View Full Version : First attempt on Lizardmen 2000p, advices plz!

10-03-2007, 02:23
Just started playing FB and lizardmen for a few months
And here's what i've got so far.:)

Saurus OldBlood -145
Greatweapon -6
The maiming shield -30
Charm of the jaguar warrior -20
Aura of Quetzi -30
Blessed spawning of Sotek -20
Blessed Spawning of Quetzi -15

Skink Priest -65
Upgrade to level 2 -35
Blessed mark of the old one -35
Dispel Scroll -25
Power stone -25

20xSaurus Warriors
Spears, Full command,Quetzi -340

20xSaurus Warriors
Handweapon, Full command, Quetzi -300

blowpipe, scout - 70

javelins - 60

2xJungle swarm -120

8xSaurus Cavalry
Full command
Jaguar Standard - 355

3xKroxigors - 174


2xSalamander hunting packs -130

here's everything i've got.....anything i should pull of or add on?
Thx a lot indeed!:D

10-03-2007, 13:17
If you give a unit of Saurus a blessed spawning, they become a special choice (check your armybook). That means you have 5 special choices (which is more than you're allowed ;)). Also, the minimum size for a terradon unit is 3.

Sort those little things out and the list should be fine. :)

10-03-2007, 16:32
ohhh, didn't know about that, i will get rid of those scared spawning and add another terradon. Thx a lot!

10-03-2007, 16:50
You could use Sacred Spawning army rules, but your skinks would have to be upgraded(see the LM section of the GW site for rules), and your skink priest would have access to a different lore.

Those rules make it so that saurus have to be given the spawning of the whole army(in your case quetzl), but remain core w/ 1 spawning, special w/ 2.

List looks pretty good. I'd add a skink priest and remove the swarms.

I'd also either bulk the saurus cavalry up to 10, or shrink down to 6.

10-03-2007, 22:15
If you want to get a few spells through, add another priest and give it diadem of power