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10-03-2007, 18:34
I am planning on facing a dark elf player who has been bringing dragons to the table lately and its getting tough to prevent his dragon with lord from slaying my general. The background knowledge of his army is that he has a dragon, only two mages and only two bolt throwers, and no witches. Any advice would help me out.

1 Blood Dragon Vampire Lord @ 744 Pts
General; Blood Dragon; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Lance; Full Plate Armor; Shield
Zombie Dragon
Cursed Book
Heart Piercing
Master Strike

Hopefully he will duel the enemy dragon

1 Necromancer @ 140 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade
Black Periapt
Dispel Scroll

Gives me some magic defense/offense

13 Zombies @ 83 Pts

hiding the mage in here

25 Zombies @ 165 Pts
Musician; Standard Bearer

25 Zombies @ 165 Pts
Musician; Standard Bearer

25 Skeletons @ 215 Pts
Musician; Standard Bearer; Hand Weapon; Shield

The main battle line to fight his knights/chariots/heavy troops

7 Ghouls @ 56 Pts

7 Ghouls @ 56 Pts

7 Ghouls @ 56 Pts

These guys will act as arrow-cushions and hunt down missle units, particularly bolt throwers

3 Fell Bats @ 60 Pts

3 Fell Bats @ 60 Pts

Artillary hunters...thats pretty much it

1 Black Coach @ 200 Pts

possibly screens the dragon from bolt throwers/fights lighter infantry units

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Any ideas on the list? I haven't used a mounted lord/count/thrall in my VC ever so the only real knowledge i have is from using my wood elf dragon and mounted characters.

10-03-2007, 19:53
Unfortunetly you cannot have an extra hand weapon while mounted. :(

I know, it would be awesome for him to roam around the battlefield with a billion attacks but it just cant happen.

I suggest replacing his extra hand weapon with a Lance and a Shield. Having a 2+ Save and strength 7 on the charge is nothing to scoff at!

11-03-2007, 00:44
yeah the lance is nice. i also like the zombies. your going to have to be careful with the Lord flying off to spread doom, the rest of your army will be somewhat vulnerable