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25-07-2005, 19:22

Here is my new armylist.

Feel free to tear it apart.

Lion guard
Armour of the Gods
Amulet of the Purifying flame
Great weapon

226 pts

Helm of fortune
Guadian Phoenix
Pure of Heart
barded steed
Heavy armour

147 pts

Mlvl 2
Ring of corin
Jewel of the dusk

180 pts

Mlvl 2
Ring of Fury
Dispel Scroll

180 pts

24 First spearelves
Full command
(Prince goes here)

314 pts

9 Silver Helms
Full gear
Full command
(Commander goes here)

242 pts

5 Silver Helms
Full gear
Full command

150 pts

14 Swordmasters
Full command
Banner of arcane protection

252 pts


85 pts

8 shadow warriors

120 pts

2 Great eagles

100 pts

Total: 1996pts

casting: 7
dispel: 4 + 1 scroll
Models in army: 64

My main tactic is to split my force into two groups. Infantry and horsies.
This gives me two battlefronts whit one big solid unit in each. Supported by lots of smaler units.
The cavalry will try to break throug the enemy lines and then support the infantry from the rear.
The main block whit the commander is supported by the smaler SH unit and the chariot to make sure this is what will happen.
Hopfully the spearelves will hold. And with the prince and lion guard im sure they will.
24 stubborn spears = pain in the ass.
The swordmasters will suppoer the spearelves.
The Shadow warriors will hinder march moves and harass enemy units directly infront of the spearelves on the battlefield. (buying time untill the cavalry arrives)
The Great Eagles will do what the do best, hunt warmachines and such.

So what do you think?
Does it totally suck? Or do you think it can win some games?

25-07-2005, 19:48
It's one balenced army that can potentially win a few games. Not a tournament, that's for sure.

Why the Great Weapon without Swordmaster ability?
Cut that large unit of Silver Helms to 6 and the other boosted up to 6, that seems to be the best unit, as far as most people are concerned. Anymore than 7 is asking for death.
Get another Chariot if you can. Drop the Shadow Warriors by one, maybe two.

I think that the list could do with one less Mage, change the other to a Scroll Caddy, and getting more Infantry. Two Infantry units, with perhaps Silver Helm Flankers, isn't enough for 2000 Points anymore...

Lord Anathir
25-07-2005, 20:50
I think you have too few units, especially since you plan to split them up. I suppose it will work, i guess it just comes down to whether you are a better tactician then your opponent across the table. Just a few minor changes though - Drop the command on the smaller silverhelm unit. And lower shadow warriors to 6. Drop the banner on the swordmasters. Get another chariot.
Also, with the prince, He should be there to make that unit stubborn only. Once your opponent finds out that they are stubbor, they will try kill the prince, and well, he only has a 3+ AS and he strikes last. I would change him to a commander, and put him on an edge of the unit and have them wheel so that your opponent charges the flank. if you deploy in 3 ranks, he will not be able to kill off the unit quickly enough. That unit is there to loose combat, therefore i suggest you drop the warbanner as well. About the swordmasters, lower the unit to 12, and drop the standard bearer. With the points you get left, see if you can get 2 RBT.

Abotu yuor magic phase, yuo dont really have a casting mage. Therefore, i suggest you change one setup as follows: seer, channeler, silver wand. And the other, scroll + jewel of dusk. If you really want a ring in there, change the commanders equipment to enchanted shield and ring of corin.
Happy Hunting.

25-07-2005, 23:19
-Get bolt throwers
-Get more and cheaper units (swordmasters to 10/12, spears to 16/20)
-Arathnir has a point with the mages, I like to have one with Silver Wand, Seer and Channeler and the other with Jewel of Dusk and Ring of Fury. Always give the Corin Ring to a fighting character.
-Prince has no purpose, might as well get a commander or make the Prince viable in combat.
-Maybe change the big silver helm unit to dragon princes, that way the "combat umph commander" isnt necessary...

26-07-2005, 10:28
thanks for the replys

I will take your ideas in to consideration.
But I will use it as above first, and if it doesnt work out i will start experimenting with your thoughts.

over n out

27-07-2005, 07:15
also your prince is illegal Lion cloak is considered armour and AotG does not allow you to wear other armour

29-07-2005, 02:55
Are you sure, Korhil?

That sounds like a pretty draconian ruling. After all, it isn't armour that you buy frm the armour section, nor is it magical armour; at the very elast, you'd not be able to USE the armour (which you never do anyway), but retained the honour and all the other points associated with it.

29-07-2005, 05:20
it sayd it CANT be combined with other armour and since Lion guard comes with Lion Cloak it cant be purchased

30-07-2005, 18:44
Korhil is wrong

Lord Anathir
30-07-2005, 18:51
erm....lion cloak counts as armor?!? nope....its like a sea dragon cloak. You can add it on to any armor.

30-07-2005, 21:15
o ok then sry

31-07-2005, 02:40
me>you capiche?
Anathir (Arathnir) just wants to feel better by siding with me :) haha