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07-03-2007, 00:43
Some completely random Codex Inquisition Ideas. And yes I know its gonna be forever and a day away.


3 types of Inquisitors: Basic statline but with following changes

Mallues- most base expensive with starting ws 5 and 1 more attack (he is meant to fight daemons after all)

Hereticus- a leadership drain rule against all enemy nearby models and makes friendly models nearby fearless (would you run knowing your gonna be tortured like crazy)

Xenos- Basic stateline but has access to some sick wargear the others dont (he does frequent that kinda company)

Inquisitor Lord gets the Officer leadership rule from the IG codex for all imperial forces (he is a major authority figure of the Imperium)

Deathwatch similiar to Space Marine Veterans in SM codex but with slightly better options and such (they are elite but otherwise still just SMs)

Gk- This is a major issue to me as a pure GK player. And against the good of the Pure GK army I propose such, cost of 30 points a piece, +1 attack, a 6+ invern, and the shourding of 2d6 x3

Sisters: I kinda really like thier rules so I will elave this someone with more experince with them, although I know make the Repentia, flaggs, and Penitent Engine better

07-03-2007, 00:59
Template weapons for the Sisters. Even if it's a special round for the 'Cist or something, the Sisters' big weakness (in my play style anyway) is a lack of blast template love.

Biff Gunhed
07-03-2007, 01:07
I get that all three Ordos are set to be in the same book, but does this mean they'd all be a single list? Or would the book contain three lists?

Personally I think it would have to be three separate lists... there's just too much confusion to be had with trying to fit in the three Ordos and the radical components thereof into a single list.

07-03-2007, 02:49
Oh yeah also give IST Krak nades and the Infi, DS option of the IG STs. Yesh Ists need loving to

big squig
07-03-2007, 03:55
Mostly I just want to see all three hunter books released as a single book. Simply have one stat for inguisitors and henchmen. When you make an army you have to declare what ordos you are playing and that will determine what army list entries you can take. Some units should be avalible to all ordos, like stormtroopers, and in my opionon arco-flagelents.

All they would have to do is make a symbol foir each ordos and print the apropriat symbol next to the apropriate units.

big squig
07-03-2007, 03:56
It would also streamline the ally rules and not delay the books anymore than they already are.

Biff Gunhed
07-03-2007, 04:09
OK, I can sort of see how that might work. It certainly makes sense to have a single entry for Inquisitors, Henchmen, Assassins and Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Then I guess you'd have separate Armouries, a bit like the Tau Empire codex. An Inquisitor could only chose from a single Ordos armoury, but there would be generic items they could all take.

How is everyone anticipating the rules for allying with Space Marines and Imperial Guard? Because it seems GW are moving towards only ever needing a single book for an army.

07-03-2007, 04:17

Strip the allied groups down to their most basic elements... A Space Marine Tactical Squad or a Imperial Guard Platoon... maybe a vehicle or two. A couple "core entries" from the Allied list will get the feel and flexibilty of most Ally rules - but keep the armies distinct...

It's not like the Codex xxxHunters had access to the whole list all along anyways...

07-03-2007, 04:33
This is good.

The codex would probably follow the format used in the latest eldar codex so we could expect to see plenty of HQs available to choose from.
Should have GK, SoB and Xeno's leaders, and a choice for Inquisitor Lord.
Lord doesn't have to be upgraded to any particular Ordo, but then you would not be able to select some items or options only available to an inquisitor of a particular Ordo.

Thinking again of the new Eldar codex, where craftworlds are still in it, but basically have no bearing on what units you can take in your army (unlike with the last edition of craftworlds, which was very limited). So we may find that you can take any unit of the inquisition with the new codex. Although it would good if they limited it depending on what HQ you took.
Grand master HQ allows you to take any grey knight unit, but only SoB and Xeno hunters troop choices.
I would have to read about it first, but this would make the lists more varied as well.

I for one am looking forward to the new codex, I just hope they don't get rid of all the current units, maybe just standardise the common ones, such as storm troopers or assassins.


Biff Gunhed
07-03-2007, 05:00
It's not like the Codex xxxHunters had access to the whole list all along anyways...

That's true, and from that perspective it would certainly be easy to do. However I'm thinking of those armies where the primary army is Space Marines/Imperial Guard and the Inquisition are the allies. But will we still be able to take the Inquisition as allies to Space Marine and Imperial Guard armies? I think we'd probably have to, or the "We Stand Alone" trait is now irrelevant.

07-03-2007, 05:41
As long as i can take units from all three Ordos at the same time I'll be happy. Even if it's just basic marines/GK/SoBs, I'll be fine.

07-03-2007, 06:24
for the love of terra, they really need to improve the GK BC Hero. he has only 1 wound and is generally inferior to all other HQ choices in SM/WH codices. Even a canoness has 2 or 3 wounds.

07-03-2007, 07:00
How about this,

To use gk you need a gk character.
To use sisters you need a sororitas character.

These can be either hq or elites depending on the profile chosen (brother captain elite/grand master hq).

Must take an inquisitor lord as its codex inquisitor.

07-03-2007, 07:39
I don't want all my inquisition armies in the same book. I think it'd really suck if I only had the one codex, and I play both GK and Sisters. Combining things into one codex would be either very unbalanced, or would mean that we loose things that we get now that are already balanced.

IMO, if they're gonna do this, there should be the Codices similar to the way they are now, but make them the militant arms, so you'd have C:GK, C:Sisters, C:Xenos Hunters, which just have the purist lists, and then a fourth codex, C:Inquisition, that has all the inquisitors, IST, Assassins, rules for allies, and all that.

09-03-2007, 11:15
Arbites and Mechanicus included in the army list. If an inquisitor can't count on the forces of the Imperium, who can he/she count on?

09-03-2007, 11:27
I'd really like the idea of the other Ordos aswell, Sicarius and Sepulturum.
I like the idea of upgradeing Inquisitors though, so Sicarius would get an extra WS and BS. Sepulturum would get preferred enemy against Zombies and Oblits.
Overall, with te differnet troops, I think you'd have to select that Ordo, to be using them as troops, i.e: select a Malleus =I= and get GKs as Troops, Hereticus and get SoB as troops, etc... Perhaps even get Deatch Cults as troops if you select a Sicarius?
These are just my ideas, and will probably conflict with some other veiws though.

09-03-2007, 11:32
Arbites and Mechanicus included in the army list. If an inquisitor can't count on the forces of the Imperium, who can he/she count on?

You can create Arbites in the Witch Hunters list using stormtroopers entry.

09-03-2007, 12:45
I personally think all Inquisitors should be/stay exactly the same except for some wargear. and every one should pay the same for their wargear (they should probably make a point cost for the =][= and one for the GKs) this is not just important for the ][ but also his acolytes, as now you can make them more interresting for WHs (oh and thank you GW for making a heads-up to those with an old DH codex that they can now buy carapace armour :mad: ). as an army list I think they're both already fine (though ofcourse now we need Alien Hunters). though it would be nice if that came up with a better way to use the DH Adversairy rules (like making them free or something) as I never fight deamons with my DH 'cos it's just not worth it for my opponents (unless they play chaos) and so I never (get to) use my special wargear (like the Grimoire) as the risk you waste your points is just to big. they could also make a rule that if a not chaos army uses Deamons they count as Chaos for the sake of some wargear (like sacred incense) cos if you side with the deamons you are actually rooting for chaos right?