View Full Version : 2000 pts. Chaos list- needs advice

Amdir Von Berznicht
11-03-2007, 22:34
So here it is. All advice is good advice!

Exalted Sorcerer of Chaos
-Lvl.4 Upgrade, Skull of Katam, Gaze of the Gods 350 pts.

-Heavy Armour and 2 Hand Weapons 68 pts.

Marauders of Chaos
-16, FC, Light Armour, Shields, Great Weapons 169 pts.

Warriors of Chaos
-12, Shields, FC, Mark of Tzeentch(hmm) 230 pts.

Warriors of Chaos
-12, Shields, FC 210 pts.

Knights of Chaos
-5, FC 215 pts.

Horrors of Tzeentch
-10 150 pts.

Ogre Bulls
-6,Ironfists, Light Armour 258 pts.

Screamers of Tzeentch
-3 99 pts.

Beast Herd
-12 Gor, 8 Ungor ,2 Hand Weapons, FC 131 pts.

Chariot of Chaos
120 pts.

Thar it be! 2000 pts exactly. 5 Core Choices, 3 Special, 1 Rare, 1 Lord, 1 Hero.

I may change Exalted Sorcerer back to Lord of Chaos with Mark of Tzeentch. They're both 350 pts each so its an easy change.

All help on making it better is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

12-03-2007, 03:08
Warriors are too slow for their cost. Consider exchanging them for more Knights. You will be hitting harder and faster.

6 Ogre Bulls are too long as a single rank and you get no bonus for 2 ranks of 3. Split them into 2 units of 3 or a single unit of 4. And why are you not using Chaos Ogres?

Your also have no screen what so ever. Your army is likely to be shot to shreds before you can reach combat.