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malketh the witch king
05-03-2007, 22:03
hi im kinda new to fantsy but i was wondering if shooty armies would work in fantsy, cause i use a shooty army in 40k

1x lvl 1 mage 65pts lore of fire
10halbediers 50pts
10halbediers 50pts
1x steam tank 300pts
i think this is a crazy list in small point games, but i was told steam tanks are only allowed in 2000pts or higher. Not sure if this is truse cause i cant find it in the army list of it, instead of the steam tank i was also considering taking 1 hellblaster gun and 2 great cannons instead to get more shots off, the halbediers are kinda just their to make up my infantry, but plz i am a noob so please feel free to put as much critisism as you want

06-03-2007, 00:09
Hi Malkith :) In all the empire there is only supposed to be like eight steam tanks, built long ago by one of the best engineers in Empire history. they all have to be meticulously taken care of as they have no idea how to build more, fluffwise, there's no way they'd send one out with such a small force. there used to be point limits to when you could add one to an army, I'm not sure about now.
Aside from the fluff and potential point restriction, you're not likely to make friends bringing it onto the table for a 500 point game as there's not much your opponent could/would bring to deal with it other than a hope that you make it blow up yourself using too many steam points. Shooty is fine, bring handgunners, pistoliers, crossbowmen, huntsmen, cannons, mortars or outriders even, but it would seem uncouth to bring a tank to a low point gang fight. :)

malketh the witch king
06-03-2007, 14:29
wouldnt a steam tank be unstopable in small point games though?

06-03-2007, 15:44
I think that's the point. Sure the tank will be all but unkillable, but since the list can't be beat, people simply won't play against you.

You'll have a perfect record: W:0 L:0 D:0

29-03-2007, 20:47
The new rule book includes the steam tank rules and it costs 300 pts and a rare slot and is a rather fun item.
You can play it in 500 pts games and i suggest replacing the haliberdiers with Handgunners and go with the Lore of the Heavens

29-03-2007, 20:47
People will really want to play against you.