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09-03-2007, 17:15
I decided last year to finally build up a small painted army composing only of minis I like.

I usually start about four armies a year and never finish anything. I rarely even paint my stuff. But this all should change.

I decided to build up a smallish 500 point army.... doesn't seems to be much, but we mostly play small games or multiplayer games with 500 points per player around here so its enough.
As We only played CoD since its out, it should also be a cityfight army

I thought about a gang of mercenary Firewarriors that have abadoned the greater good and only fight for money and entertainment.
And soon after I had the idea of something like a high-tech ninja-clan, specialising in stealth and fast raids. So a lot of ghosts suits had to be in the list.
I also wanted an army without any weapons that needed to be static to shoot.

I came up with the following list:

- 1 Shas'el with burstcannon and rocketpod
- 1 broadside with slow and purposeful
- 2 sixman teams FW with carbines
- 2 threeman teams ghosts with one fusion gun each

While waiting for my Forgeworld suits to arrive (I hate the old blocky crisis suits), I started to paint one of the ghosts to get a feel for the paint schema.

I wanted to go for dark, no-so-nice Tau without chaosy-fing them in any way... and of course there was the idea with the ninja tau ;)

I was really pleased what FW sent me, and soon thereafter constructed my shas'el by combining parts of different suits. I think it really has gotten very dynamic. Only vectored engines and some ribbons and stuff to add (and of course, filling some holes)
After I finished building the Broadside, I couldn't resist and tried to make something cool looking out of the parts left.

The result blew me away.... while the pose isn't as dynamic as the other suits', the drone-controlled plasma rifle on top of it really looks cool I think. But something has to be done with the legs, they just look... silly.

Well, I hope my excitenment for this new Tau army (about the third one, the others just never got finished ;)) stays and I will update this log regularly.

If only there weren't so many exams :rolleyes:

09-03-2007, 18:49
The conversions look great, and I think that black scheme could be really cool :)

09-03-2007, 19:52
I'm working on 750 points of Tau myself, very heavy on the stealths too. Your conversions look quite nice, and the paint scheme on the stealth is ace. Looking forward to where this goes, good luck with the little cadre of stealthy doom.

- Salvage