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25-07-2005, 04:27
Mindwarper surveyed his troops with satisfaction. Following the command of the Great Mastr of Change he had led his band south to cause havoc in the lands of the empire and bretonnia. His chosen bodyguard had travelled with him across the vast distances and had yet to lose a battle or even take a casualty. His other mounted chaos knights and what remained of the marauder horsemen who had joined him on his journey.

On the left side of the encampment he saw Garnash, the wargor blessed by Tzeentch to take the form of a ravening creature of chaos and lead a flock of the children of chaos away from their beastlord. They had proved useful indeed as a raiding party. Some indiscriminate killing and burning by a few beastmen had been successful on several occasions in luring the garrisons of fortresses and towns out in pursuit to be crushed in in the field by his heavy cavalry and magic. The furies and screamers ensured no survivors left to tell the tale.

His subordinate Marius, twice winner of the Leitdorf Silver Sabre contest consulted his magic tome and attemted to harness the winds of magic. Age had led Marius to the study of magic to restore his youth, but mindwarper had corrupted his mind with subtle hints and cursed grimoire to turn him to chaos.

The warhounds of his army whose howls put ice in the veins of the foe were tearing the flesh from a bear or other forest beast. They ran as outriders of the army when traveling, to keep prying eyes behind hastily closed doors and to find nourishment on their journey. Towering to the rear a giant looked blearily around at what the smaller creatures were doing, occasionally glancing with fear at its master, Mindwarper Lord of Tzeentch who had broken its will through fire and sorcery.

1 Mindwarper, Chaos Lord of Tzeentch @ 475 Pts, Great Weapon; chaos steedBarding
Staff of Change [65]
Armour of Damnation [30]

1 Marius, Undivided Aspiring Chaos Champion @ 171 Pts
Chaos Steed Battle Standard;
Book of Secrets [40]
Biting Blade [10]

1 Garnash, Wargor of Tzeentch @ 169 Pts
Great weapon
The Goretooth [25]
Chaos Armour [10]

6 Chosen Chaos Knights of Tzeentch @ 355 Pts, Champion, Standard: War banner (25)

5 Chaos Knights of Deception @ 185 Pts

5 Marauder Horsemen @ 87 Pts, flails, chieftain

19 Chaos Warhounds @ 114 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

Beast Herd (8 Gors (add. weapons) @ 155 Pts
16 Ungors @ [64] Pts
Full command

5 Chaos Furies @ 75 Pts

3 Screamers of Tzeentch @ 99 Pts

1 Chaos Giant @ 205 Pts

Casting Pool: 11

Dispel Pool: 6

Models in Army: 81

Total Army Cost: 2150

Mindwarper leads the Chosen Knights, protecting them with yellow fire if he can. Marius leads the warhounds who are 4 models wide, 5 models deep and provide a mobile rank bonus with a massive US.

Marauders flank and the other units of chaos knightsoffer an alternate threat (the other characters charging out of their units to assist if need be).

The wargor and regiment provide some exta ranks and some decent hitting power, especially if the wargor can get the bears anger cast.

The other warhound regiments are general annoyance units to redirect enemy charges, waste time, slow down march moves and maybe cancel rank bonuses. Furies and screamers are for war machines and lone wizards (each unit separately) or combined for attacking missile units.

25-07-2005, 17:41
Firstly, armor of damnation is good, but golden eye of tzeentch is better, i would also mount your lord on a disc.

other then that, i can't see anything fundementally wrong with your list except i would have your warhounds in a 5x4 formation for max frontage

25-07-2005, 17:55
This list is okay in friendly games, but in Tournament, I don't know.

As Grey Kniggit said, have the Disc and the Golden Eye, it's a much better combination, trust me.
Why the Giant? They don't generally win their points back, and toppling over could kill your own expensive troops. I'd rather see more Furies and/or Screamers, or some more Marauder Horse. I believe you could have two Marauder Horsemen units with Throwing Axes, Flails and Musicains instead of the Giant, which gives you more models, which this army could strongly need, and some brilliant harrassers.

Why the Great Weapons though? What do you fight? Chariot heavy Tomb Kings? I'd drop the Great Weapons for Shields, personally.
That other unit of Marauder Horsemen could use Throwing Axes, but that's your choice, and the Beastherd is bog standard, it seems.

26-07-2005, 03:09
The giant is more to anchor a flank. But I can see the point of two more units of marauders instead- the problem is against shooty armies they will get shot to ribbons.

The warhounds- I want minimum frontage because with no armour save they die easily- I would rather give my opponent less chances to attack them and also they will keep their rank bonus longer against shooting.

Great weapons? Partly for chariots, mostly to kill enemy cavalry. My lord with a 2+save, enemy re-rolling attacks is safe enough even striking last and is considerably less threatened in combat than one on a disk, and is cheaper. The olny problem is KB attacks. He also has a good chance of yellow fire for an additional 5+ ward or orange fire for re-rolls of attacks and armour saves. At the same time the eye is cool yes, but I dont need it- I'm protected by a unit ( look out sir is twice as likely to protect my lord than the disk).

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26-07-2005, 03:20
Great weapons are a terrable waste of chaos charicters high I value.

26-07-2005, 06:52
Great weapons are a terrable waste of chaos charicters high I value.
I have to disagree, if you get a charge off you are attacking at str 7, and if you some how get charged you will be going after the enemy, so why not get the more powerfull attacks, and anything you are going to hit in combat is going to die and if attacks are good enough you might break them.(orange fire for re-rolls)

26-07-2005, 08:22
Indeed, especially cavalry based armies with a high armour save. With two elf/human lords on foot Initiative is important but for my Lord? Even with him striking last the Knights will not be- they will be striking with elves at In5. On the other hand if I charge a bretonnian lance, with three ranks, I wont kill enough to break them at S5, (them getting a 3+/4+ save) but at S7 its a different story. Equally against tougher armies like orcs, chaos beastmen I will wound more often at S7 than S5.

26-07-2005, 10:09
big warhound unit even with character will get beat down by spearelves.

26-07-2005, 10:52
Remember one thing: With great power comes great cowardice!
All your units are vulnerable to panic, even you knights, and a BSB won't protect you from panic. If that massive hound unit panics (which it dang well might with Ld 8 and no save) you could have your precious knights running with them.
What about a Halberd or Flail for your mounted Lord? They're pretty good choices, as neither will Ruin your sweet I. Also, you might consider putting you lord in the unit of normal knights as the Chosen will already wack most of the stuff they fight!
For your champ: Biting Blade Sucks, so does the book. Shave off 20 more points and you can make him Tzeentchian instead! You could save those by making the wargor a shaman. Take Shadow Lore and hope for shades of death which can make your hounds fear causing (US 40).
Kill marauder chieftain for musician, watch for panicking hounds, maybe get more furies. I think the giant is an ok addition for your army as he's not as cowardly as others. There's better options though!

26-07-2005, 11:10
Altho i like the idea of having a char with warhounds i think as Donlzz, that they may panice very fast. With t3 and no armor, even archers will kill a fair amount of them.

The army is solid but to keep your troops from panicking eachother the deployment is very important.

Your chars all seem good to me. The book gives 1 pd and 1 DD so i think its worth it. But the 10 points for the biting blade should rather be used on a musician for the maurader horsemen. The great weapons is usually the best choice for chaos chars. Mainly because they give a higher chance to wound than most of the extremely high priced chaos weapons. And for only 6 points they are great giving your char the chance to take defensive magic equipment. And i would agree that the barded chaos steed is far better. And since your going to keep him in a unit the hes way better protected

26-07-2005, 19:30
Considering most of the time you wound on 2+ anyway (rank and file slayers), and giving them little or no Armour Save, and hitting them on 3+, with 5 Attacks, you're going to be giving things a big whack anyway. If you insist on something big to thwack the enemy, then go for a Halberd, at least then Vampire Lords of the Blood Dragon Kind won't mince you up one way, chop you down the other. Also, a Halberd's cool. B)

Huh, Kniggits don't protect you as well as woods against a Cannon's army. ;)
Eh, I just prefer the Disk because it's tactically faster and a good model.

The Warhounds will panic fast, just kill 2 or more from a smaller unit and you're armies' fleeing for it's life, then cut down by Dragons and Manticore's and Hydra's and things.
The Giant is more of a target than Marauder Riders, believe me, at Games Workshop around here, I've never seen a Giant last more than turn two, and if it get's a turn three, it's got so few wounds it's going to die in combat.
Besides, more models is more to reach combat. It also gives you more units, and something to shoot back with (if you call Throwing Axes shooting).
As to Biting Blade and Book, I partially agree, I'd drop the book, but the Blade's enough to kick a Kniggit's head in.

27-07-2005, 03:28
Another thing about the book- its taken mostly for the dispel dice (and extra power). But also because in the early game I can't be sure what spells I get for my lord so until I get closer I could be wasting power dice. The wargor and Lord will have a long range magic missile. Otherwise they are all very short range (apart from green fire). So I could end up with 10 power dice for 2 magic missiles- a bit of a waste, here at least I have an extra decent magic missile guaranteed (unless he gets the sword of Rhuin. He'll be going for fire magic obviously. So I cant see me dropping the book.

Panic tests are a problem, thats why I have the Lord rather than a few chaos champions. And without the wargor (3 S6 re-rollable attacks, maybe 6 S6 re-rollable attacks with the bears anger they can actually be quite powerful.

If I drop the giant (seems to be a consensus- although it would depend who I'm playing- against non shooty armies its staying. I would probably go for:

3 lead belchers (165 points)
musician for the marauders (which they do need to be fair) and either another regiment of 5 hounds or two more furies- probably the latter.

As I said I will be going for a refused flank- Knights, Knights and hounds, supported by gors. Small hound units will flank/waste enemy time on the refused flank. Marauders will flank and Beastherd will travel near the knights for support.

28-07-2005, 11:27
A nice varied array of troops, but the characters... I just think there is too much points spent there. But then again, this is Tzeentch.

28-07-2005, 11:49
just one point about your fluff...
very nice :)
do you read a lot of David Gemmel books? :D

29-07-2005, 03:40
RaZer, I read almost anything fantasy, including all of Gemmels and the silver sabre is definitely Gemmelish :p

Mindwarper has been with me through every GW game from the start- herowuest, advanced heroquest, adv.heroquest/warhammer quest hybrid, Warhammer (3rd edition). So I tend to keep him in, and he is a lord of chaos, nothing less ;)

White star- you are right about the points in characters but its very difficult for Tzeentch to keep the numbers down. I always cringe at the 800 points spent in characters, but I can never seem to get an effective list under that, unless I use the dark emissary- it seldom gets below 700 points (3 heroes).

29-07-2005, 03:45
thought you might...
sounds good though, fits in nicely :D