View Full Version : 2000 darkies with pointy ears

12-03-2007, 08:38
hiya fantasy folks. the dark elves look like a fun fantasy army. with lots of march blocking and the speed to catch some faster armies. i will post my ideas about the units after their entries, correct where i am wrong, please...

hero choices
dark elf highborn cold one mount sea dragon cloak heavy armor blade of spite
joins a cold one group. i chose spite blade because figtnin dwarfs and t4 will be difficult at best only wounding 50% of the time. 5-6 auto wound ups my odds, though i am tempted by the s6 weapon choices.

sorceress dispell scrollx2
scroll caddie woot!

sorceress seal of ghrond dispell scroll
seal of ghrond looks really helpfull.

dark elf noble dark steed lifetaker
joins with dark riders and adds harrasment. would have like to find the points to make a core horsey unit a bit bigger and more rough and tumble for close combat.

5 dark riders crossbows
should be used for nuisance factor or could pass for a throw away screen. not expected to survive the opponents fell gaze.

5 dark riders crossbows

10 warriors crossbows
cover fire. should help support charging units.

10 warriors crossbows

20 corsairs full comand
a solid block of warriors. with elf like reflexes.

6 shades
i would plan on using these for early disruption. killing warmachine crews and march blocking.

5 CoRs full comand
my nut crackers. kinda slow for cavalery, but those cold ones even hit hard.

5 CoRs full comand

10 execuitoners full comand war banner
hard hitting. sadly lacking in ressilience. i think they might do better as smaller units.

80 models

i think i went a little too much for disruption. though i expect most dark elf lists are very skirmishy, i probably need more smashy in here. help me please. are magic heavy dark elves consider more succesful? doom bolt looks huge. i realy like the hydra models, is there any excuse for fielding them? from what i have been reading the 2 basic dark rider squads look very usefull. anyone have an opinion on the elfs without big blocks of troops? feasable?