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Matter Of Fact
25-07-2005, 10:19
Here are some of my latest sketches and doodles. I use a comic style and I just can't get rid of it. Well, some people like it, others don't. I'm practicing anatomy and design of clothes right now. That is mainly why I never draw a backround for my pics :) .

Here they are, I hope it works:

A fantasy Orc Commander or something like that:

Here's a Dark Elf Warrior:

Matter Of Fact
25-07-2005, 10:20
Then a Hound of Khorne:

A Chaos Soldier:

And last but not least an Imperial Commander:

25-07-2005, 14:40
they look good matter of fact,i think the first two are my favorite

Hideous Loon
28-07-2005, 17:50
Yes, they're all great (especially the stitched-up Chaos Warrior), but why is the shoulderplate of the Imperial Commander made of wood? And look closely at the Orc Warboss, and see if you can make out where his shoulders are supposed to be, and then try to fit that together with his (its?) head. I can't. You have somewhat been influenced by the sweet artwork of World of WarCraft, I gather, especially as far as the Imperial Commander is concerned. Keep it up, but mind these little things I've mentioned. I have found that, in most cases, it helps to draw a stick skeleton of the character before the actual drawing. Try it!

30-07-2005, 22:59
I like them. The Orc definitely looks like he's wearing WoW armor. Good job!

Matter Of Fact
01-08-2005, 21:57
You guys got a good eye! The Commander and the Orc are both influenced by WoW and Confrontation (French tabletop game), cause I just bought an Artbook of them :)
And thanks for those details. I actually didn't notice it and yes, I can't remember that I've drawn a skeleton for the Orc, I focused too much on the armour :D And for the wooden Shoulderplate, it just looked better for me :D

11-08-2005, 23:23
Oh Lord almighty, that's good stuff. I don't remember there being this many talented artists on Portent. Anyway, looking forward to seeing more.

The orc captain's eyes look a bit Gollum to me though..

12-08-2005, 14:52
The orc smacks of warcraft but maybe thats just me also the human commander reminds me of some of the drawings in the Dnd campaign setting Forgotten Realms.

12-08-2005, 17:55
Great pics..... I loooove your style. What did you use for the dark elf? I've seen that ink, i'm guessing, used before and I like the effect. But anyways I really like the pics. I'd definitely be interested to see more.