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06-03-2007, 01:41
This is my first Fantasy army, and using models from Battle for Skull pass and the Dwarf Battalion Box set I've come up with this list. *All units have full command or in the case of the artillery an engineer

Thane- Rune Weapon- Runes of Might, Fury and Speed
Rune Armour- Rune of Shielding
Dwarf Handgun, Gromril Armour, Shield

Dwarf Warriors - 13 warriors with Handweapons, Heavy armour, Shields and Full Command

Dwarf Warriors - 12 warriors with Handweapons, Heavy armour, Shields and Full Command

Longbeards- 12 Longbeards with Great weapons, Handweapon, Heavy Armour, Shield and Full Command

Thunderers- 12 Thunderes with Handweapons, Dwarf Handguns, Light armour and Shields with Full Command

Thunderers- 14 Thunderers with handweapons, Dwarf Handguns, Light armour, shields and Full Command

Cannon- Cannon with Engineer and Rune of Burning

Cannon- Cannon with engineer and Rune of Reloading

Dragon Slayer- With Runes of Might and 2X Rune of Speed

Miners- 8 Minors with Full command

(I'm not all that attached to the slayer so I may drop him and get more miners or when I upgrade by a few hundred points get him some slayer friends.

06-03-2007, 01:55
i like the variety of units. i dont usually play 1400 pt games but hopefully youll find someone who will. then youll find out if your list is good or not