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08-03-2007, 08:33
I've only played smaller battles with my beast of chaos, so I thought it was tiem to do a list of 2000 pts and see what you guys think. So here goes.

Beastlord; great weapon, shield, armour of damnation, crown of everlasting combat.

Bray shaman (lvl2); Mark of nurgle, chaos armour, staff of darkoth.

Bray shaman (lvl2); braystaff, power familiar.

Wargor BsB; heavy armour, vitriolic totem.

Beast herd (12 gor, 8 ungor); incl command, 2h. weap.

Beast herd (12 gor, 8 ungor); incl command, 2h. weap.

2x Chariot.

15 Pestigor; incl command, Banner of wrath.

6 chaos hounds

5 centigors; shields, incl command.

3 minotaurs with great weapon.

Chaos spawn

Chaos Giant.

So any advice will be welcome.

08-03-2007, 10:33
Looking pretty good, however I would remove the makr of Nurgle from your Bray-Shaman, because I think the Lore of Nurgle isn't all that good.

I would say buy more herd boxes (I assume from the numbers you used that you only have 2?). Up the herd sizes by one, because of your low LD. Once you take 25% casualties you have to start taking panic tests, but the 25% is rounded up, so take units of 13, 17, 21 ect.

Also, use more Ungors than Gors when possible, this means you have more to shield from shotting and you are more likely to be able to use those spears in combat.

Also, I'm not a fan of Pestigors, or Bestigors in general as they cost too many points. I would spend the point ons more herd units, perhaps more Chariots or Centigors.

Hope this helps and goodluck!

08-03-2007, 11:17
I gave him the mark of nurgle primarily because I converted him from the champion of the pestigors. And I think the lore has some potential. I play against empire ogres and dwarfs most of the time. Also I only have a doombull, a spawn and some chaos ogres that aren't in the list.