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10-03-2007, 15:59
my club has just got the AI book and is looking for players to start. I want to start, but cannot choose a race. Therefore:

- How do the different races play?
- Are they introducing new ones soon?

Thanks in advance

10-03-2007, 17:17
Currently there is no indication of introducing more races from FW. There are player created rules for Dark Eldar - very similar to the Eldar - at Tactical Command. There is a good deal of work on trying to develop a Tyranid list (once again player created).

The different races play well differently, some of them very differently from their 40k counterparts.

Chaos is a horde list - lots of fragile fast aircraft.
Imperial and Tau look like they will play similarly and have access to the widest variety of aircraft.
Orks are another horde list - but are slow and hard.
Eldar are expensive, hard and fast and deadly if they get close.

10-03-2007, 18:06
Thanks for that, seems strange to think of Chaos as horde...

Anywho, I'll probably go Tau or Imperial, or possibly Chaos for the models.

11-03-2007, 12:52
I guess Chaos is played as a horde because it doesn't really have the means of producing a full scale air force and so relies on a lot of small raiders. Obviously this doesn't really compare to 40k where the Chaos army is made up of elite Space Marines.

To my mind, the Chaos force seems to be close to how I would imagine a Dark Eldar force to be - very manoeuvrable but fragile.

11-03-2007, 15:34
The strange thing is, that Chaos in 40K is always imagined as "Chaos Marines". Yes, they are the advertised steroetype, but like the Loyalists, they are only a "small" elite force. After all, the loyal Space Marines are NOT the main fighting force of the Imperium, that's the Imperial Guard; the same goes for Chaos: their main forces are made of traitor Guard regiments, Cultists... normal (more or less) humans, and hordes of them. So the horde approach in AI makes perfect sense. I'm quite happy that at least here it's not another "Marines with spikey bits"...

12-03-2007, 02:07
how id describe them:

chaos: horde, as stated above. think tie fighters.
eldar: very elite craft, superior in almost every way to pretty much everything else. but you wont get many.
navy: most options and choice Tbolts are prob the best standard fighter. lots of varied options, keeping in line with WWII style.
orks: less choice, all about rushing in and getting up close. less maneuverable, but lots and lots of lovely dakka.
tau: more slow and ponderous for the most part, barracuda only high maneuver ship. lots of firepower.

12-03-2007, 11:13
Having played a few games of Imperial v Tau there are some pretty interesting differences on the tabletop in terms of tactics.

On the whole the Imperials benefit from keeping the enemy at mid range and in the front fire arc while the Tau do well at close range. Add to this the fact that the Tau can fire 360 degrees with their drones and they really start to benefit from messy close-range scraps. The Imperials also need to try to stay high (drones don't fire up). In gaming terms this means that the Imperials can do well on the first pass (T'bots hit very hard at mid range) while the Tau might decide to approach in two waves, sending the heavier (and still cheap) bombers in to soak up the first round of fire.

Another major difference is that the Tau, while having lots of 'bombers', don't come close to the Imperials for dropping bombs and rely on strafing runs.

I've not used Chaos or Orcs yet but I'd definately recommend Tau/Imperial as a match up that is reasonably balanced and requires both players to try different tactics.