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06-03-2007, 04:51
Chances are, I'm facing a pure gnoblar army with my Tomb Kings on Friday. I'm pretty new to Warhammer and don't know much about other armies than my own, but I've fought High Elves to a draw at 1500 pts and won over gnoblars before in Border Patrol. The gnoblar player won all other games in that small tournament, and it was the first time I ever played, so I really got the feeling that Tomb Kings are excellent gnoblar-crushers. This time, I'm gonna face the gnoblar player again at 1500 pts, so I was looking for some tips.

The thing is, I can't really see how gnoblars could possibly beat me, what with every unit in my army causing Fear. Their leadership sucks, they are even worse fighters than my core skeletons, and they can't possibly stand up to my magic. The gnoblar player's large block of 'Lucky Gits', or whatever their name is, frustrated the players in our Border Patrol-tournament to no end, but I'm still pretty sure my tomb guard would slaughter them.

Or? Am I missing something? What are gnoblars good at, really? (My opponent is using some pure gnoblar army list published in White Dwarf or something like that, I don't really know). The gnoblar player are a much more experienced player than I am; but still - how does he intend to win? Last time we played, his slingers broke and fled after -one- round of being shot at by my archers.

I'm thinking of fielding two blocks of 20 skeletons, 10x2 units of archers, 19 tomb guards, and 3 ushabti. Character-wise, I've planned to focus on the Fear-causing aspect of my army; equipping one of the two liche priest with the Terror-causing Death Mask of Kharnut (and having her join the tomb guard), and the Tomb Prince with the Blade of Mourning, that doubles the negative modifiers for the enemies break tests as long as it has caused one wound that round.

I could field a Casket of Souls, but someone told me it would be too good a target for the gnoblar scraplauncher. Would it?

So, anyone out there got any experience with Gnoblars? How do they beat Tomb Kings? And how do you beat them with Tomb Kings?

06-03-2007, 07:11
i think the casket of souls would be a good idea. you only have to get it off once to wreak serious havoc. the bowmen, combined with the incantation of righteous smiting, should thin the ranks of gnoblars. your taking alot of skeletons which is a good idea.

i like the tomb prince is a good idea, seeing how you probably wont outnumber the enemy.

i dont know what gnoblar magic is like, but having two priest and a prince should be enough to get the right spells off.

06-03-2007, 13:51
what he has is strength in numbers. nothing more. Ogres magic blows, especially if you miscast. It doesn't matter if you have shooting or magic, they're noblars they suck and they're there to die. however even though they suck, when it comes to combat resolution think about ranks! hope that helps

06-03-2007, 16:58
Gnoblars have Groinbiters. Nobody likes to get bit in the groin, not even the undead. You may be doomed already.

That said, rob them of rank bonus and the Gnoblar units collapse right quick.

06-03-2007, 17:29
Yep, take the casket for sure, against low LD armies it rocks. PLus do you have a SSC? if so take it...
As for the rest, drop the Terror mask, you dont want your LP anywhere near CC, bad idea. Make sure you give your Heirophant the cloak of dunes so you can fly him to where he's needed or out of trouble as well.
Dont get complacent in your charges, Fear will do well for you but still use your magic right, Flank/Rear charges anything to get rid of his static CR, he is going to out number you big time and his static CR will be huge.
Good luck...

07-03-2007, 08:30
Gnoblars can'T have a standard or a musician. You can and you cause fear. Remember this. For once your skeletons are the better unit. Try to kill his ogres. These area bigger threat to you as they are immune to fear and can pulverise your skeletons in melee. They wear no or light armor though and can be shot apart. I would use: the casket, lots of skeletons (both archers and spear men), chariots (you can outmanouver, and hit the flanks) and carrion (he has no answer in his army to flyers, and you can stop him from marching- they might also even win combat if 5 of them attack gnoblars in the flank). And I might consider a bone giant, if you have the points left. If you take a catapult, make sure to upgrade it so you can panic his units. He has no war machines which are easy to take down, which means swarms and scorpions are a little less useful than they might otherwise be.

vampires are cool!
07-03-2007, 11:54
I'd stow the Casket and get a screaming skull. Its cheap are can cause almost as much damage. That way you can get more archers and chariots. Your units having the ability to shoot again with magic can get you some serious casuilties. Have blocks of fifteen and put your lord in them with the two priests nearby. That way you can get three units to double fire in one turn. If you are facing a pure knoblar army them this will work well.

07-03-2007, 13:27
I saw a couple comments and so far, very few seem to know about the gnoblar army. Here's a couple things:

-heroes are dirt cheap at S3. But usually with flails. So they should do rather big damage in the first round and that's it.
-they can take only 1 type of character, the one mentioned above. So there will be little magic defense and his general will have really poor LD (6, I think)
-if he starts shooting an unit with all his slingers, don't expect that unit to do anything once near the battle line because it will be almost dead.
-The are probably 3 blocks you will face: the really bad ones, the "hero" block and the "undestructible" block. The "heroes" are a unit of S3 with flails. Does lots of damage of course! And the "undestructible" have light armor, shield, a ward save, and... can re-roll EVERYTHING THEY WANT. So there's like no way to kill them except by winning the fight. Really, don't underestimate them, they can tie up to chaos warriors.

So the idea would be to use their crappy LD against them. Because if you don't get rid of a few units, you will lose just by strength of numbers. I do this all the time with my skavens, but this guy has way more troops than me! And his lucky gitz are much better!

So I strongly suggest you bring the casket. The only problem is his lucky gitz have MR2 with re-roll, so I don't know how it works out, but maybe it's actually better if they don't get affected.

Then there's the good idea of the priest with terror. This should be awesome! If you can also have cloak of dunes on him, to place him in the center of his army but turn 2, that'd be great.

And about the lucky gitz, there's only really 3 ways to beat them:
1-hope for 2 bad rolls on a terror test
2-get their flank in a charge (might be...like...impossible though, as he has a gnoblar horde)
3-have something that removes saves. The catapult should do nicely. Or ushabtis.