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07-03-2007, 16:48
So far I've collected a good amount of TK's, I've yet to finish the army though, not by a long shot. So I thought it'd be a good idea to start a project log and keep myself motivated.

I'm aiming to give the army a more western europe/celtic theme to it rather than just doing a standard TK army, I'm going to use Ushabti and Scorpions as I love the models a lot so no need to change them.

Without further ado I present the back story of the army...

1000 years before the birth of the Empire lived the tribe of the Gaestae, they ruled over the lands of the Howling Hills, winning for themselves a stable empire in the heart of the old world. At its heart lay the city of Tiera-Dun and the council of kings.

Refugees from Nehekarra found the kingdom and flocked their for safety, influencing its culture and people for many years before at last a descendant of the ancient kings of Khemri acheived the rank of High King.

His name was Tigernamas, at first his reign was benevolent until jealousy and greed possesed him, invoking the name of the changer of ways he imprisoned a daemon of Tzeentch in a living statue in the heart of a stone circle on the hill of Hybrasil. For ten years he summoned the daemon and tried to get it to fufill an oath, that for 1 year he and his men would serve the daemon, in return "they would become as rich as the kings of legendary Khemri"

On the tenth occasion the daemon gave him his wish and he vanished from the realm of men, the people of the Gaestae could find no trace of him, the statue or his men at the stone circle. Instead only strange runes inscribed on the rocks

Unfortunately for Tigernamas, the daemon kept its promise, after a year fighting and serving the daemon in the realm of chaos he found himself back in the stone circle. Raising his hand he realised just how true to his word the daemon had been, where once had been living flesh now only pale embalmed flesh remained, as his warriors returned one by one he saw them covered in intricate gold bands and fine bronze armour, but fleshless and nothing but skeletons.

Filled with anger and shame he marched upon Tiera Dun and slew every living thing in the city before the few priests of death in the tribe found a way to contain him, deep in the circle where he had made his pledge.

It was not the end though, when Morrslieb is full it is said a dead man roams the hills, screaming his anger at the chaos moon...

Still to do:
more HW&S skeletons
Liche Priests (thinking of Jade wizards or possibly necromancers, breaking the seal on the king and keeping him under control)
More Chariots
4 Ushabti, 2 need painting 2 need basing
the royal chariot
Screaming skull catapult
3 Scorpions

07-03-2007, 16:51
and Tigernamas himself... (foot has yet to be fixed)

Tomb Swarms and Burial Markers


07-03-2007, 16:52

Archers and spearmen

07-03-2007, 16:53
Heavy Horsemen and unit champion




07-03-2007, 16:55
Tomb Guard/HW&S skeletons


details of champion and standard/musician


07-03-2007, 19:40
I like it. I don't know how people do it, but this has that very "gritty/dirty" paint feel to it. Good job, and I like the bases too.

Not nuts on the guy w/ the flail. Maybe it's just the close up, but he looks too gritty.

08-03-2007, 08:12
eh, the cloak really does need redoing at some point. I'm tempted to just use him as a proto-type :/

bram kuijpers
08-03-2007, 08:17
they look a long time dead and a bit dusty then again they are very old dead walking skellies look great keep it up!

08-03-2007, 22:05
I love the idea and the story behind this. Couple of small niggles though. Some things, most notably the chariots and the curved design of the weapons, look very 'egyptian', and you have used them unchanged which makes them fit in less with the theme. Also, I really don't like how the general looks: the cloak, head, and the positioning of the arms look really suspect.

Other than that, though, looking good so far!

09-03-2007, 14:05
If you look at the front of the chariots you'll see I've added some runes to them, its enough for me :)

the weapons I wanted to represent the ancient blades of the tomb guard, so a few of those are relics from Khemri (or I'm lazy, take your pick ;))

and the general has now been scrapped, tbh I think the main problem was the cloak, so I've gone back to the drawing board and come up with a new version using parts from the Liche Priest on foot and the charioteer sprue


I'm still working on him though, the helmets turned out quite nicely (if slightly Chaosy) and so has the skin on the body, what needs doing now is smoothing the green stuff out so its not as messy, choosing a weapon for him and then painting him up

09-03-2007, 14:37
I like the position of the horseman champion. The army looks very nice. I'll be watching this space closely.

17-03-2007, 12:52
This week I've been working on my Ushabti, finished off 2 of them completely and nearly finishing painting the other 2. The new general is also finished and undercoated waiting for me to get some time on my hands





28-03-2007, 11:44
Finally finished the Ushabti on Monday, so heres pictures of thosehttp://img.photobucket.com/albums/v153/mibmgd/Warhammer/Tomb%20Kings/IMG_3708.jpg

I'm now working on another HW&S skeleton unit, I'm hoping to use a fair few unit fillers in it to save on armoured skeletons torsos and make something that should give a more coherent theme to the army, its going to be a stone circle with a horde of skeletons emerging from it

Its also going to be magnetised so its not a pain to cart around, something I'm going to be working on throughout the army

Progress so far:


the large base will be at the front of the unit and act as the standard and the connecting stone for the 2 at the back will be removable to help with casualty removal

28-03-2007, 15:20
Good spin on the Kings, and I like the unit filler stones. Good stuff.
Also, how's the new general coming along? Neat concept, that.

- Salvage

28-03-2007, 15:28
Cheers :)

The general is undercoated, but on hold till I've sorted out all the core units and got a workable force

Liche Priests are even further off as I want a good look at the future Wizard sprues before I do him (I have had an idea for mounts for them, but I'll keep that under wraps for now :angel: )

28-03-2007, 15:37
Looking good Chiron! I love how you converted that skeletonal horse to rear up like that. Keep it coming!

Lets see a tomb scorpion!

The Dark One
28-03-2007, 22:03
great ideas, and your army is looking good. can't wait to see more

29-03-2007, 14:26
What a way to spice up a fairly standard and boring army (i.e. all skeletons). I love how you have added all that scenery right to the units themselves, so that each unit is going to have its own individual feel. I also like the strings that you added to the chariots, it is those small additions that really make army's indivualistic, and you are doing a great job of it.

10-04-2007, 22:30
The unit is now finally all finished and based, thank god for bank holidays...




the top of the back pillar is removable, and the entire unit will stand comfortably upside down from a the movement tray (thanks to a layer of magnetic strip, I highly recommend it :D)

I'm starting work on the shields, I'm thinking of using a goblin green background with a shadow gray/dark angels green pattern to it

11-04-2007, 19:24
Ahhhh looks great all painted and ranked up! On the magnets, how do you attach them to the bases? Or even, magnets on bases and metal in tray, or vice versa? I have been curious how this works ...

- Salvage

12-04-2007, 00:22
I was lucky enough to trade for some Gale Force 9 magnets a few months back and got a job lot of em, I used those for the actual bases themselves (for larger bases I've used a single Neomydium magnet, off ebay, again...)

I used a cheap fridge magnet/magnetic sheet off ebay to cover the whole of the movement tray and they stick fine

I've tried using the sheet cut up and stuck to bases but it seems you have to be very careful with that, sometimes the poles of the cut strips will interfere and the models wont stick properly

12-04-2007, 01:26
You can also just buy "rare earth" magnets(dont' get them from the official site, as they're stupid expensive).

They're small cylinders you can just glue onto standard bases and put onto sheet metal.

19-04-2007, 21:03
The shields are now all done, not a great photo but you can see some of the details on em


I've also now done my first scorpion (I wonder if we could market that?)



and to explain them to fit in with the fluff

The Gaestae chained Tigernamas into place by burying priests in bronze coffinss beneath the stone pillars of his resting place. Overtime Tigernamas has warped and negated their hold over him and constructed engines of destruction from them using ancient bones and wood

and its also nice and similar to the actual TK fluff :angel:

29-04-2007, 17:57
I've now finished work on the TK, it looks awful in the close up photos but it really isnt that bad irl

I also got my hands on some very nice wizards I'll likely use as Liche Priests at Salute 2007


29-04-2007, 18:07
This look really dirty, but still pretty decent, they prob look alot better up in person. Personaly, my fav part is that TK green sheild with the red head n stuff. I giggled when i saw that, reminds me of something but i can't seem to place it.

29-04-2007, 18:34
WOW, another great log!:)

I really like your approach to the TK. It is something completely new without loosing the basic elements. I esp like your charriots and the cavalry. Soem very nice stuff going on here. Oh and those three magicians are from the french company fenryll. You can check out their catalogue but don't get irritated by their pictures and paintjobs, esp the old ones. Their figs are a lot better in real life!


29-04-2007, 20:31
cheers, I think... :P

Thanks :) and I knew where the mages were from, I was really impressed by all the mini's I saw of Fenryll's at Salute and I really am tempted to get a lot more of em

08-05-2007, 23:01
I have just finished my first game with the army a 2000 point game against Lizardmen, ended in a massacre in my favour

He used a 4th Gen Slann, with BSB totem, Fear banner
a MASSIVE (about 8 ranks? of Saurus) extra dispel banner
unit of temple guard (20 or so) modifier to shooting banner
several skinks units with Javelins or blowpipes
2 Salamanders
Lizard Swarm
4 Kroxigors

My list was
TK - Spear of Antrak, Golden Ankhra
LP - Hieratic Jar, Cloak
LP - 2 Scrolls
LP - Enkhils Kanopic Jar

2 units of 10 Archers, with Champion
2 units of 5 Light Horse
25 skeletons with LA, HW&S, Banner of Undying Legion
20 Tomb Guard, Icon of Rakaph
2 Scorpions
3 Chariots
1 Swarm, 3 Bases

It started off with neither of us doing particularly well, the lizards spent several turns firing at the horsemen who did a good job of tying up the skink swarms as they advanced through forests or covering the big units, the lizards did a lot of damage to the TG, at one point knocking them down to six models, ensuring I had to spend much of the battle trying to summon them back.

One tomb scorpion emerged on turn 2 and had a charge at the Temple Guard, dying almost instantly (it was them or Kroxigors) the other rid me of the Salamanders and a unit of skinks.

The turning point was turn 3/4, the Slann's unit charged a unit of Light Horse which was in the way, in combat with some skinks, overran straight into the skeleton warriors, thanks to 7th edition though... I was able to charge the skinks flanking it on one side with the Tomb Guard, and did nasty things to it (and regenerated wounds thanks to spear) wiping them out and smashing into the flank, while the chariots had a clear run at the other flank.

Luckily by this time the Tomb Swarm emerged and held up the big unit of saurus, even so it took 2 turns of solid combat to whittle down the Temple Guard and another fighting just the Slann on his own before he ran off due to combat res

Overrunning the Chariots smashed into the Kroxigor killing 2 only to be hacked to kindling by the attacks back and the TG stopped in front of the Saurus who'd dealt with the Swarms and slowly ground them down

Magic wise I did ok, if he'd had a scroll or a Skink Priest or two I'd have found it much harder (and placed scorpions to take em out)

We both made a couple of mistakes, it was his first game of 7th Edition, my first with this army, I think I forgot Hierarchy on turn 2 and a couple of dodgy range's on the incantations, and no way should I have attacked the Temple Guard with a lone scorpion.

Thankfully a forest blocked the Kroxigor taking a good part in the battle and he forgot some of his items for most of the game, the salamanders were also a good way away from my army they still melted half of the Tomb Guard though, we both took opposite quarters

Corpses of the match were the Light Horse, they just. wouldnt. DIE. (again) despite numerous spells and shooting attacks at em knocking em down to 2 or 3 men

and now for commentary in character... to tie in with the Nemesis Crown seeing as the Howling Hills seems to be where its actually hidden *makes spooky noise*

The dawn broke gently, the dew creating a field of mist through which exoticly plumed monsters roamed, bearing aloft Lord Sluurup. Ahead of them roamed a horde of smaller creatures, skinks. With a gesture the venerable lord dismissed the morning mist and Croaked in recognition of the army before him, ancient warriors assembled ranks and barred the way through the forest.

With a downward stroke King Tigernamas gestured his warriors forward, the light horse surging forward to cover the forests between which the lizards must march, The archers assembled atop the ancient barrow and stood ready to unleash there devastating volleys upon the enemy. The half living necromancer marched force, whilst summoning the creatures of the ruins that lay beside the enemy army and his fellow mages from death

09-05-2007, 15:51
Thanks for the report, and I take it you won? Nice work undead! The newer models look good too, and the TK is definitely unique. Those mages are cool for liches as well, nice find.

- Salvage

09-05-2007, 16:11
There are some really great conversions in your army.

The unit fillers are awesome

I think your old Tomb King was better because he looked more...dead :rolleyes:

keep up the good work (and get a screaming skull catapult!)

21-05-2007, 00:37
Still working on this fellow:



He'll be one of the Tomb Guard, I had some legs spare so I'm working on 3 of them to replace some of the unarmoured fellows

I'm also painting up a SSC, hopefully you'll like that to :cool:

21-05-2007, 08:13
Good thinking to convert normal skellies into tomb guard, it will be a lot cheaper! :D

looking forward to a catapult, schould be great

21-05-2007, 09:02
These totally remind me of that bit when Conan falls into that tomb and steals the sword of the dead kings. CROM!

21-05-2007, 09:42
These totally remind me of that bit when Conan falls into that tomb and steals the sword of the dead kings. CROM!

Excellent, just the sort of effect I'm after :D

Warwolt the skaven
21-05-2007, 10:29
Cant say this is anything special, but dang how nice it looks when its painted! I really like it, almost wants me to resteart my old TK =)

22-05-2007, 17:28
Cant say this is anything special, but dang how nice it looks when its painted! I really like it, almost wants me to resteart my old TK =)

Its not going to win any Golden Daemon awards but I'm still proud of it, glad you like it :)

10-06-2007, 13:10
Its been a while since my last update, just been a bit to busy to do much work/take pictures!

I've now finished greenstuffing the 3 armoured skeletons:

The back of them isnt all that great but they should get the message across that the unit isnt just bog standard (and at least one of them might look ok filling in for a Tomb Prince :D)

Also finished another unit of chariots, theres a lot less customisation of these but I have made sure that they are armed with nothing but throwing spears

10-06-2007, 13:14
I've also been working on a model to represent a Liche Priest/Druidic Summoner

Using the mystic arts perfected over the millenia she is mounted on a floating megalith stone :angel:

I was hoping to pick up something to use as a cauldron and put that on the tone as well but I've not found anything suitable yet, the models not permanently glued down either so I can use it on foot

19-06-2007, 14:57
Finished work on the tomb guard

19-06-2007, 15:23
Nifty guard - tiny skulls ftw! - but I'm really liking that Druid gal. Great model, any idea where it's from? The chariots are nice too, though the blue stands out a bit much for me. Looking back at your unit shots I can see that blue is a feature, but green seems so much stronger in the rest of the army ...

- Salvage

19-06-2007, 15:28
Nifty guard - tiny skulls ftw! - but I'm really liking that Druid gal. Great model, any idea where it's from? The chariots are nice too, though the blue stands out a bit much for me. Looking back at your unit shots I can see that blue is a feature, but green seems so much stronger in the rest of the army ...

- Salvage

I'm using 3 main colours, green/red is the personal colour of the king so I'm trying to use that throughout the army, TG wear just that, the blue is mixed, the richer blue (enchanted) is for elite units like cavalry and chariots, the lighter blue used on the warriors is just used to contrast with the dark green

The druidess is from Gamezone minis, I'm in love with their dwarf models and would start an army like a shot if I could afford it

19-06-2007, 15:47
Ahh so, GZ. Their dark elf models are where it's at for me, especially those rock solid predators. Still convincing myself not to make a DE cav force with those big lizards ... we shall see ;)

Good reasoning on the colors, I thought there might be something like that behind it.

- Salvage

08-07-2007, 21:40
Loving the whole project, your attention to detail is superb!

25-07-2007, 15:19
Life really gets in the way of this sort of thing for me (alright and the fact I'm a) lazy and b) have been fiddling adding some new units to my Empire...)

Anway, part of the fun of doing this project is the fact the entire army so far has probably cost under 100 thanks to ebay and converting whenever possible

Taking a look at ebay I found something interesting, a skeleton, it looked pretty bad but I thought there was hope... only to find it was damn awful in reality


Nevertheless, after much hard work and green stuff I finally got him looking good!


25-07-2007, 15:21
Rear/Side view






Father of Iron
26-07-2007, 03:08
wow chiron, this is going to turn out to be one of the coolest tk armies i have ever seen, although i've only seen 3, but still i love the theme u got, a nice change from the egyptian ones(although i love ancient egypt stuff :D ) I love the bonegaint?(the latest model u posted) though, such a cool model after all the conversion work, also, any way you can post a size comparison shot with a regular skelly?

26-07-2007, 10:55
Sure :)

Here he is compared to the old Marauder giant and a skeleton

Father of Iron
26-07-2007, 18:04
wow he is a beast! that must look cool smashing into ur enemies units

31-07-2007, 10:17
Wow! Impressive Bone Giant! I wouldn't have figured he was that big from the first few shots of him!

Anyway, I love your theme Chiron! Always wanted to do A Barrow Kings Army!

Keep on postin'!

03-08-2007, 09:14
Finished my Heirophant a couple of days ago


edit: yay 600 posts! :)

17-08-2007, 06:58
Very nice, OP. Some of the nicest TKs I've seen in a while. I can only hope mine look that nice some day.

26-11-2007, 23:13
They're really good! Not trying to be picky but are the wizards suposed to have flesh though? Army is general is great though, loving the modelling attention to detail, wishing I could be bothered to do as much with my basic guys (I can now manage to make quite cool plastic heroes..watch this space for empire captain on pegasus "Lone Ranger")

27-11-2007, 04:17
Haha yeah I didn't even realize that was a bone giant from the first few pics! It looks great though, nice job on the cost effective army, it's very impressive!

27-11-2007, 12:15
They're really good! Not trying to be picky but are the wizards suposed to have flesh though?

Yep, even the actual Liche Priest models are meant to have flesh... its just a pity they looked like diseased monkeys :wtf:

My priests are meant to represent subverted druids, serving the king they were meant to guard forever...

Nice to see people are still looking at this log, I will update soon, I swear :angel:

17-02-2008, 16:51
An update! :eek:

Nothing finished so far, but a few wip progress shots of Carrion and a TK/Prince

The inspiration for the Carrion is this legend


So it called for a Hunstman and several wolves, going by the description I've tried to make the wolves appear spectral rather than standard grey wolves. Mixed feelings about the result...


17-02-2008, 16:52
Next up is the prince, he's pretty much done but thanks to the amount of metals the pictures turn out terrible.

On foot

In a chariot

17-02-2008, 17:12
I like that price model in the charriot, it has a really good pose on it

19-06-2011, 03:34
This army project is brilliant. It's good to see a tomb kings army that isn't strictly speaking "egyptian."

The bone giant fits very well, and I like that there is a bit of flesh on the liches to break up the boniness.

Did you look into celtic mythology much when starting this project? It would be awesome to see some kind of celtic nubians or a celtic equivalent of a warsphinx... but I'm not sure how you would do that and make it more celtic and less egyptian.

20-06-2011, 00:54
Did you look into celtic mythology much when starting this project? It would be awesome to see some kind of celtic nubians or a celtic equivalent of a warsphinx... but I'm not sure how you would do that and make it more celtic and less egyptian.

Cheers :)

I looked up quite a lot of Celtic myths and legends while doing this, sadly the majority of it is taken up by things like Leprachauns or appropriated by other armies such as Banshees.

Its probably one of the reasons I'm finding them hard to return to now the books been redone.

The idea of a giant like the Albion ones to act as the Dagda or a Wicker Man to act as a Warsphinx is quite tempting so perhaps there is life(!) in the army yet.

12-04-2012, 12:30
Totally cool project...I love the Celtic feel rather than the Egyptian (which i dislike intensley) so I will be definitely keeping an eye on your plog.

thanks for great work :)