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24-07-2005, 23:57
Alright, here is my first roleplay on Warseer. I want it to be something sinister, so, I made my own city in the Empire.

Welcome to Richtenburg, a small armory town just South of Marienburg. Things have been going on here that no one man can say. People have been dissapearing and are being found days later, mangled and cut with strange symbols. Some of the victims aren't even seen again. Bright eyes peer from the shadows, from the forest too. Peering into the very souls of the men, women, and children of Richtenburg.

Never fear though, help is soon to arrive. A mercenary by the name of Krugo has arrived, the prefect of the city has called upon him to destroy the menace that threatens to destroy Richtenburg. Krugo cannot do it alone though, at the sign of the Ogre's Gut, Krugo walked in on a stormy night. Seeking good men to help him flush out this immediate threat.

A dark form stood in the doorway of the tavern, the Ogre's Gut seemed to be the perfect place to recruit. He remained in the doorway, looking from side to side. Finally, after looking out from under his kettle helm, he spoke.
"My name is Hieter Krugo, your prefect has hired me to take out what threatens you. However, I cannot do it alone. I need a cadre of men, we shall fight the evil that will destroy this town."
With that, he took a seat at the nearest table and waited for volunteers.

Alright, now that we have the introduction down, here is what I need from you, the roleplayer.

Your Name:
Character Race:
Character Name:
Character Weapons:
Character Equipment:
What ONE Characteristic you want your character to be good at:
Brief character history:

Now, fill that out if you want to take part. Don't start off with too many weapons or equipment though, you will have plenty of times to get them on the journey.

Happy Hunting.

Comrade JC
26-07-2005, 06:37
Race: Human
Weapons: Hand-and-a-Half sword scabbarded across back (grip over right shoulder) two hand axes with bearded blades, one at each hip.
Equipment: chainmail hauberk with sleeves (halfway between kness and ground in length), leather boots, studded gauntlets, pack with rations sleeping and cooking gear, rope. Corinthean helm (no plume), long dark-green cloak and brown pants
Best Characteristic: master of arms, absolutely deadly in close comabat

Brief history: Mostly vague and unkown, but he wanders across lands possesed by the realtive good, dispatching criminals and protecting the weak. Naufrago is not his real name, but means "castaway." His age and homeland are known to none but he.

Description: Tall (6 foot 2), bearded with long, straight brown hair. Muscular but still thin.

rottin' daniel
26-07-2005, 10:15
Greetings :D

Name: Duran "pip" Guralvion
Race: Human
Weapons: Common but well maintaind shortsword - Scabbard at waist, two daggers, one in the belt and one in the boot, handcrossbow tucked away in the backpack, and 10 small bolts.
Equipment: Leather tunic hidden behind a large brown blouse, long wide pants, Small hooded cloak and a large leather backpack, Sturdy leather boots and a glove tucked in his belt along with some lockpicking tools.
Best Characteristic: theiving, stealthy little bastard with affinety to locks and pockets, other people pockets that is.

Brief history: Duran is known mainly for his nimble fingers and optimstic attitude, and has managed to get persecuted from three towns until he reached Richtenburg and is just itching for some action!

Description: small and short human, which at first looks like a teenage but after a more carefull look the cunning and intellegent eyes reaveal his true age of 21.

26-07-2005, 19:49
Name: Gabriel
Race: Human
Age: 32

Weapons: Bastard Sword, long dagger and a brace of dueling pistols holstered at the hips

Equipment: Plate Armour on the chest, left shoulder and left thigh. He has a small pack to carry food etc and a smaller pouch to carry his powder and bullets. He wears a long black cloak with a hood.

Background: Not much is known, not even his second name as he refuses to talk about it, rumour has it he was once a foot knight in the service of a now dead count, its also said he is a witch hunter.

Speciality: Duelling Pistols

rottin' daniel
30-07-2005, 10:53
OOC: Did the GM forget of our existance?

31-07-2005, 03:01
ooc: Maybe.. or he could be waiting for more people