View Full Version : 1000pts attempt

12-03-2007, 21:02
Having finally had enough of the GW price hikes I'm selling off everything I have for one fantasy and one 40k army the 40k army is sorted however having chosen High elves for fantasy i'm wondering what you all think of this list.......

Commander on great eagle -- gets a reaver bow and enchanted shield,lance, pure of heart (180),

Mage joins archers -- gets silver wand,channeller,seer,lvl 2

10 archers with musician,
16 spearmen with musician and war banner standard,
16 spearmen as above (no war banner),

2 great eagles,

If its helpful my main foes will be;
saurus heavy lizardmen,
knight heavy bretonians,
skaven horde,
lahmian list,
dwarf gun heavy list,
high elves player with bolt throwers

Any help greatly appreciated....