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26-07-2005, 01:42
I was thinking about doing a daemon army, and really liked the idea of slanesh - however, Daemon armies are so limited in troop types that you end up with the same models over and over again. This ends up being so frustrating, that you have to convert half the figures just for variation, and being slanesh, its almost mandatory for all the conversions to be tentacles. This didnt appeal much to me, so i started playing with some other ideas.

What if I had a large number of 'marauders', using mordheim sisters of sigmar figures, and coverting them slightly so theyre not all baring sigmarite symbols, but instead slanesh symbols - and having a few big blocks of those. That way, Id have a Daemon Prince leading the army, A couple of Sister superiors (like the sister with a bare bum) as marauder hero's, and a few daemon armies. Makes for a nice theme too, as an empire cult from a temple gone wrong kinda thing, also means i can make a really nice scenic base as a sigmarite chapel that has been converted through many rituals into a slaneshi temple.

If the army isnt actually doable however, then thats a cool idea down the drain.. do you know if you can actually have a half marauder, half daemons? or if thats not a possibility, half daemon half warrior army? What other hurdles do you see jumping in the way?

Grand Warlord
26-07-2005, 02:15
Are you using the daemon rules with human figures? if so then yeah thats doable... if you want to use human troops in the daemon list then no..

Hope i understood your idea.. if not sorry lol

EDit: Actually you could give the Daemon Prince .. i think its called master of mortals and do your idea...

26-07-2005, 02:23
I havnt read the chaos list in this edition, I only returned to the hobby after quite a few years absense..

but basically, I would be looking at having about 1250 points of daemons, and 750 points of marauders idealistically.
Towards this, "Master of mortals" sounds quite promising, and would certainly fit well fluff wise.

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26-07-2005, 03:16
That could in theory be done but the only units you could take is mounted deemonets and regular deemonets, which is more then any onther demons, most mortals cant have their gods demonic cav.

Your demons would be special choices so you could only take 3 demonic untis and a demon prince with master of mortals

Their is another list that fits what you described quite well, its the cult of Slaanesh dark elf list from the storm of chaos. http://stormofchaos.ca.games-workshop.com/book/armies/default.htm

26-07-2005, 04:49
Hmmm, If I can, realistically Id love to somehow have at least 2 large units of daemonettes, 2 daemonette cavelry, a unit of chaos spawn, 2 marauder infantry blocks, a daemon prince - and if theres points for it, a marauder horseman unit.
Thats from a army feel painting point of view, not an army composition / power gaming playlist point of view.. i guess im gonna have to buy the book to see if that is feasable... If its not, getting as close to it as possible would be nice, I basically want about 1250 of my points to be daemons, and 750 to be marauders or chaos warriors.

26-07-2005, 06:20
Just had a look, and the cult of slaanesh list has everything I need, so i can have :

Lord : Keeper of Secrets
Hero's : Interesting sisters of sigmar model conversions, either as a noble or a sorceress

Core : necesscary to have one particularly hard ass looking unit of sisters (devoted of slaanesh),
Marauders of chaos (standard sisters of sigmar figures),
Daemonettes of slaanesh.

for special, Mounted daemonettes of slaanesh. Also, it could be kinda cool to have a unit of winged daemonettes, and use these as furies, as an idea.

Also, if I wanted, I could combine some of the sisters of sigmar bits with some of the chaos warrior sprues, as these are also special,

and for Rare - both choices I would use as Chaos Spawns upgraded to fiends of slaanesh.

Its an absolutly perfect list, with so much flavour/theme that Im excited enough to split myself, it doesnt even bother me that the entire army will be metal, without exception : D!

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26-07-2005, 06:20
This could be done in a 2000 point list so you would probably need to add more marauder untis to make the list legal. But it could be done. Dont be afraid to use other mortal units, ie knights or chariots, they are nice hard untis to offset the t3 of the rest of your army.

26-07-2005, 06:25
Yeah, the army im sorta formulating in my head (without looking at points, just what I want to get out of the army really) would be 1 greater daemon, 2 Hero's, one fairly heavy/slutty looking unit of mortals (devoted of slaanesh), 2 units of marauders, 2 units of daemonettes, 2 mounted daemonette units and 2 chaos spawn, so all up :

1 lord, 2 heros, 5 core, 2 special 2 rare. I may need to bulk up to another unit or two of marauders once I look at points.

26-07-2005, 10:12
Nice idea there mister - i hope it all works out.

One last thing - we wanna see pics when you're done!

26-07-2005, 10:38
Nice idea there mister - i hope it all works out.

One last thing - we wanna see pics when you're done!

If I do it, which is very VERY likly, i'll have a running update going... I wrote up a 3000 point army list that had 50 marauders, 20 devoted, 32 daemonettes, 16 mounted daemonettes, 4 chaos spawn, a keeper of secrets, 2 mages and a hero.. so all up its 73 Mortals, 65 daemons (unit strength). its definatly going to look interesting, especially on the chapel senic base im planning.

27-07-2005, 08:17
If you want to keep the all-female slannesh theme going, and wanted to add a unit of chaos warriors, then you could use Sisters of battle (predominately the cannoness, mistress and sister superior models), give 'em a good weapon swap, shave off all the imperial icons, and do a little putty work to cover up the back-pack attatchment. A lot of work, but a suitable all female chaos warrior regiment.

27-07-2005, 09:03
shave off all the imperial icons

Taer, you dirty little Black Mage :p

As for a list of what you described (if Hordes of Chaos and not Cult of Slaanesh)

Then it could be something like:

Keeper of Seecrets...625

Sorceror of Chaos, level 2, Mark of Slaanesh, Power Familliar... 190

20 daemonettes of Chaos... 300 pts

20 Daemonettes of Chaos... 300 pts

5 Mounted Daemonettes... 150 pts

20 Marauders of Chaos, Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command... 137 pts

20 Marauders of Chaos, Lightarmour, Shields, Full Command... 137 pts

5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician... 81

5 marauder Horsemen, Flails, Musician... 81

Total pts... 2001

Casting Dice... 9

Dispell Dice... 6

Model count... 95

What do you think?

27-07-2005, 09:04
. . . EUREKA!!!!

I have tried to write a 2k list led by a keeper for AGES... and now... I managed to do a good one!!!!


Runs off to the store to get some more Marauders and Daemonettes

27-07-2005, 11:50
I was thinking of something like this :o

Cult of Slaanesh

Keeper of Secrets 625

Sisters of Slaanesh Priestess 130

16 Devoted of Slaanesh 192
Musician, Standard, Mistress - with Speed of slaanesh 40

16 Daemonettes 240
Champion, Musician, Standard 35

20 Marauding Sisters 100
Light Armour and Shields 40
Standard, Musician, Champion 25

7 Mounted Daemonettes 210

7 Mounted Daemonettes 210

Chaos Spawn (fiend of Slaanesh) 75

Chaos Spawn (fiend of Slaanesh) 75

total : 1997

Model Count : 70
Power Dice : 8
Dispell Dice : 5

29-07-2005, 01:57
Greetings Proximity...

I have been a lurker on this (old "Portent") and several other warhammer forums for a number of years now and this is the first time I have felt obliged to reply. The answer is: Yes!

When I first read this thread I thought "You b*****d, that is MY idea" but beeing a free world and all I really can't blame you. I wish I was at home close to my own computer, then I would post some pictures of my Slaanesh army. Or as I call it: "S:t Hildegaards convent for misbehaving young girls". It is an army that I very much doubt would be alowed into a GW store considering the average age of the customers and the "adult" theme of the army. (Slaanesh is Slaanesh, just painting the models in some pink and purple really wouldn't cut it with the Prince of Pleasure and Pain is what I think)

The army consists of the following units: 2000p

Daemon Princess - MoS, Soul Hunger, Blade of Ether, Lvl 1
Bray Shaman - MoS, Dispel scroll X 2, Lvl 2
Exalted Champion - MoS, Bindings of Slaanesh (Riding in Chariot)
2 units of 12 Daemonettes
2 units of 6 Daemonettes on steeds
2 units of 12 Marauders
1 unit of 6 Furies
1 Chariot of Chaos, MoS
2 Spawns, MoS

It may not look like much but these girls pack a punch! It is a typical MSU army with fast flankers, sacrificial units and a leading lady able to tear most things apart. So far they have not let me down (too bad).

The theme is, as you yourself mused about, a convent. A place of worship, secluded, quiet, sexually opressed and with a library full of ancient and forbidden texts. The librarian/keeper of the scrolls one day stumbled upon some old parchments depicting some odd and totaly forbidden acts of human behaviour. Insted of burning them, she kept them and soon she began to hear whispering voices. Voices that proclaimed that the patron saint of the convent, S:t Hildegaard, could be reborn if only the prayers and the daily routines were slightly altered... It was a very different place the delegation of Sigmarites found the following spring...

The army is quite converted with (not beeing an englishman, I don't know the word for the white and black piece of cloth that nuns wear on their head - veil?) on some of the daemonettes, the marauders are Sister Repentias with the weapons removed and substituted with chains. The furies are daemonettes with old harpywings. As for the spawns they are statues from the convent come to life. The characters are heavily converted. S:t H is Sevora from Inquisitor with a head swap and wings (I wont go into all the latex and nakedness), the librarian and the mistress of disciplin are to converted to get into as is the chariot but hopefully I can post some pics later on.

The idea is that the army is the convent, no more and no less. No warriors, no armor, no shields, no banners. Just nuns in different stages of "improvement". That is why the rickety chariot is pulled by six of the novices instead of horses. There were no horses there! Ok, the Bray Shaman is a "counts as" but the snake body screamed for a movement of 5. The armor on the Exalted Champion is a no-no, but I would be unable to get my hands on the "Bindings" otherwise. Oh, and every unit is dividable by six (Slaanesh number). I have also finished a temple with... No, I'll just show you in two weeks time when I get home...

So to answer your question; Yes your idea is doable and as you see, your list is pretty close to mine. Play it well and you will whip your enemies... and they will learn to like it!

29-07-2005, 06:26
Wow, not only is the concept really similar, but so is the execution, I really love the idea you used for your spawns too - and I can instantly visualise it working really well.

I cant wait to see pictures, ive even had the idea of harpy wings on daemonettes.. its uncanny how alike the ideas are.

However, I know how good it feels to have an army you feel is truely unique, so if you would rather have 1 less person doing your idea, I (grudgingly as it may be ;<) understand ;D

29-07-2005, 09:20
Hrmm... the one thing I do not understand is that people who build fluff based armies of Slaanesh rarely (if ever) consider using Trolls, they must be one of THE fluffiest Slaaneshian units out there, so physically and mentally deranged that they do not feel anything.

29-07-2005, 10:32
Hrmm... the one thing I do not understand is that people who build fluff based armies of Slaanesh rarely (if ever) consider using Trolls, they must be one of THE fluffiest Slaaneshian units out there, so physically and mentally deranged that they do not feel anything.

trolls are usually famous for their uglyness.. i cant think of anything less slaaneshi myslef ;P

on the other hand, theyre too stupid to notice anything - and too sturdy to feel anything, but not mentally deranged through pleasure.

29-07-2005, 10:52
Slaanesh is not only pride and lust, Slaanesh is also gluttony and sloth, in fact, Slaanesh is most of the seven mortal sins, if not all of them.

29-07-2005, 11:30
hmmm, this is kinda spooky...
when i first started reading your thread, i was JUST in the process of making, of all things, a slaanesh daemon and mortal army :D

personally i was more going down the old daemon prince with master of mortals route. i'll let you know how it turns out, if it turns out :D

29-07-2005, 11:41
It would be nice to see your army painted and converted so get started! I'll try to take some decent pictures of some of my models today/tomorrow and post them. Since I am a Neanderthal when it comes to anything technical I wouldn't get my hopes up of me succeeding, the odds are that the internet is more likely to shut down. I agree with you about the trolls... they are something for Nurgle with all that vomiting...

29-07-2005, 11:56
this is my current army as i've come up with, its slightly different to the ones posted so far in this thread :) (it actually ended up as a daemon army afterall, although it could be either with some juggling on the daemon prince...)

Daemon Prince 545pts
Level 3 Wizard; Slaanesh; Blade of the Ether; Soul Hunger; Soporific Musk

Sorcerer of Chaos 165pts
Level 2 Wizard; Slaanesh; Dispel Scroll(x1)

Sorcerer of Chaos 145pts
Level 2 Wizard; Undivided; Dispel Scroll(x1)

8 x Chaos Furies 120pts

16 x Daemonettes 240pts

5 x Mounted Daemonettes 150pts

5 x Knights (Chosen) 320pts
Musician; Champion; Standard Bearer; Slaanesh; War Banner

19 x Marauders of Chaos 158pts
Light Armour; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion

19 x Marauders of Chaos 158pts
Light Armour; Shield; Musician; Standard Bearer; Champion

I'll be posting it as a seperate army to rate, but i just thought i'd put it in here as another person who;s had the same idea!!! :)

29-07-2005, 19:54
Proximity, any idea how to post your pictures on this forum? I'm trying to upload a thread in the painting area but i won't work! I get stuck at "Uploading File - Please wait" and nothing happens. The pictures aren't great but hopefully you'll get some ideas. Is there some limit on the size of the files or?

29-07-2005, 21:08
Well... go to www.photobucket.com and start a free account.

You will then be able to upload the pics to that account and onto the forum from that.

29-07-2005, 22:37
Thanks... Bye the way, I really liked your insight on the effect of elven culture on leadbelchers...

29-07-2005, 23:38
Now Proximity! These pictures are some samples of my army. As you can see the colours are a simple black and white (nunlike) pattern with some red for daemon wings and steeds. The cariot isn't finished yet, it is a newcomer as my exalted champion never seemed to be able to get into combat. I thought about a steed for her but I hope you agree that her future tranportation is more in line with the army as a whole. It's not much but hopefully you can get some inspiration from it...

The link is: http://photobucket.com/albums/a92/Agusto2/

30-07-2005, 02:36
thats just fantastic.. the aount of work thats gone into it is amazing, and the army really has a unique feel, overall its just fantastic, and will really look amazing once you do finish the chariot ( a fantastic piece)... what did you use for the chains etc on the sisters repentia? they came out really well - alot better than I expected, so that they look really natural.

30-07-2005, 07:19
yep, thats an awesome army, well painted and converted!!

one question, what wings have you used to convert your furies?? :)


30-07-2005, 08:32
Oh, man, that is one helluva nice Slaaneshian army, and I LOVE your painting of the Mounts to your Mounted Daemonettes, it looks as if their skin has been peeled off ¤shudders¤

And I have to ask you, what is the lower body of that Snake Spawn, the upper seem to be something like a Damsel or the Fey Enchantress

30-07-2005, 09:17
yep, thats an awesome army, well painted and converted!!

one question, what wings have you used to convert your furies?? :)


those are the old harpy wings afaik ;P

30-07-2005, 11:38
About conversions...

The lower body on the sorceress is just green stuff. The upper part is a daemonette with two extra arms added (of which one is the old Brettonian damsels). Any of you who are old enough to remember "Heroes of might and Magic III" can see the resemblense between her and a Naga Queen. The furies wings are, as you pointed out, old harpy wings. The Exalted champion is based upon a Eldar Howling Banshee with the head from a daemonette, two extra arms a dark elf whip and hand cuffs made of green stuff. The chains on the chariot and for the novices (marauders) are just that chains. I bought them at a local hobby store for nothing really. I think they are meant as necklace chains for those who make their own. Just paint them black and drybrush with boltgun or silver. The princess is an Inquisitor range, Sevora or Severina? The wings are from the dark pegasus that Morathi rides and the head is from another Inquisitor model whose name I cannot remember. The chariot itself is scratch built with bits and pieces from a friends spare part box. Thats it I guess...

30-07-2005, 16:16
"I was talking about the statue"

Rabid Bunny 666
30-07-2005, 16:23
just use the SOC rules and convert the new dryads into daemonettes ;)

30-07-2005, 17:51
Ah, the snake spawn. Yep, a damsel and lots and lots of green stuff.

31-07-2005, 08:31
Any of you who are old enough to remember "Heroes of might and Magic III" can see the resemblense between her and a Naga Queen.

Old, pah
i'm 18, and i still play heroes of might and magic 3 complete :D
its an awesome game, i love it :D

31-07-2005, 10:06
HoMM 3 rocks.

Must.... not.... install....

04-08-2005, 20:11
Proximity... I have posted some new close ups on my photobucket page.


05-08-2005, 11:42
Proximity... I have posted some new close ups on my photobucket page.


Awesome, thanks :)! Im focusing on my new woodelves at the moment, but I picked up a couple of daemonettes to keep the idea running.
I dont have a camera at the moment, but it just so happens that I turn 21 in just over an hours time - parents took me digital camera shopping so I should be able to get some pictures of my figures up :) I'll be interested to get some feedback on my dryads too - as I found a fairly fast way to do the flesh, but it has 7 different stages to it (no inks, no drybrushing).

06-08-2005, 00:56
Well... Happy birthday then!!!