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10-03-2007, 05:04
Alrighty here's the list. I know the lord on dragon is expensive, but I've already sent off the bitz order. Everything else is up to change

edit: This is now an Archaon's Horde Army list.


Chaos Lord with sword of might, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Dragon, enchanted Shield, and Spell Familiar
785 pts


Exalted Champion of Chaos with Blade of Blood, shield, Mark of Tzeentch
207 pts

Exalted Champion of Chaos with sword of striking, shield, Mark of Tzeentch
202 pts


Warriors of Chaos
16 warriors with shields, full command, Mark of Tzeentch
260 pts

Marauders of Chaos
20 Marauders with great weapons and full command
165 pts

Marauders of Chaos
20 Marauders with great weapons and full command
165 pts

Marauders of Chaos
20 Marauders with great weapons and full command
165 pts

Marauders of Chaos
20 Marauders with great weapons and full command
165 pts

6 Warhounds of chaos
30 pts


16 chosen warriors with shields, full command, Mark of Tzeentch,
356 pts

2500 pts

10-03-2007, 16:46
I love the dragon but i always play him with the staff of change and the eye sheild and flail.

Use the storm of chaos list and get free champs man.

11-03-2007, 08:13
Thanks for the idea! Switching to a Archaon's horde list, my two blocks of warriors actually become cheaper by adding an extra warrior and taking the free command group. this gave me an extra 30 points to play with, so now I've got an army that's 2500 on the dot, and has a block of 5 chaos hounds, which, as I learned today, are awesome for baiting.

I just played with the list today, and smashed my friend's Lizardmen army. My lord has to be an MVP for killing over 1000 points of the enemy. first turn he killed a few skinks with magic. turn two he smashes into a unit of skinks guarding some kroxigors, murders them. he then murders two kroxigor, and chases down that giant 300 point block. next turn he flies back to the battle line, and kills the enemy's skink shaman with a magic missile, He then rear charges a block of Saurus, who also got flanked by a block of marauders. the saurus are run down, and my Lord pursues a few more inches into the back of the enemy's oldblood on carnasaur. My lord and the dragon managed to murder the carnasaur, and the oldblood did nothing to my lord. he then ran away, and was cut down, ending the game.

11-03-2007, 10:05
I think you will also learn that warhounds are awesome at one more thing: namely taking table quarters. I normally take 2 units of 5 and just leave them standing at the back of my deployment zone. I've never seen an opponent divert his resources to taking care of them and when the game ends, that's 200 VP for a 60 pts investment. Pretty good, and even if they get smacked, that will take the heat off your other units for at least one turn, which is very welcome.

I this army would benefit enormously from some screamers (or even furies, if you are feeling cheap). Your lord can't be everywhere at the same time and another unit of flyers can lighten the pressure on him a bit if you can manage to kill enemy war machines with them. 3-4 screamers or 6-8 furies would probably do nicely in my opinion (I favour screamers myself).

Also, consider your 16 strong warrior units in 7th ed. They will only get a +2 rank bonus (deployed in 3 ranks of 5 and a straggler in the back rank). I suppose you, like our group, still play 6th, but at some point you will probably switch over, so consider what to do with them then.

Also - I understand you are going for a theme, but no Knights? They can be very useful, even if you don't spend too many points on them and just take a unit of 6, no upgrades. And if you are going with Archaon's horde, marauder units that are 25 strong will get free full command, which makes a unit of 25 cost almost the same as a unit of 20. Consider that as well. :)

My Tzeentch list is pretty much the opposite of yours (apart from the lord), but that's the power of chaos - it is very mutable. I like all variations, and I really like the look of an infantry based Chaos army. However, that is not the strongest Chaos build available, something I am sure that you are aware of. If so, your army list is based first and foremost on theme, something that always makes for an enjoyable game. So I commend you!

11-03-2007, 11:10
im thinking of getting a tzeeentchi (maybe archaons horde) army vvery similar to the one above.
which chaos dragon do you own?
the van horsstman one, the daemon one or the forgeworld one?

12-03-2007, 01:10
Okay, the 16 strong blocks of warriors started out as 15 strong blocks of warriors. It's actually cheaper for me to take the straggler because he gives me a free command, which in thw two units freed up enough points for the second block of hounds. and I do play 7th! I'm a redshirt at a GW. So now the question becomes what should I drop for the extra ranks of marauders, knights, and screamers?

And as for the dragon, it's a kitbash. the bitz order I sent off contains the following:

2x Dragon body sprue
1x dragon wings sprue
1x dragon limbs/head sprue
2x black dragon head (all bitz)
And for the lord...
mounted slaanesh lord right/left legs
Mounted Slaanesh lord helmet
Archaon sprue 1
Archaon Sprue 2
Archaon Body sprue.

12-03-2007, 07:06
i'm looking forward to seeing pictures of this army!