good so far.

08-09-2007, 14:42
can we get a link to the pic?

08-09-2007, 14:46
Yeah sure, it's found in this old thread on the B&C:

Night Haunter by Chronphague (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=95087&hl=)

08-09-2007, 14:49
Suggestion, if you will:

You remember the last chancer "Shiv", with the knife above his head? Think bolter in left hand held parallel to his leg, knife raised to plunge it into someone's back in the right...

08-09-2007, 18:39
Good stuff, good stuff. Keeping a steady eye on this thread...I too like the slashy idea more than the sneaky.


08-09-2007, 18:54
sanctusmortis: Thanks for the suggestion I'll give it a try and see how it looks mate but I'm leaning more to a hack/slash pose at the moment.

Ventris_Fellstorm: Thanks mate!


I've started working the torso to establish the proper Mk III look. I'm just playing around with it at the moment before I shape it properly and add the rivets and other details. I'll be removing the hoses on the side of the rebreather and adding guitar strings running from either side running back over his shoulders.
I've also bulked out the left leg and will begin adding the ringed armour to both legs before adding the front plates.
Once the legs are done I can begin work on the groin plate.




08-09-2007, 19:30
hate how you get that smooth look, thats a dream to me! brilliant poses

08-09-2007, 22:18
Thanks Jasevx! :)
I'm still getting to grips with posing models and these guys are a perfect testbed for the process. Hopefully it'll add an extra level of character to the pieces.
The trick for the smoothness is to use a thin film of vasalene on the sculpting tool. If you're using the GW one just work the flat round end with vasalene on in little circles to smooth out the surface. It's dead easy when you get the hang of it.

Quick Update:



Added the ringed plate armour to legs and basic shape of groin guard. Also begun adding a few rivets. It's coming along nicely.

Still learning
09-09-2007, 02:08
awsome! how do you get the GS so smooth?

09-09-2007, 02:20
I think you should put a little magnet in the head and use the iron warrior head-4 as well as the one your using.

09-09-2007, 07:47
personally, i think the iron warrior head 4 is too smallto use, though it is right for iron armour.

09-09-2007, 09:38
Still learning: Thanks mate! :)
It's quite easy to smooth GS out. The trick is to use a thin film of vasalene on the flat side of the sculpting tool. First you shape the GS, once your happy that it looks ok using the standard GW tool you add the thin film of vasalene, just so that it's slightly greasy to the flat side of the round shaping part on the tool. Then work the tool around in small circles to smooth the GS out. You can use water but I find vasalene easier to work with. :)

Esinhorn: That's not a bad idea mate, thanks. :)

synapse: I' think that I may just sculpt the helmet from scratch but the main problem is that I need him bareheaded so that you can tell he's a native of nostramo. :)

09-09-2007, 10:04
nice and pale! :) yeah i know what you mean!

ive just bought some small clay sculpting tools which i find are great for smoothing out the GS.

09-09-2007, 15:38
Update time...





As you can tell I haven't really paid too much attention to the back of the model and am now just begining to clean it up a little,
I've added the front plates to the thighs and will add the front of the greaves next. I think I may be rushing this a little but I'm on a roll at the moment.
I've added the basic shape for the knee pads and will clean them up as well as adding the other rivets to the torso. I also need to shape up the groin gaurd, adding detail like the plate hinges and rivets.
Got to add the ribbing between the armour, add the butt plate and once the front leg plates are in place I'll add the arms. I want to give him a bulky feel overall.
It's gettng there...

09-09-2007, 15:50
what shoulder pads will you use/make?

09-09-2007, 15:58
I'll be using exactly the same technique as before with terminator pads as the basis and I'll just add a trim to them.

09-09-2007, 17:34
First-Sergeant Nathaniel Mollusos

Sergeant Mollusos was born a native of Nostramo, the bleak and desolate nightworld that was to be the home of the Night Lord's Primarch Konrad Curze.
Mollusos was orphaned at a very young age, his parents having taken their own lives he was left to fend for himself survivng on the outskirts of Nostramo Quintus like many other orphans before the time of the Night Haunter.
When the Imperium finally came to Nostramo he was found and adopted by a Terran foreman called Telmar Mollusos that worked in one of the many adamantium shipping plants. He and his wife named him Nathaniel and raised him as their own.
The Emperor's arrival heralded the departure of Night Haunter and the city once again decended into a state of depravity.
Nathaniel was a troubled child and ultimately rewarded his new parent's kindness as a young man by brutally murdering them as they slept.
He was given a lengthy prison sentence but was to be later recruited by the Night Lords Legion along with many other murder's and thieves.
Mollusos caught the attention of Captain Artibeus of the fifth company who was impressed by the young Astartes' brutality and conviction to their duty.
Artibeus began to personally mentor Mollusos, forging him into a deadly weapon to be used against the enemies of the Imperium.
Before long Mollusos had risen to the rank of First Sergeant of the fifth company and was given Artibeus's own suit of MkIII armour that he had worn after the Sol Pacification.

09-09-2007, 17:36
Ooh, a Doghouse update :D
Looking very nice; the pose seems a bit odd at the moment but that's probably just because it isn;t finished.

Lovely work :)

09-09-2007, 17:47
Digging the fluff...what an ungrateful little git.;)

09-09-2007, 17:58
Cheers guys! :)

Arhalien: Yeah I was thinking that but hopefully he'll look ok when the arms are in place. :)

hiveminion: It was a way of digging myself out of a hole. :D
Most Nostramo Astartes names begin with "El" and Mollusos doesn't sound right. I figured having him adopted by an off-worlder would explain the more Terran sounding name and as I needed a reason for him to become a convict it seemed right that they got the chop. :eek:

09-09-2007, 18:44
I like the fluff for that dude. Gritty and evil like night lords should be...

Rogue Trader
09-09-2007, 18:48
looking good but.....i do think the knee pads are a bit large???

09-09-2007, 22:52
Cheers guys! :)

Rogue Trader: You might be right actually, I've have to take another look at him once he's finished.

Right, update time!




I kind of got caught up in things and forgot the back of the left leg and groin plate. For some reason the camera seems to alter the angle of the model a bit which is annoying. I think the rear of the model represents the pose best as he's sort of hunkering down to recieve a charge. I think I may have to sink the head further into the shoulders, that could be what's making him look odd.
Right hand will have a bolter in it and the left...welll...I'm not too sure.
I tryed a sword but that obscured his face which is no good as it's going to be the focal point of the model. I tryed a knife which worked slightly better, maybe a knife crudely strapped to the back of his wrist?
I'll have to play around with that one.

09-09-2007, 22:57
"I am from japan...huwa"

looks ninjarific, and i made up a word. today has been good. glad to see you still on with you're projects Doghouse :)

damn you're a GS master, like mozart but without the deafness.



09-09-2007, 23:09
Sorry mate, you're going to have to speak up I can't hear you...

Thanks mate, I haven't forgotten about that tute you were asking about btw. :)

10-09-2007, 00:41
Doghouse, i must tell you:

Stop these amazing projects!!! This "real-scale marine" make me see my space marines like useless IG instead of great Space Marines...

I need a lot of a green stuff

10-09-2007, 01:35
Great stuff as always!

Metal Fingered Villain
10-09-2007, 02:39
That is some very clean greenstuffing, can't wait to see some more updates. I just finished Flight of the Eisenstein and have some major inspiration to do some pre heresy deathguard or emperors children.

10-09-2007, 10:49
Hmmm... a large knife, pointed out away from him? It would look like he was parrying, or slashing for their torso.

10-09-2007, 18:05
Cheers guys! :)

Gonfrask: Sorry mate... :D
I know what you mean though, the regular marines kind of look rather weedy next to these guys. It's a shame that they never made them this big in the first place.

Metal Fingered Villain: Yeah the books are great inspiration. I'm part of the way into Fulgrim and want to do Iron Hands now. Either Death Guard or Emperor's Children would be excellent though, I may have to sneak one of the other Legions into this army at some point, a Word Bearer or Alpha Legion Astarte might be cool.

sanctusmortis: I agree mate, a large knife pointing away is probably the best way to go.

10-09-2007, 18:07
word bearer, i say! a truescaled WB with litanies and tabbards etc would look great

10-09-2007, 20:22
Yeah I think you could be right there mate.






The last two shots are a bit dark bit it gives you a general idea of how he's developing. The general bulk of the model is now in place and I've just got to tidy him up before adding the details like the cables and equipment.
The head is definately way too high so I'll have to drill out the neck to sink it down a little further.
I'm itching to get painting started now.
Second one nearly done, just another twenty nine to go...

10-09-2007, 20:23
"you look at me i cut you're face"



10-09-2007, 20:41
Are you threatening me? :P

Thanks SC. :)

10-09-2007, 22:49
hey doghouse were do you get the pre heresy bolters from?

Colonel Stagler
11-09-2007, 00:58
I pity the fool, who is in the way of my knife!

11-09-2007, 02:03
Saw this thread before...
Fantastic work doghouse, very very inspiring...
Ive always loved pre heresy stuff and this just reinforces that.

11-09-2007, 02:39
The knife looks great like that no slashing, straight up hacking

Sons of Russ
11-09-2007, 03:25
The knife looks great like that no slashing, straight up hacking

that's how you hold a knife in hand to hand combat. The blade protects your forearm when you blocking your enemy's knife strike.

Excellent pose and choice of head.

11-09-2007, 04:20
Excellent, the thread is up and running again and Doghouse hasn't abandoned us! Yay! :D

Glad to see you have gotten back into the swing of things and are rattling through the troops.

I still haven't started any true scale models although I stupidly volunteered to make a Rogal Dorn for a Siege of the Emperor's Palace game at my local GW. Suffice to say I still planning looting your logs for all they're worth! :D

11-09-2007, 08:27
Excellent, the thread is up and running again and Doghouse hasn't abandoned us! Yay! :D

Give him time!

Brilliant work on that so far the GS'ing is wicked

11-09-2007, 17:41
I can just see that WIP planting the knife in a poor unfortunate's jugular.... brilliant job!

11-09-2007, 17:52
Cheers guys! :)

Kerflunc : I've had them lying around since second ed, I have seen them on ebay from time to time though.

Catferret: Sounds like you got your work cut out for you mate, Dorn is an awesome model to make and I'd love to have a bash at him myself if I wasn't already working on Night Haunter. Feel free to loot away mate. :)
I think I finally got my modeling mojo back so expect more Night Lords to come over the next couple of weeks. :)

11-09-2007, 18:28
looking forward to more truescale goodness!

11-09-2007, 21:57
Here you go then mate a quick update... :)


I've sunk the head into the neck a little and begun work on the chest plate rivets. I'm itching to get painting now but still have some way to go just yet.
A few more days and he'll be ready.

11-09-2007, 22:00
he looks like he's been wronged by a thousand women.

a thousand hot women.

this is good thing methinks, for the modelry is of high quality.


11-09-2007, 22:01
more questions form me :p

how do you do the rivets? just a tiny ball of GS added to the armour? or something more intricate?

11-09-2007, 22:11
schoolcormorant: Thanks mate! :D

synapse: That takes a bit of explaining so I'll get back to you on that tomorrow when I've had some sleep. ;)

11-09-2007, 22:56
Doghouse, I loathe your work for being an incredible inspiration to me.


5 stars man. make more now i command it.

12-09-2007, 18:11
Cheers mate! :)

More Night Lords on the way.

Rogue Trader
12-09-2007, 20:19
ooooo, i sniff an update :D

12-09-2007, 22:39
This stuff looks fantastic man. I've been playing with the idea of doing some true scale marines, but I'm not sure where to start.

Konrad_Curze II
12-09-2007, 22:49
i mean i do night lords and i tried to get them to look menacing but those that you've done here are damn scary! and if you make the night haunter look anything like that concept sketch then its gonna look damn awesome

13-09-2007, 19:08
Wow, every new mini tops your last. This guy is great. My organs quake in fear of the stabbing!

14-09-2007, 20:26
Cheers guys! :)

I'm now thinking about making my own version of Night Haunter after discovering that someone has already made a model based on Chrono's artwork. This news is a little disappointing to be honest as it's such a fantastic sketch but I really want something original.
I've got some more updates coming over the weekend with one big guy well underway (not Night Haunter) and maybe some shots of the first squad.
I'm still toying around whether or not to use the new chaos dex as the army list or not.

14-09-2007, 20:32
Your work is original enough to pull this off Doghouse. Take a couple of ideas from Chronos's pic and develop it further. You can do it!

New Chaos Dex seems to be organised similar to the old Legions. Should work well.

14-09-2007, 21:22
Thanks mate, it's tricky to know what to do now in regards to Night Haunter. Perhaps I could go for an "inspired by" approach like you say.
If I do use the Chaos Dex I have the added advantage of using the Night Haunter with the Daemon Prince rules and model him with lightning claws. It would be pretty cool to be able to actually include him in the army proper.
Maybe use Mollusos as one of the chosen?

14-09-2007, 22:08
omg, dude!

i love all your stuff

not only do i think that marines deserve to be a good height (i dont like how humans can look them in the eye, as equals, petty humans *mumbles off onto a rant bout guard*)

but im a HUGE pre-heresy fan

im currently making a warhamer 40k istavaan III army, but not much conversions until i make a full army, then i will go crazy

but i also want to do Istavaan V

purely becuz i seen ur night lords painted up and wow!

so i want to try my hand at sum

but im not a very good sculptor, so i might try to adapt the chaos legs and marine upper body that u done

all in all, very good man, kudos too you, cant wait for the nxt update

Konrad Kruze will look awesome ><:skull:

15-09-2007, 23:05
Thanks mate! That great to hear that you've been biten by the Pre-Heresy bug what Legion are you thinking of doing?

Update time...

"Let me introduce you to my little friend..."

I've retouched the original dreadnought I made for the army as a stop gap untill I can get the truescale one made.
It's the FW pre-heresy dreadnought torso with an extended and legs. I also added larger greaves to bulk the model out, lengthened the assault cannon and used the FW drill arm as the basis of the arm itself.
I've added rubble to the base and a fallen bust of an Imperial hero of old to portray that these guys are set in the heresy, striding through the rubble of the empire they helped forge and swore to protect.





15-09-2007, 23:13
aye ive always loved the pre heresy constantly reading it

then my local GW store is running a storyline pre-heresy campagin

500pts eatch but ther are tonnes of us

so i thought, great oppurtunity to make an excuse to create one ><

i started off wiv world eaters (face it, i love khorne and blood too much, in october im actually gettin a tattoo of the khorne symbol :evilgrin:)

but i was reading up a bit bout istavan 3

and i decided im going to do the evil forces of it

i currently have sum of my world eaters in it
and im painting up some death guard, emperors children and sons of horus

but i have also painted up some Word Bearers with a chaplain, purely becuz i wanted to do sum ><

eventually im going to go onto istavan 5!

then i can do sum of my own night lords :D


15-09-2007, 23:25
Sounds great! :)

If you need any more inspiration don't forget to check out my site:

Warhammer 30,000 (http://z6.invisionfree.com/Conflict_Zone/index.php?)


16-09-2007, 00:02
I'm currently sculpting a truescale terminator from scratch at the moment whilst playing around with Night Haunter.
As it's a fairly long process I'm only making the one which I'll probably use as a sorceror. I want to do him as part of an allied Legion rather than Night Lords, the obvious choice is Thousand Sons but I was thinking it'd be cool to make him from one of the other Legions.
So which do you think I should do as an alternative, Sons of Horus, Alpha Legion or Iron Warriors? Or maybe a Word Bearer even?
I concidered the other Legions but they are a bit too chaos for me, I'd rather just have evil marines and avoid the cult troops.

16-09-2007, 00:13
Now that's something I really wanna see! Looking forward to it Doghouse!

16-09-2007, 07:55
gotta be word bearer

too much option for adding banners, seals, lianies etc and the slate grey armour would look great

Still learning
16-09-2007, 09:01
mmmmm I really really love your pre-heresy style. Its really erging my to to some!

17-09-2007, 11:46
Hi, Doghouse the marines look fantastic! I really like the marines based on cw and have bought a box to give "true scaling marines" a go. I have made a start and I am about to start on the arms did you put a spacer inbetween the body and the arms to bulk them out?


17-09-2007, 12:23
Hey Doghouse,
I've been following this thread with quite some enthusiasm – the marines look fantastic. A couple of comments:
1) I don't like the assault cannon on the dreadnought... probably a little late in the day, but it seems a shame not to convert it to a reaper autocannon or other pre-heresy weapon. I notice it's started from the Autocannon arm (I ssume that's the drums on the back)...
2) On the sorceror, I'll echo Synapse and very much recommend a Word Bearer. In addition to complementing the dark palette of your Night Lords, he'll provide a great background connection to the eventual fall – very similar to the other Word Bearer agents provocateur, like Erebus. It'll also give you the opportunity to try some more ornate, baroque styling (fitting for the religious Word Bearers); which will be set off nicely by your militaristic Night Lords.
3) I must confess I'm quite relieved that you're moving away from the sketch of Night Haunter – not that it isn't awesome, but it's much more how I'd imagine the Raven Guard primarch: essentially The Crow in power armour. Night Haunter would look great if you hinted at his physical imperfection and madness. A toned-down Strigoi Vampire from Warhammer would provide some good stylistic points for this monstrous and insane primarch, and would be far more fitting in my view than the sketch.

Those minor comments aside, I really love what you've done with these guys; keep up the great work! Any chance of getting some gratuitous 'in action' shots, next to some miserably tiny enemies? :D

17-09-2007, 15:27
I think I'll also vote for a Word Bearer. The dreadnaught is looking great though. I still absolutely love the dark colours you've chosen for your Night Lords. I think it really helps portray what that legion is all about. Great work so far.

17-09-2007, 16:21
Death Guard, plz?
If not, word bearer

17-09-2007, 18:07
synapse: I think you could be right there mate, although as I'm doing mid-Heresy it'll have to be the regular red armour as I think they changed it quite early on. Shame really as I'd prefer the pre-heresy style more.

wreiro: The top half of the body is constructed as normal so no spacers are actually involved. The only real conversion work is the GS work.

hallowed_are_the_ori: Thanks mate, he originally started out as a World Eater dread but I changed his allegiance to the Night Lords at the last minute.


Still learning: Go for it mate!

Apologist: Thanks mate!
I went for the assault cannon mainly because it's a favourite of mine, what's not to like about a huge rotary cannon blazing streams of ammo at the enemy. On a more historical note Dreadnoughts were originally used as a testbed for future Terminator weapons so first appeared pre-heresy on the dreds.
As I'm probably just going to use the new chaos codex for these guys so it'll count as a twin linked autocannon.
I totally agree with your arguement for a Word Bearer. I now know that the Night Lords were dispatched to the planet Tsagualsa on eastern fringe by the Warmaster to launch a genocidal campaign against the Imperial strongholds of Heroldar and Thramas. I'm putting together a short piece to explain their presence their and a Word Bearer fits in nicely with the story.
Yeah, you're right it would probably make for a better Corax especially if you added the feather jump pack. From how I understand it now Kurze had dark armour covered with lightning bolts and had a skull helmet.
I haven't been able to find what weapons he used yet but that'll probably be resolved when Graham McNeil and Dan Abnett do the Dorn vs Night Haunter novels. As I understand it they're doing one each from either side of the story.
Once I've got a full squad of these guys together I'll put some action shots of them terrorising the admechs on Thramas and Heroldar.

Thoth62: Thanks mate! I see these guys as being evil rather than puppets of chaos and the dark colours and painted on terror markings really reinforce that ideal.

17-09-2007, 18:34
synapse: I think you could be right there mate, although as I'm doing mid-Heresy it'll have to be the regular red armour as I think they changed it quite early on. Shame really as I'd prefer the pre-heresy style more.

great! i actually prefer the red :p

17-09-2007, 21:21
Well, it should prove an interesting contrast to both the dark blue colour scheme and the ideology of the Night Lords I guess.

Update time...

Well, I'm ploughing ahead with the first three members of the tactical squad now. Most members of the unit will be wearing MkVI plate armour (as it's my favourite) with maybe some MkIV and MkV thrown in.


As before with the Captain these guys are scaled to be seven feet tall when compared to a guardsman. I've made the basic armature and will now begin adding the armour.


This is the simple armature I'm working on for the Word Bearer Terminator, it's really basic right now but I want to capture the feel of a much heavier suit than the regular plate armour.


17-09-2007, 21:24
So you're sculpting it completely from scratch? Hot damn! I look forward to seeing the results of this!

17-09-2007, 21:25
Nice work Doghouse, the army's really starting to shape up now.:)

17-09-2007, 21:25
Looking good so far Doghouse. Termie looks a little skinny though... ;)

17-09-2007, 21:33
hmm.. scratchbuilt truescale termie?

damn you doghhouse! you beat me to it :p

im keeping my eyes on this one very closely!

17-09-2007, 22:02
Thanks guys! :)

Thoth62: I looked at converting something, toyed with a few ideas and figured to heck with it I might as well just sculpt the darn thing from scratch. Hopefully it should look good when he's finished.
Philip Sibbering (the guy that did the cover for HH novel False Gods) kindly helped me work out the correct measurements for the new Captain to get the scale right and working from those measurements I'll be creating this guy.

hiveminion: Thanks mate, all the PMs I kept getting here and on B&C asking about the army gave me the incentive to get them restarted.

Catferret: Don't worry mate, couple of sessions in the gym and he'll be fine. :D

synapse : Sorry mate! :D
I still got a lot of work to be done on him just yet though.

18-09-2007, 11:20
Thanks. Cant wait to see the terminator.