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10-03-2007, 01:21
I am usually loathe to create a list just to bring down another but, we have a gamer in our area that has a very nasty Lizzy army with a 2nd Gen slaan and a huge unit of temple guard. (more on that later).

Chaos lord of slaanesh: Chaos steed, bindings of slaanesh, rending sword, shield. -- 352 pts.

Beast shaman (lv 1 2 dispel scrolls) -- 125 pts
Beast shaman (lv 1 2 dispel scrolls) -- 125 pts

Total characters -- 602

-- 5 chosen knights of slaanesh -- champion, banner, warbanner. -- 310 pts
-- 2X5 marauder horsemen, flails -- musician 182 pts
-- 2 tuskagor chariots -- 170 pts
-- 6 chaos furries -- 90 pts (I only have 6).
-- 1 beastherd 8gor, 12 ungor full command -- 139 pts
-- 3 dragon ogres -- 237 pts (I only have 3)
-- Giant, mutant of monstrosity -- 230 pts
-- 2X5 warhounds -- 60 pts.

I have seen this guy play a few times and he just sits back and pounds you with magic. He uses a skink priest too and he has kroxigors and skinks for the rest. His slann unit is huge with alot of temple guard and the banner that gives fear, and he uses the warbanner on the temple guard. So his static CR is 3ranks, 1 banner, 1 warbanner, 1std bearer, 1 outnumber. So +7. My static CR from the knights is +2.

Now I can handle his peripherals pretty well. But I have to get stuck into that slann unit and keep his slann busy with the bindings of slaanesh. If he is stuck in comba't, he cant do too much damage with his spells.

I have a few questions:
1) Is there a better weapon combo that can take this out. I should be able to take one or two wounds off the slann per round of combat. Perhaps a beserker sword.
2) Would an exalted demon be a better choice than a giant and a shaman. He can only take one dispell scroll though and will get hurt by magic.
3) would a hell cannon be of help here instead (i'm not too bad with shooting it--given that he stays pretty stationary)
4) which lore should I use on the bray shaman. I am thinking 1 beast and 1 death.

I am tentatively going with a giant and a scroll caddy to split the points up. I already have some expensive stuff. The giant is to act as a magnate for his missles (hopefully) and distract him from the real threat in the chosen knights with the general.

I have to get on his units quickly, because if I don't, they won't be around. much. His magic phase is super nasty.

10-03-2007, 03:01
Greetings once again Marco Polo! As usual, a good list!...here's my thoughts...

1)...seriously I wouldn't worry about trying to kill the Slaan in a Personal Combat...better to just beat his unit...and as you've stated, this is going to be a bit of a task...one of the best ways is to increase both your Characters number of Attacks and his Strenth...so I'd suggest the Chaos Runesword, Enchanted Shield and Pendant of Slaanesh...chop up his damn Temple Guard with no remorse...

2)....uh...I'd say no to both options, the Exalted Daemon is a HUGE points sink considering that you're already spending over 300pts on a Chaos Lord...the Bray-Shamans are fine, keep them as is, though the Power Familiar might be more useful in the long run against the Slaan...the Giant is just going to be a fun pin cushion for Skinks, Salamanders and Slaan Mage Priest's Magic...

3)...yes and no...I've seen the damage a Hellcannon can do first hand from both sides of it...and I hate to loose units/characters to my own units!...better honestly to take a Shaggoth you at least has a 3+ Armor Save...Causes Terror...is Immune to Psychology...and hits like a ton of bricks...a GREAT Flanker especiall-y against the the Temple Guard unit...breaking their Ranks will be key...

4)...keep it simple and Direct...Death Magic for the Dark Hand of Death guaranteed spell...

5)...my personal views...the Warhounds and Marauder Horsemen might prove a liability...almost useless...the Chaos Furries however will be much better if they were a bit larger...12 models is still themed and the higher Unit Strength will help greatly, but you only have 6 for now...a single unit of 6 Centigors w/Shields and a Musician can be a seirous game breaker...I'd trade the Tusk Chariots in as well...too slow and you really need to get there against these types of Armies...1 extra Chosen Knight of Slaanesh (upgrade to a Musician)...a single unit of Mounted Daemonettes would be sweet, but you would no longer be able to take the suggested Shaggoth...

Basically, speed kills, and you can win CC against the Temple Guard, and break the unit, run it down, etc...but you could also win the game by simply killing everything else he has, hold the Table Quarters, and keep his Slaan distracted...

Hope this helps some!

10-03-2007, 03:17
How many Kroxigors and Skinks does he have? His exact army composition would help. The key would be to come up with a tailored solution to every one of his units and use speed to ensure you choose who fights who asap. Work out combat resolution statistics of varies combination of Chaos units against his to find the optimal solution.

10-03-2007, 03:20
For instance you may find that Kroxigors have lower Initiative than Dragon Ogres. Therefore if both units are to use Great Weapons, you will always have the upper hand.

10-03-2007, 16:45
@ theDarkGeneral and Kruzkal -- Thanks for your tips here. I know a few ins and outs about the temple guard unit. I have about 4k of lizzies myself and know them well.

1) it is stubborn with a slann in it. So with a BSB slann it has stubborn ld of 8 with a bsb. Nigh-on impossible to break with coldblooded. So I either have to kill the slann or all the temple guard in order to break the unit.

2) the slann can still cast spells in combat because it hides like a coward in the second rank and can see over the unit. So, I have to engage the slann to stop it from casting spells. This can only be done with the bindings of slaanesh.

as for the rest of his army!

3) he has about 20+ temple guard.

4) he has no salamanders

5) he has a stegadon

6) he has 4 kroxigors

7) he has 2-3 units of skinks + 1 scouting skink priest (level 2)

8) He basically dares people to charge his huge slann unit. And then clobbers them with flank charges. I need to get in and neutralize the slann while the rest of the army focuses on his flankers.

-- I have to take the bindings of slaanesh. But I do not have to take a lord to do this. I could use an exalted hero. All I really need to do is to neutralize the slann's magic and I can whittle away at the temple guard unit.

Like I said, his peripherals can easily be neutralized because I have more units and due to his static line can set up speed bumps with dogs and marauders. While chariots, beastherds, giants dragon ogres can chase of his other units.

I need to be able to survive 2 rounds of magic maybe three. Because If I get in too early, his flankers will have a clear path to my knights.

I don't care if dogs die, or even marauder horsemen for that matter. But if he starts to flush out knights, then I have a big issue.

A unit of 6 chosen knights+the general is too large to move effectively as he hides all his units in a corner.

I think the hellcannon is out as he can create a 2+ wardsave vs shooting on his slann. As for the panic test that comes with a hellcannon, big deal the lizards are cold blooded with ld 9.

He has a very tight list with not alot of chinks in the armor. Given his set-up, it is hard to get flanks on him. Attacking the front can be rough. Waiting to long and you are dust.

It kind of reminds me of Alexanders battle against the persians at guagamela. Get the king and the army runs.