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05-03-2007, 20:57
Hey guys!

I got bit by the "holy crap that's a cool model!" bug and have decided to construct a Daemonic Legion around the Be'lakor model. While I won't be using him in his greater daemon of undivided status, I will have him present as a Daemon Prince.

The list is pretty basic, but I don't quite know where to go/what to do with it. I know I really want to do a slaanesh or a nurgle(or both!) themed list, but this is my initial try:

Daal'Oth Herald of the Night(Daemon Prince):550
Blade of Ether, soul hunger, diabolic splendor
level 4 wizard

Uruu Twilight of Souls(Exalted Daemon):355
Spellbreaker, Diabolic splendor
Level 2 wizard

6 Mounted daemonettes:180

6 mounted daemonettes:180

10 daemonettes:157

10 daemonettes:157

3 pleasureseekers:165

1 Chariot of slaansh:130

1 Chariot of slaanesh:130

8 Chaos furies:120

8 Chaos furies:120

Some basic ideas before your comments, please:
The daemon prince and exalted daemon, and the furies stay. The number and their equipment might change, but their acutal inclusion in the army is set in stone. They're my centerpieces.

I don't care if it's a bad idea :D

Everything else is really up for change. I initially had a split slaanes/nurgle list, with a gigantic unit of plague bearers(with the unholy icon) for a super-tarpit and a unit of plagueriders.

Thanks for the time!


05-03-2007, 21:20
I think it looks fairly reasonable. I'm not a huge fan of magic heavy DL's unless you go tzeentch/slaanesh. For undivided it costs you so many points (240) to get to even moderate power dice levels that I don't feel like it's the most efficient points usage.

You like the double units of furies so go to it - I'm not convinced but could be useful as each unit gets a big guy (ED/DP) to provide some hitting power while they provide the flank/rear bonus.

I've been painting my belakor model the last week or so and it is a cool model. As a piece of advice use some greenstuff and a pin to help attach that loin cloth.

Why don't you post it over at www.thedaemoniclegion.com for more comments?