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25-07-2005, 22:24

Exalted Champion of Chaos GW; Undivided; Armour of Damnation 134
Aspiring Champion of Chaos Sword of Might; Undivided; BSB 125

Sorcerer of Chaos Undivided; Dispel Scroll(x2) 135


Marauder Horsemen 5 Flail; Musician 81

Mauraders of Chaos 10 Great Weapon; Champion 75

Mauraders of Chaos 10 Flail; Champion 65

Mauraders of Chaos 10 Great Weapon; Champion 75

Mauraders of Chaos 25 Hand Weapon; ; Light Armour; Full Command 175

Mauraders of Chaos 25 Hand Weapon; ; Light Armour; Full Command 175

Mauraders of Chaos 25 Hand Weapon; ; Light Armour; Full Command 175

Warhounds of Chaos 5 30


FlayerKin 7 Two Hand Weapons; Champion 112

Knights (Chosen) 5 Full Command; Khorne 320

Knights (Chosen) 5 Full Command; Khorne 320

135 models (which is pretty much for a chaos army)

3 PD (good to be able to dispell RiP spells)

5 DD (not great but with 2 scrolls it should at least keep most of my army intact before impact)

1997 points

Ok this is a test list. I was inspired by some background info about the Kurgan tribe so i tried to keep it as fluffy as possible. The kurgans obviously didnt have flayerkin, but as i really need some warmachine hunters i had to get them in there.

So on to the list.

My chars are pretty much basic. A bsb in the center unit of the main marauder unit. It's nice to have a BSB when you have marauders. THo i didnt want to pay 125 points for the banner of gods as i think its a bit too much in most battles. The sorc will just find the closest forest to hide in ;)

MY infantry blocks are going to be supported by the smaller ones to threaten enemy flanks. ITs going to be much like detacthments if the enemy doesnt break my marauders in the first round of combat.

The marauder horsemen and flayerkins are going for the warmachines and lone mages. The warhounds can also do this if possible. They can also work as harrassemnt units to marchblock and charge in the rear later on for that +2 combat res.

And least but certainly not last, the Knights of Chaos. These guys can take on most units. Sure they will attract at lot of fire/magic, but at least that will save my marchin infantry. One on each flank can be disturbing for any army and they will have to choose wisely which one to take down.

If i meet an amry with a lot of cheap units which can lure the knights into a forest etc, i will just screen them with the marauder horsemen and the warhounds until they can charge a juicy target ;)

So what do you think? Is this army going to be swamped? IS it to cheesy to have 2 units of chosen knights? Sorceror in a khorne amy!?

26-07-2005, 00:43
the list in general is pretty good, but there are a few problems.

First off the bsb can't have any magic weapons (sword of might)\
and instead of giving the large marauder unit lig armour, you should give them shields. works the same way as the light armour when being hit by shooting attack, but in combat it gives an extra +1 to your armour, all for the same price.

One big change I would make to your army is to drop the bsb and the exalted champion to get Crom. He will greatly help your army not because he is an excellent fighter, but because he gives you marauders the mark of chaos undivided. it also leaves you with 29 extra pointts that you can spend by getting musicians for "detachments" and a champion for you marauder horsemen unit/another flayerkin

good luck with that army

Edit: I'm sure you can make some good fluff about having the knights there like a khorne champion lent some of his finest warriors to crom to get more skulls for the blood god and the flayerkin are also more fluffy with crom around.

26-07-2005, 08:59
Night reaper- he can take the sword of might, you can take all normal equipment for your BSB as long as he isnt carrying a standard. (Since the BSB cant carry a great weapon/shield he cant take magical ones).

The only thing I would worry about is the small size of your Knights- a couple of hits and a regiment will be greatly reduced in effectiveness. Also Chosen might be overkill with Khorne, especially two units. Maybe drop Chosen status on one regiment to up both regiments a model (cut some points elsewhere).

Other than that I would keep the Exalted and BSB rather than Khorne.

26-07-2005, 11:02
I like it, would love to see a pic of the army fully painted would look sweet.
as for hoping the marauders will hold and using smaller units as empire detachments.
i wouldn't be banking on the marauders holding against much, even with ld8 and re-roll
break test.
If I were fielding this army, i would have the 3 units of 10 marauders in front of the units of 25, as flee'rs/baiters/rank exposers for your big units and the knights.
also with that many marauders you will have to keep your general pretty central, cause
a failed panic test could crumble your army.
but in a tournament chances of the marauders actually getting into combat is unlikely,
cept as speedbumps.

26-07-2005, 11:42
Sorry i forgot to add that the big blocks of marauders of course has Shield+LA :)

4+ save in close combat is a must with those T3 troops.

As you have pointed out there are some flaws to keep an eye on. The knights unit are very small. But the enemy must divide his shooting against them, and they dont panic, so even if i just get 3 knights from each unit to the other side, they can still do some damage and soften up regs to the marauders arrive.

Also the khorne mark gives me that crucial dispell dice. I dont want any more sorcerors so that is the easiest way to get the dispell dice, as well as they kick a punch in close combat with 3 attacks per knight.

Concerning crom, i would love to have him in there. But as hes a special char i dont want to base the army around him. Sure i will probably buy the model and use him for special occasions, but i prefer no special chars.

I dont expect the marauders to hold all that much, but they do just as well as the warriors of chaos for alot less points. And the BSB can save me at least once or twicee in battle. The BSB can also do some damage in close combat with his sword of might, and the exalted are going to get some kills also with his s7 attacks :)

Thx alot for the comments tho. And as Akbandito pointed out. The smaller units of marauders can also work as speedbumps/screeners as well as detachtments