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12-03-2007, 09:27

This my first go at making an Empire list and I was looking for some tips on how to improve it. I've themed it around an army from Ostermark that hunts the undead, as my most common enemies are the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings.

Any help is appreciated.

General Wilhelm von Krieglitz (Joins Knights)
- Sword of Power
- Dawn Armour
- Shield
- Barded warhorse

Captain Oscar Gerhardt (Joins Swordsmen)
- Great weapon
- Armour of Meteoric Iron
- Icon of Magnus

Father Karl Hurst (Warrior Priest, joins Flagellants)
- Additional hand weapon
- Shield
- Heavy armour
- The Silver Horn
- Sigil of Sigmar

Father Frederick Lederhof (Warrior Priest, joins Spearmen)
- Great weapon
- Shield
- Heavy armour
- Van Horstmann’s Speculum

25 Swordsmen
- Full Command
- 10 Free Company detachment

25 Spearmen
- Full Command
- Shields
- War Banner
- 10 Free Company detachment

10 Handgunners

10 Crossbowmen

10 Huntsmen
- Marksman

5 Knights of the Inner Circle
- Full Command
- Lance and shield

5 Pistoliers
- Musician

Great Cannon

25 Flagellants
- Prophet of Doom

Helstorm Rocket Battery

Total: 2000pts

12-03-2007, 17:41
Just some thoughts, particularly when facing undead:

Psychology can cripple you against undead. Consider making your general a templar grandmaster so at least one unit is ItP.

I'd consider taking hero number 2 and turning him into a BSB, rerolling break tests can be invaluable (two changes to roll snake-eyes anyone?).

Warrior priests should do well against undead, however they really lack punch in the anti-magic department.

All TK and most VC armies live and die by their magic phase. As such, your paltry 4 dispel dice are likely to see you in dire straights in the magic phase. Consider one WP and a level 1 or 2 mage with dispel scrolls.

On a personal note, I'd spend a lot fewer points on magic for characters. Sword of power and lance do the same on the charge. If you're in combat on turn 2 you have charged the wrong opponent. I'd keep the VanHorstman's annoyance on a WP but dump the other WP items and probably dump the icon of magnus from the captain. This will free up A LOT of points.

are generally fine although I'd make one missile unit a detachment (you only need 3 core)
I'd dump the musician from the knights to free up points, if they need a tie-breaker then again-they've charged the wrong opponent.
lots of flagellants...if it makes you happy that's fine, fits the undead hunter thing and they at least don't have to worry about fear/terror. That said, 20 is probably just as good and frees up another 60pts

I'd really think about swapping the helstorm for a plain old mortar. It's more accurate and S3 hits will smoke skelies and zombies just fine. You have a spare specials slot and this will save you even more points.

Remember fear is the enemy. You need BIG units so you don't end up facing auto-break (well, having to get insane courage).

Von Wibble
12-03-2007, 18:32
A fellow Ostermark Chancellor! Excellent!

Against undead how can you not take the arch lector?! 2 extra dispel dice, a bound spell tailored to deal with undead (light lore very useful here). Drop 1 warrior priest for a wizard with rod of power. You now have 8 dispel dice which will hurt the undead magic phase.

Sword of Power vs lance - normally the latter is the no brainer option but vs wraiths, banshees, and especially spirit hosts the magic weapon is useful. Of course, as already said the arch lector is better anyway.

Pistoliers are better than huntsmen at most things - better shooting and their higher M more than compensates for their lack of scout. A second unit is definately worth it.

I don't rate Mortars as mine almost never seem to do anything so I disagree with switching the helstorm for one. Killing Zombies means little as such models are generally fodder and easily resurrected. I would switch the Helstorm for a helblaster - rolling to hit is imo countered by the longer S5 range. Just don't let screens ruin your day.

Drop the command on inner circle knights. Since Warrior Priests can't join Flagellants (not immune to psychology), mount up that priest or the captain and have him join them.

Big units as mentioned above are good. But Icon of Magnus can help (until you lose the character). I would recommend 30 men in your units. Drop some flagellants to accommmodate this - as RavenBloodwind has stated, in the stick role 20 flagellants are sufficient.

13-03-2007, 00:37
I agree with ravenbloodwind about switching for the mortar, targeting big units that can cause autobreaks in your army would be really helpful, I always bring one (or two) they can really thin out the ranks of skellie/zombie units. I think all the above suggestions are good ones, can go either way with the suggestions on which characters to take. What do you guys think of him taking the casket of sorcery with one of the chacters, if you can't beat his magic, steal it from him! it's at least an option to reduce what they can cast if the model itself is hard to destroy.

13-03-2007, 03:23
Casket could certainly work on a fast moving character. He gets a bit limited on points for magic items with his current build though. Can't put much in the way of protection on a guy carrying the casket and limited to 50pts of magic items. Nevertheless a reasonable option. Just make sure that guy isn't the general since the general's leadership will be needed near the battle line.

13-03-2007, 07:28
Raven I think got every problem in the army if you're going to hunt undead. I just want to make an extra push for the BSB, not that expensive and really really good to have when facing forces that rely on psychology and breaks.

14-03-2007, 00:39
Jus tlooked at the revised list, why isn't captain oscar your BSB? that would be the only reason to choose a captain over a wizard w. dispels or a priest in an undead hunter army...:)

14-03-2007, 06:11
You can keep the armour save by mounting him on a barded warhorse and giving him a fullplate, that gives you 2+ :)